The Best Ideas to Celebrate Your Engagement

Getting married also means celebrating your engagement. The perfect opportunity to gather friends and loved ones to party, a taste of the big day. Jalsa Lawn has shared here all best ideas for organizing your engagement and celebrating your engagement!

You are happy! You just said yes, you have a pretty ring that shines on your finger and you are on a little cloud. Obviously, to shout your happiness on all roofs, you want to do it big.

So, to start the preparations for the wedding and to celebrate your engagement, why not organize an engagement?

It’s the perfect time to party with your loved ones and give a taste of your wedding. It is also the best way to reunite your two families, your different bands of friends and also your witnesses and bridesmaids.

And then, after all, do we really need a good excuse to celebrate love and drink champagne cocktails?

The engagement protocol

Make it clear: putting pressure on yourself is out of the question. If you don’t want to celebrate your engagement, you have every right to do so. It is possible to get married without officially getting engaged since this little ceremony is above all an excuse to party.

If you are a believer, know that it is still possible to celebrate your engagement religiously in church and therefore formalize this beautiful moment.

Generally, the engagement is done shortly after the marriage proposal and starts, in a way, the countdown to the wedding. A good way to patiently wait for the big day, while having time to choose your wedding dress, caterer, photographer, etc.

And if you don’t know what to do to organize your engagement, here are all the engagement party ideas.

How to organize your engagement?

The first thing to do is to choose a date and think about your guests.

The engagement can be a big party as well as a small reception with a limited committee. You can celebrate them only with your close families, for example, your parents, your brothers, and sisters, your close friends, your grandparents and that’s it.

It is also a good way to bring your families together before your marriage and to create new bonds. You will be able to project yourself into the light.

Conversely, you may also want to get engaged with your group of friends. Whether you are 5 or 50, this is an opportunity to party. You can choose to invite only your witnesses and your bridesmaids, for example, but also all the friends you want to see that day.

Celebrating your engagement is also an opportunity to party twice! And yes, you can create two events in one by organizing a reception for lunch with your loved ones and take advantage of the evening to gather more people.

Otherwise, you can also mix all this little world for a big moment that will be unforgettable for everyone. Wondering how to announce your engagement? Why not play on the element of surprise by inviting everyone to a party, which will turn out to be a much more important moment at the last moment? I believe this is the best way to surprise your guests.

How to properly celebrate your engagement?

You can organize your engagement during lunch for example or during an evening.

You can receive your guests for a big dinner, or a brunch or even a pool party and why not a picnic?

If your engagement takes place in summer, you can take advantage of the good weather to go on a weekend by sea or plan a place with a large garden and a swimming pool, so that everyone can enjoy the sun.

Others will prefer the end-of-year festive atmosphere to celebrate their commitment and will, therefore, be able to organize a meal with a winter atmosphere: convivial recipe to share, reading by the fireplace, etc.

You can plan the decoration of the engagement, with pretty balloons, flowers, garlands or even a photocall to make this day memorable! Consider creating a personalized decoration, with photos of you or objects that are close to your heart and that tell your story.

Once your date is set, you have to notify your guests. You can do this simply, like a classic party, for example, or set aside some budget for pretty invitations, like wedding invitations. 

But beware, it can quickly get very expensive. Also, think about your menu, whether you choose a buffet or a meal at the table, you will have to cook or take a caterer.

And yes, we warned you, it is also an overview of the preparations for the wedding! So above all, do not forget to plan a short speech to thank all your guests for participating in this beautiful moment.

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