Top 10 Cheapest Places to Live in the United States 2023

We bring to you the latest list of the top 10 cheapest places to live in the United States for 2023.

Over the years, the cost of living in the United States has dramatically increased, especially in the richest and largest cities.

According to statistics, it costs about $1500 to live in San Francisco and over $2000 to live in New York per month. New York is the 32nd state on the list all 50 US states in alphabetical order.

While the high cost of housing, food, transport, utilities, tax, and population, characterizes high-cost cities, the reverse is the case for cheap and affordable cities.

cheapest places to live in the U.S
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Thankfully, these cities offer a low cost of living in the United States. They have beautiful art scenes, good nightlife, outdoors, and relaxation in common. They also offer opportunities to earn money and invest.

These cities are beautiful, comfortable, and affordable, making your dollar last longer than it would in most other cities. Today, we shall look at 10 of these cities and why they are great places to reside.

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Top 10 Cheapest Places to Live In the US

1. Raleigh, North Carolina

Nicknamed the Smithsonian of the south, Raleigh offers a  friendly community with lots of outdoor recreational activities and excellent nightlife. With a population of 1,242,974, homeownership is much easier with Raleigh’s low property taxes.

However, the affordability, vibrant community, fantastic atmosphere, and weather in Raleigh are a total of everything Raleigh has to offer.

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2. Wichita Falls, Texas

Wichita has an average monthly rent of $703, with a population of 389,877. Its economy centers mainly on cattle and grain production.

Most affordable places to live in USA - Wichita Falls, Texas

Housing, groceries, and utilities are very affordable in Wichita. It might have a scarce population, but it is the most affordable and safe place to live in the USA.

3. Jackson, Mississippi

Jackson has a population of 596,287 and an average monthly rent of $884. It has a very affordable housing cost when compared to other metropolises.

Residents pay less for groceries, utilities, and transportation than those living in other large metropolises. The locals are friendly with many historic sites and beautiful sceneries for music and entertainment.

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), the cost of goods and services in Jackson is 17.8% cheaper than the national average.

4. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City is a perfect low-cost city in the US. It has an affordable cost of living, family-friendly activities, and excellent business opportunities for everyone.

Oklahoma is your ideal city to live in if you wish to own a home or start your own business. It is known for its high wages, entertainment, recreational activities, and low-cost living facilities. Oklahoma City offers an affordable and friendly environment for life.

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5. Mammoth Spring, Arkansas

Mammoth Spring in Arkansas state is home to the beautiful karst spring—one of the world’s largest springs, with nine million gallons of water flowing hourly.

Cheapest places to live in the United States - Mammoth Spring arkansas

The cost of living in Mammoth Spring is 24.2% less than the national average. It is a small city with a sparse population of fewer than 1000 people.

The cost of housing, utilities, grocery, transportation, and health care is affordable in Mammoth Spring.

6. Boise, Idaho

Boise is home to tourist attractions. It has a population of  462,000 with a median monthly rent of $879.

The median cost of living is lower than 1000 dollars, and the cost of housing, electricity, food and utilities are cheap.

Boise has many entertainment parks and outdoor options; you can go mountain climbing, biking, skiing, rafting, and so on throughout various times of the year.

Idaho is a top producer of potatoes, cattle, lamb, and trout.

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7. Killeen, Texas

Killeen’s housing expenses are 21% lower than the national average, with an average monthly rent of $958. It has a population of 


Killeen is a family-friendly city with a growing economy fueled by Fort Hood. It has the lowest cost of living in central Texas; rent, utilities, and groceries are very affordable.

8. Buffalo, New York

With a population of 258,989, its cost of living is 17% below the national average. Its median monthly rent is $710.

Buffalo is a unique city that is surrounded by a lot of water. It houses popular attractions, including zoos, museums, and Niagara Falls (one of the world’s seven wonders). It is also one of the best cities for startups.

Buffalo is your go-to if you are considering a cheap place to live with mild weather and quality living.

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9. Omaha, Nebraska

With a large population of 851,000, Omaha maintains a low cost of living and cheap housing.

The median home price is $139,800, and the median monthly rent is $819. The cost of living in Omaha is 8% lower than the national average. 

Its breweries, early history, museums, and cultural centers are pretty recognized. The costs of utilities are affordable, and all scenes of attractions are close, helping residents to save on transportation costs.

According to Forbes, Omaha ranks seventh among the best cities for raising a family in the US. This results from its excellent schools, housing affordability, ease of commuting, and low crime rate.

10. Memphis, Tennessee

The city of Memphis is one of the most affordable places to live in Tennessee, United States. Memphis’s housing expenses are 23% lower than the national average, with a population of 650,910.

It is popularly known as the “Home of the Blues” and “Rock ‘n’ Roll .”Transportation, food, utilities, and housing expenses are way cheaper in Memphis compared to other US major cities. This makes it an inviting place to live.

Additionally, Memphis’ real estate industry is rapidly increasing, with many opportunities to buy or rent a house at a meager cost. Now may be a time to grab this opportunity.

Cheapest Places to Live In the United States (Conclusion)

More often than not, large cities like New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, Washington, Seattle, Las Vegas, and the likes come to mind whenever the USA is mentioned.

Without forgetting that the United States is also home to some of the smaller, excellent, affordable cities you can imagine, that said, if you’re looking for a city where you can live comfortably while spending less than you ordinarily would in the U.S., then you can try out any of the cities mentioned above.

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