Top 10 Tallest Mountains In USA By Prominence

How many mountains are in the United States? Which are the top 10 tallest mountains in USA? In this article, we’ll share with you a quick rundown of the highest mountains in the United States.

Did you know that the tallest mountain in terms of prominence is sighted in Alaska, one of the 50 US states? So, which is the tallest mountain in the United States?

It all began with the strike of particles against each other, the strike of stones against another sending sparks in different directions that almost lit up the area like fireflies.

It all began with a tremor that sent a shudder across the earth, with those closest to it grabbing their loved ones with terrifying confusion on their faces.

It also began with the clash of plates (some parts of the earth’s crust) with equal unyielding force to the other, leaving them stuck together in an irregular, beautiful position called MOUNTAINS.

This occurrence, discovered or undiscovered by man, then happened time and time again in different locations; standing tall and conspicuously in different locations, especially in the USA, and earning the bragging rights, amongst others. Hence, everyone is interested in wanting to know about the tallest mountains in USA.

tallest mountains in USA by elevation

It is said that most scientists are of the same opinion on Makhowjwa mountains, also known as Barberton Greenstone Belt in South Africa, being the oldest mountain on earth, at over 3 billion years old and still counting. 

Fortunately, I am proud to tell you that there are mountains here in USA, so you don’t have to book a flight to Asia to get a feel of what a mountain is, physically.

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That’s why we’ve provided you with a list of the top 10 tallest mountains in USA.

The Top 10 Tallest Mountains In USA – Highest By Prominence

RankTallest Mountains In USAElevation
#1Mount Denali20, 310 feet
#2Mount Saint Elias18,008 feet
#3Mount Foraker17,400 feet
#4Mount Bona165480 feet
#5Mount Blackburn16,390 feet
#6Mount Sanford16,237 feet
#7Mount Fair Weather15,325 feet
#8Mount Hubbard14,951 feet
#9Mount Bear148290 fee
#10Mount Hunter14,573 feet

10. Mount Hunter

The tallest mountains in USA - Mount Hunter

Born of Denali and inevitably of Alaska origins, it was named Begguya. It is the third-highest major peak in the 650km mountain range in Alaska.

The 10th tallest mountain in USA has been listed as the 22nd North America highest peaks with an elevation of 14573 feet and prominence of 4, 653 feet.

Originally known as Roosevelt, it wasn’t until a visit in the year 1903 it was named Anna Falconet Hunter after a human as a gesture of appreciation to the visitor’s aunt.

Wikipedia records it as one of the most difficult mountains to climb due to its steep faces and corniced ridges but this has not stopped some notable individuals from ascending this mountain.

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9. Mount Bear

Mount bear is the 9th of the tallest mountains in USA and is located under the canopy of Wrangell-Saint Elias national park.

It is also known to be one of the 20 highest peaks in USA with an elevation of 14, 831 feet and prominence of 5054 feet.

8. Mount Hubbard

Mount Hubbard is located on Alaska / Yukon border and is listed as one of the important peaks in the Saint Elias range.

The mountain was bestowed its name “Hubbard” by Israel Russell to show gratitude to Gardiner Greene Hubbard for funding his trip to the mountain in the year 1890.

Mount Hubbard is the 8th tallest mountain, 10th Canada highest major peaks, 39th North American prominent peak with an elevation of 14, 951 feet and 8, 061 feet in prominence.

7. Mount Fairweather

I would say Fairweather Mountain or Mountain Fairweather referred to the same 7th tallest mountain in the USA but there was a difference between its official gazette name and its present name.

On May 3rd, 1778 the highest mountain in the Canadian province of British Columbia, having an elevation of 15, 325feet and prominence 12, 995 feet was named by Captain James Cook after the weather on the day he was there.

What an irony of a name as it is the exact opposite of its name in the present day. Mount Fairweather was first climbed in 1931 by Allen Carpe and Terris Moore.

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6. Mount Sanford

The tallest mountains in USA - Mount Sanford

Mount Sanford is a low-profile mountain that looks like a warrior shield left on the ground.

It is located in the Wrangell volcanic field and has been awarded the 6th highest mountain in the United States.

It has an elevation of 16, 237 feet and a prominence of 7, 687 feet. It is the 6th on the list of the tallest mountains in USA, 13th among North America’s highest peaks; and the 5th in North America’s most prominent peaks.

Terris Moore and Bradford Washburn were the first human to climb mount Sanford in 1938 on the 21st day in the month of July.

The mountain was named mount Sanford by Henry T. Allen, a descendant of Reuben Sanford in 1885.

Late Naomi Uemura etched his name in history books as the first solo ascent of mount Sanford.

5. Mount Blackburn

This mountain is the 12th highest peak in North America, 5th tallest mountain in USA and the highest peak in the Wrangell mountains of Alaska with elevation of 16, 390 feet and prominence of 11, 640 feet.

It is one of the mountains named by Lt. Henry T. Allen in year 1885 and it is also known as the 2nd highest volcano in USA. It is estimated to be 3.4 – 5 million years old.

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4. Mount Bona

Mount Bona is the highest volcano in the US and the 4th on the list of the tallest mountains in USA with an elevation of 16, 550 feet and a prominence of 6, 900 feet.

Mount Bona was named by Prince Lugi Amedeo in the year 1897 after his racing yacht. The first ascent of the mountain was made by Allen Carpe, Terris Moore, and Andrew Taylor.

3. Mount Foraker

The tallest mountains in USA - Mount Foraker

Lt. J. S. Herron named the 3rd tallest mountain in USA after senator Joseph B. Foraker in 1899. The native people in the Lake Minchumina area referred to this mountain as “Menlale” meaning Denali”s wife or “Dena’ina” meaning woman.

It is the 2nd highest peak in the Alaska Range with an elevation and prominence of 17, 400 feet and 7, 250 feet.

2. Mount Saint Elias

There is a story that narrates how Mount Fairweather and Mount Saint Elias once stood side by side as twins until an argument, over what nobody knows till date, happened, and this led to their permanent separation from each other.

The mountain was first sighted by European explorers on July 16th, 1741, and is notable for its immense vertical terrain.

It was first ascended by Prince Lugi Amedeo in year 1897. Mount Saint Elias is the second on the list of the tallest mountains in the USA, 4th North America highest peaks, 11th North America prominent peaks with a prominence of 11, 250 feet.

The 53rd world’s most prominent peak has an elevation of 18, 008 feet.

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1. Mount Denali – The Highest Mountain In USA

The tallest mountain in USA - Mount Denali

Mount Denali is currently the tallest mountain in USA today.

They say mountains just grow out of the earth meaning you could tread on a flat ground today and wake up to see a bulge taller than you (well, it takes behind the scenes) the following day.

So it was for George Vancouver when he saw those bulges when surveying the knik arm of the Cook Inlet on May 6th, 1794.

He said and I quote “distant stupendous mountains”. Then came Lavrenty Zagoskin who sighted the side George did not see while exploring the Tana and Kuskokwin rivers in year 1843 and 1844.

In year 1897, William Dickey awarded this mountain the highest peak in North America.

This mountain has appeared in history records for many reasons, not excluding its first ascent by Hudson Stuck, Hancy Karstens, Walter Harper, and Robert Tatum in year 1913.

Mount Denali has also been honored to have the presence of Barbara Washburn as the first woman to reach the summit in 1947, among other highest mountains in USA.

The mountain was named “Denali”, by Koyukon Athabaskans that inhabited the mountain area, meaning “high” or “tall”.

This mountain has had a number of naming ceremonies but has maintained Denali in the end. It is currently the first on the list of the tallest mountains in USA, born of Aconcagua. It has an elevation of 20, 310 feet and is the 3rd world’s most prominent peak, with a prominence of 20, 914 feet.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Highest Mountains


Most of the 10 highest mountains in the US are located in Alaska. You should check these interesting and fun facts about Alaska to learn more about the state.


Mount Rainer is 14, 417 feet tall, this can be interpreted as the mount being 4398 metres tall.


Alaska has the highest mountain but not the highest peak in Colorado.


There is no answer to this question as Mount Everest is considered the tallest mountain with elevation of 29, 031 feet above sea level compared to Mount Mauna Kea that is elevated at 13, 796 feet above sea level with its remaining 19, 700 below sea level; earning Mount Everest the award of physically seen tallest mountain.

Although by geographically enlightened knowledge, Mt. Everest is the highest mountain with a prominence of 29, 035 feet.


The Rocky Mountain is the longest mountain range in the US.

Tallest Mountains In USA (SUMMARY Notes)

A mountain is a higher positioned part (of not less than 1000 feet) of the earth’s crust.

These beautiful spots are reported to be formed through tectonic forces, the eruption of magma onto the earth known as a volcano, and the transportation of particles from one point to another.

Mountains are not excluded from the list of tourist attractions while holding religious significance in some places, with their presence mentioned in the religious books.

Mountains grow taller and can also change in different ways over time through the natural or induced occurrences that make them.

The list of the top 10 tallest mountains in USA ever, in descending order, are:

  • Mount Hunter
  • Mount Bear
  • Mount Hubbard
  • Mount Fair Weather
  • Mount Sanford
  • Mount Blackburn
  • Mount Bona
  • Mount Foraker
  • Mount Saint Elias
  • Mount Denali

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