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How much is Stephen Curry net worth today?

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Stephen Curry Net Worth:$160 Million
Date of Birth:Mar 14, 1988
Birth Place:Akron, Ohio, United States
NationalityThe United States of America
Height:6′ 3″ (1.91 m)
Weight:185 lbs (84 kg)
Current Team:Golden State Warriors
Role-Playing:Point Guard
Nicknames:Chief Curry, The Golden Boy
Current Salary:$45,780,966
Source of Wealth:Basketball (NBA), Endorsements, Investments

Stephen Curry is an American professional NBA basketball player, brand spokesperson, and venture capitalist.

Stephen Curry net worth is $160 million as of this writing. Stephen Curry, widely regarded as the best shooter in NBA history, has become a sensation in the modern game of basketball.

His ability to make incredibly long-range 3-point shots on a consistent basis has been credited with altering the sport.

Listed as one of the top 20 richest NBA players in the world, Stephen Curry is also recognized as one of the best players of all time, period, in addition to being the best shooter in NBA history.

The Golden State Warriors selected him with the 7th overall pick in the first round of the 2009 NBA Draft.

Stephen Curry began his basketball career as a member of Charlotte Christian School’s basketball team. He was named All-State, All-Conference, and Most Valuable Player during his time with the squad.

In this quick post, we’ll share with you information about Stephen Curry’s net worth, endorsement earnings, salary, early life, career, and more..

Stephen Curry Net Worth & Earnings

Net Worth: $160 Million.

Stephen Curry Salary

Per year$45,780,966
Per month$3,815,081
Per week$880,403
Per day$125,427
Per hour$5,226
Per minute$87
Per second$1.45

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Earnings Facts

  • He’s making 6.45 percent more than in 2020/21.
  • He’s the highest-paid NBA player this year.
  • He is projected to be the highest-paid NBA player next year.
  • He’s the highest-paid guard this year.
  • He is projected to be the highest-paid guard next year.
  • He’s the highest-paid player of the Golden State Warriors this year.
  • He is projected to be the highest-paid player of the Golden State Warriors next year.
  • His agent is Jeff Austin of Octagon Athlete Representation.

Estimated Earnings From Stephen Curry Endorsement Deals

Sponsorship 2013: Endorsement deals with Under Armour$3,000,000
Sponsorship 2016: Under Armour, Degree, Kaiser Permanente, JBL, Brita, and Fanatics$12,000,000
Sponsorship 2017: Endorsement deals with China, PressPlay, Vivo, Brita, and JPMorgan Chase$35,000,000
Sponsorship 2017: Off-court endorsement deals with Samsung Electronics, Coca-Cola, Nike, and Kia Motors$48,000,000
Sponsorship 2018: Earnings from endorsement deals with Under Armour, Chase, Vivo, eHi, Nissan/Infiniti, Brita, Bubble, and JBL$42,000,000

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Stephen Curry Biography & Early Life

Wardell Stephen Curry II is Stephen Curry’s full name.

He was born in Akron, Ohio, on March 14, 1988. Dell Curry, his father, is a former NBA player and the all-time top scorer for the Charlotte Hornets.

Who knew the world would be so interested in Stephen Curry net worth in later years to come?

Curry lived in Charlotte, North Carolina, while his father was a member of the Hornets. He was also the Hornets’ leading three-point shooter, although his son would subsequently surpass him.

Stephen Curry and his family relocated to Toronto after Dell joined the Raptors.

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Curry’s Career

Stephen Curry attended Queensway Christian College in Toronto and was a member of the basketball team. He led the squad to an unbeaten season during this period.

He also became a member of the Toronto 5-0, a squad that competed against other teams across Ontario.

Curry returned to Charlotte with the rest of his family after Dell retired from professional basketball and finished high school, leading his new team to three conference titles.

Despite Stephen Curry’s desire to follow in his father’s footsteps and play basketball for Virginia Tech, the school’s basketball department was skeptical of his ability to succeed due to his tiny stature.

Curry responded by enrolling at Davidson College and playing for the Wildcats.

Stephen Curry joined the Golden State Warriors in 2009. He was a Rookie of the Year candidate after a good second half of the season.

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Curry recorded 166 points from three-point range by the end of the season, the most of any rookie in NBA history.

Curry established himself as a free-throw specialist the next season, winning the All-Star Weekend skills challenge. During the next few months, he battled difficulties with his right ankle.

Curry set a new record with 272 completed three-pointers after earning a lucrative new contract with the Warriors in 2012.

Despite opponents’ claims that the Warriors made a mistake by renewing Curry’s contract when he was injured, he proved to be a crucial member of the squad. Curry went on to make 314 three-pointers the following season.

Starting in 2014, new head coach Steve Kerr instituted a new strategy that featured moving the ball faster and allowing Curry more shooting freedom.

This was the start of a revolutionary new style of basketball that prioritized three-pointers over physical play beneath the hoop. Later on, these strategies would be adopted by other teams.

During this time, Steve Kerr concentrated on developing his squad into a championship-winning powerhouse, which he did in the 2014-2015 season.

Injury-related inconsistencies stopped Stephen Curry from realizing his full potential over the next four seasons, even if he continued to play well.

In 2016, the Warriors made history by reaching the NBA finals with a 12-0 record, a first in NBA history.

That year, they won the tournament, and the next year, they repeated the feat with a second championship.

Stephen Curry continued to play well in the following years, despite needing surgery and three months of recuperation in 2020 due to an injury to his left hand.

In one of our favorite Stephen Curry quotes, he once said; “There’s more to life than basketball. The most important thing is your family and taking care of each other and loving each other no matter what” ~ Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry’s Personal Life & Lifestyle

Steph and Ayesha Curry spent $31 million on a fresh new home in Atherton, California in September 2019.

The three-story mansion is situated on 1.2 acres and includes a detached garage as well as a separate guest house.

He still owns a $3.2 million property in Walnut, California, which he purchased in 2015.

He previously owned a home in Alamo, California, which he purchased for $5.775 million in 2016 and sold for $6.3 million in January 2019.

Stephen Curry Net Worth (summary)

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