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36 Fun Facts About Hawaii State You Should Know

36 Interesting and fun facts about Hawaii state

Check out the following fun facts about Hawaii State, and get your informed about the 11th state of the USA in alphabetical order.

Located in the central Pacific Ocean, approximately 4,400 kilometers (2,800 miles) south of Alaska and 4,200 kilometres (2,600 miles) north of Tahiti, the Hawaiian Islands are a group of islands in the United States that are part of the state of Hawaii (French Polynesia).

Hawaii is located more than 2,000 miles west of the state of California.

One of the fun facts about Hawaii is that it is the world’s largest chain of islands, and it is the only state in the United States that is entirely comprised of islands.

However, only seven of the state’s 132 islands are inhabited: Hawaii (also known as the Big Island), Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Oahu, Kauai, and Niihau. Hawaii (also known as the Big Island).

The Hawaiian Islands are made up entirely of volcanic islands. Because the Earth’s crust, which is made up of giant rocky slabs known as tectonic plates, moves over a particularly hot spot in the molten layer beneath the crust, volcanoes are being formed. 

Fun facts about Hawaii state

The heat causes the rock that makes up the crust to melt, resulting in the formation of magma. Then, once the magma has broken through to the surface of the Earth’s crust, it cools and solidifies, resulting in the formation of new land.

36 Interesting And Fun Facts About Hawaii

1. There are eight major islands that make up the state of Hawaii: Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and Kahoolawe, as well as the Big Island of Hawaii.

2. Hawaii is the world’s most isolated population centre, with a population of only a few hundred thousand people. From California, it’s 2,390 miles to Hawaii; 3,850 miles to Japan; 4,900 miles to China; and, most importantly, 5,280 miles to the Philippines.
Hawaii is the only state in which coffee is grown.

3. Hawaii is responsible for providing more than one-third of the world’s commercial supply of pineapples. – Fun facts about Hawaii

4. When it comes to the Hawaiian alphabet, there are only 12 letters.

  • A, E, I, O, and U are the vowels.
  • H, K, L, M, N, P, and W are consonants.

5. Hawaii is the most expansive state in the United States, stretching from east to west.

6. The Hawaiian Islands are the projecting peaks of the world’s largest mountain range, which is located in the Pacific Ocean.

7. Arcturus is the star that rises directly above Honolulu and is known as the city’s zenith star. It was given the name Hokule’a by the Hawaiians. (It’s pronounced hoe koo lay uh.) – Fun facts about Hawaii

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8. The Hawaiian islands were formed by undersea volcanoes that erupted thousands of years ago and buried themselves beneath the sea.

9. The Hawaiian Archipelago is made up of over 130 scattered points of land that stretch over 1,600 miles in length from the Kure Atoll in the north to the Island of Hawaii in the south. The Kure Atoll is the most northerly of the islands, while the Island of Hawaii is the most southerly.

10. Hiram Fong of Hawaii became the first Asian American to serve in the United States Senate. Fong, whose ancestors were Chinese immigrants, was first elected to the Senate in 1959.

11. When Hawaii became the 50th state to be admitted to the union on August 20, 1959, it became known as the Aloha State. – Fun facts about Hawaii

12. Each island is represented by flowers and colors that are indigenous to that island.

  • Niihau – Pupu Shell – White
  • Kauai – Mokihana (Green Berry) – Purple
  • Oahu – Ilima -Yellow
  • Maui – Lokelani (Pink Cottage Rose) – Pink
  • Molokai – White Kukui Blossom – Green
  • Lanai – Kaunaoa (Yellow and Orange Air Plant) – Orange
  • Kahoolawe – Hinahina (Beach Heliotrope) – Grey
  • Big Island of Hawaii – Lehua Ohia – Red

13. Hawaii has its own time zone, which is Pacific Standard Time (Hawaiian Standard Time). There is no Daylight Savings Time.

The time is set to be two hours behind Pacific Standard Time and five hours behind Eastern Standard Time, respectively.

14. In Hawaii, there are four counties to choose from (Kauai; city and county of Honolulu; Maui; and Hawaii). Each city is governed by a mayor and a city council. – Fun facts about Hawaii

15. All subterranean minerals are the property of the government. There are very few underground minerals, with the exception of state-owned and minor granites and semi-precious minerals.

16. In Hawaii, the wind blows from east to west. The highest temperature ever recorded was 96° F (at Honolulu International Airport), but temperatures over 92° F are only seen once or twice a year on average.

In the lower elevations (less than 3000 feet above sea level), the lowest temperature is 56° F. Temperatures below 60° F are possible, but only once or twice a year on average. In July, the average daytime temperature is 82° F. The average daytime temperature in January is 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

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17. In Hawaii, there are no racial or ethnic majorities to speak of. Everyone is a member of the minority. Caucasians (Haoles) account for approximately 34% of the population; Japanese-Americans account for approximately 32%; Filipino-Americans account for approximately 16%; and Chinese-Americans account for approximately 5%. It is extremely difficult to determine racial identification in the United States because the majority of the population is a mixture of ethnicities.

18. NIIHAU ISLAND fun facts about Hawaii

  • This is a privately owned island where livestock raising is the primary source of income.
  • The general public has only very limited access through helicopter landings at uninhabited sites, which is extremely limited. 
  • According to legend, Niihau was the goddess Pele’s first and most important residence. The island which has a population of 230 people and is 69 square miles in size, is located in the Caribbean.


  • The island of Oahu is the fourth-largest of the Hawaiian Islands.
  • The Waialua River is one of Hawaii’s navigable rivers. Water from the mountain, which receives an average of 488 inches of rain per year and is considered the wettest spot on the planet, drains into the ocean. – Fun facts about Hawaii
  • The Waimea, the Hanape’pe, the Lumahai, and the Hanalei Rivers are all nearly as large and easily navigable as the Hanalei River. The Hanalei River has recently been designated as a “national treasure,” and the government has prohibited it from being used as a “place of business.”

20. Honolulu has the world’s longest borders. According to the state constitution, any island (or islet) that is not specifically designated as belonging to a county is considered to be part of Honolulu.

As a result, all of the islands in the Hawaiian Archipelago, which stretches all the way to Midway Island (1,500 miles northwest of Hawaii), are considered part of the city of Honolulu. 

21. There are approximately 1,500 miles between Honolulu and Los Angeles, which is more than halfway across the 48 contiguous states.

22. The Wai Golf Course was the first municipal course in Hawaii.

23. Honolulu is the 11th most populous metropolitan area in the United States.

24. Honolulu is surrounded by more than 100 world-renowned beaches. – Fun facts about Hawaii

25. Iolani Palace is the only royal palace in the United States, and it is located in Hawaii.

26. The Hawaiian island of Oahu is home to the world’s largest wind generator. The windmill, which is located at the top of a twenty-story tower, has two blades that are 400 feet in length.

27. The island of Oahu receives more visitors than any other in Hawaii, according to the Hawaii Tourism Authority. On the island of Oahu, you’ll find one-third of the state’s best surfing beaches.

28. The island of Maui is located in the Pacific Ocean.

29. A number of well-known attractions can be found on the Hawaiian island, including Haleakala Crater, the historic whaling town of Lahaina, the road to Hana, and Kaanapali Beach.

30. Haleakala Crater (pronounced Ha-lay-ah-ja-lah) is the world’s largest dormant volcano and is located in Hawaii. – Fun facts about Hawaii

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31. Molokai is widely regarded as the most Hawaiian Isle. In the east end of Molokai, there is a tropical rain forest, and a portion of the island receives 240 inches of rain per year.

It is home to a variety of endangered African and Indian animals at Molokai Ranch Wildlife Park.

32. Kalaaupapa was formerly a leper colony overseen by Father Damien, who died in the colony.


32. The island of Lanai is considered to be the most remote in Hawaii. In the past, the island was home to some of the world’s most extensive pineapple plantations.

33. Hulope Bay is a marine preserve that is widely regarded as one of the world’s best diving destinations.

34. Hawaii is home to the world’s largest contiguous ranch, which is the largest in the world. The Parker Ranch, which is located near Kamuela, has approximately 480,000 acres of land.

35. The Big Island is the youngest of the Hawaiian islands, having existed for only 800,000 years. But it was the Polynesians who were the first to discover the island when they were voyaging around the world. – Fun facts about Hawaii

36. Kilauea volcano is the most active volcano on the planet, and it is located on the island of Hawaii.

Where Is Hawaii Located In the United States?

The US state of Hawaii is an island group located in the central Pacific Ocean, southwest of the continental United States, about 4,400 km (2,800 mi) south of Alaska, and 4,200 km (2,600 mi) north of Tahiti (French Polynesia).

Where Is Hawaii On the Map?

Fun facts about Hawaii state - map of hawaii

The detailed map below shows the US state of Hawaii with its islands, the state capital Honolulu, major cities and populated places, volcanoes, rivers, and roads.

Fun Facts About Hawaii (Summary)

Thanks for checking these quick facts about the state of Hawaii. Which of these facts interests you the most? Let’s have your comments in the box provided below.

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The 7 World Continents and Oceans Map

The 7 World Continents And Oceans Map

Want to learn more about the world continents and oceans map currently on earth? In this comprehensive resource, you’ll find all the information you need.

It has long been one of the most intriguing problems in scientific investigation and theorizing that there’s a great distribution of continental platforms and ocean basins on the earth’s surface.

In addition to the fact that continents are not evenly distributed across the globe’s surface, there is also a great deal of variation in the sizes of the oceans.

Without any doubt, the degree of compactness of the continents of the world varies dramatically from one another. Check out the list of all countries in the world and the continents which each belongs to.

Before we go into giving details of the world continents and oceans map, how about we get something straight; what the meaning of continent really is.

continents and oceans map

What Is a Continent?

The word continent is employed when a massive expanse of land is separated from others by water or other natural features.

The level of the water surrounding a continent determines the shape and borders of that continent. More water means less land and a different shape. 

Simply put, a continent is defined as “a large, continuous area of land on the planet Earth.” 

The combined land surface area of all of the world’s continents accounts for approximately one-third of the planet’s total land area.

For example, because Russia tops the list of the top 10 largest countries in the world by area, you may get confused as to whether it is a continent. Well, soon in this post you’ll get more insight.

Considering how much water covers the Earth’s surface (more than two-thirds), this is a staggering statistic. As we dive even deeper into the continents and oceans map, let’s get some figures straight.

How Many Continents Are There In the World?

There are seven (7) continents in the world today, with the oceans covering two-thirds of the earth’s surface.

In total, five of the seven continents are connected to one another by land, while Antarctica and Australasia are separated from the other continents by oceans.

Below is an image showing the 7 continents of the world; (Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America). Soon, we’ll present you with a picture of the continents and oceans map.

How many continents are there in the world list
Image by Worldometers

Each continent has a diverse range of landscapes, weather, and animal life to offer tourists and travelers alike.

List of the Seven Continents

#World continentsArea
World Population
4North America24,709,000287.60%
5South America17,840,000255.53%

The 7 Continents And Oceans Map

Ever asked how many oceans are there in the world? There are 5 oceans in the world which are; Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Southern Ocean.

Below is the image of the 7 continents and oceans map.

the seven world continents and oceans map
Image by Countries of the World.

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List of the 5 Oceans and Their Sizes

RankOceanArea (km2) (% of total Global Ocean area)Volume (km3)Avg. depth (m)Coastline (km)
1Arctic Ocean15,558,000 (4.3%)18,750,0001,20545,389
2Atlantic Ocean85,133,000 (23.5%)310,410,9003,6461,11,866
3Indian Ocean70,560,000 (19.5%)264,000,0003,74166,526
4Pacific Ocean168,723,000 (46.6%)669,880,0003,9701,35,663
5Southern Ocean21,960,000 (6.1%)71,800,0003,27017,968

Map of the World Oceans

map of the world oceans
  • According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), there are five ocean basins in the world: the Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific, and Southern. There is only one Global Ocean, on the other hand.
  • It is estimated that the ocean covers nearly 71% of the Earth’s surface.
  • According to current estimates, the ocean accounts for approximately 97 percent of all the water on our planet.
  • The ocean continues to be one of the most undiscovered areas on the planet. A reasonable estimate suggests that approximately 80% of the ocean has not been mapped or explored.

Blank Map of Continents and Oceans

Printable blank map of continents and ocean

In this resource about the world continents and oceans map, we present Asia.

Asia Continent And Oceans Map

Asia is the largest continent and covers one third of all the land on earth.

Continents And Oceans Map - Asia

Asia is bordered on the north by the Arctic Ocean, on the east by the Pacific Ocean, on the south by the Indian Ocean, on the southwest by the Red Sea (as well as the inland seas of the Atlantic Ocean—the Mediterranean and the Black) and on the west by Europe.

Asia is home to about two thirds of the world’s population, living in 48 countries.
China and India are two of the countries in ASIA with the highest population.

Countries In Asia Continent

There are fifty-one (51) countries in Asia

Countries In AsiaCapitalArea km2Population (2021)
BruneiBandar Seri Begawan5,765441,532
CambodiaPhnom Penh181,03516,946,438
China (PRC)Beijing9,596,9611,444,216,107
East TimorDili14,8741,343,873
Hong KongCity of Victoria2,7557,552,810
IndiaNew Delhi3,287,2631,393,409,038
IsraelJerusalem (disputed)20,7708,789,774
KuwaitKuwait City17,8184,328,550
MalaysiaKuala Lumpur329,84732,776,194
North KoreaPyongyang120,53825,887,041
Saudi ArabiaRiyadh2,149,69035,340,683
South KoreaSeoul100,21051,305,186
Sri LankaSri Jayawardenepura Kotte65,61021,497,310
The PhilippinesManila343,448111,046,913
United Arab EmiratesAbu Dhabi83,6009,991,089

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Still on the world’s continents and oceans maps, let’s talk about Africa.

African Continent and Oceans Map

Africa is the 2nd largest continent in the world after Asia. Located between the Atlantic Oceans and the Indian oceans, it is a tropical paradise.

African Continent and oceans map

The Mediterranean Sea is located to the north, and the Southern Ocean is located to the south.

The Sahara Desert, which covers the northern portion of the African continent, is the world’s largest desert. The Nile, the world’s longest river, flows through the region to the east.

Africa is home to 54 countries, which is more than any other continent on the planet combined.

These countries are home to some of the world’s most ancient cultures, which date back thousands of years.

The majority of people continue to work in agriculture, producing their own food.

Countries In African Continent

There are 54 independent countries in Africa: Here, only Nigeria makes the list of the top 10 most populated countries in the world.

Countries In AfricaCapitalArea km2Population
AlgeriaAlgiers2,381,74044.6 million
AngolaLuanda1,246,70033.9 million
BeninPorto-Novo112,62012.4 million
BotswanaGaborone600,3702.3 million
Burkina FasoOuagadougou274,20021.4 million
BurundiGitega27,83012.2 million
CameroonYaounde475,44027.2 million
Cape VerdePraia4,033561.898
Central African RepublicBangui622,9844.9 million
ChadN’Djamena1,284,00016.9 million
Democratic Republic of the CongoKinshasa2,345,41092.3 million
DjiboutiDjibouti23,0001 million
EgyptCairo1,001,450101.4 million
Equatorial GuineaMalabo28,0511.4 million
EritreaAsmara121,3206 million
EswatiniMbabane17,3631.1 million
EthiopiaAddis Ababa1,127,127117.8 million
GabonLibreville267,6672.2 million
GhanaAccra239,46031.7 million
GuineaConakry245,85713.4 million
Guinea-BissauBissau36,1202 million
Ivory CoastAbidjan,322,46027 million
KenyaNairobi582,65054.9 million
LesothoMaseru30,3552,1 million
LiberiaMonrovia111,3705.1 million
LibyaTripoli1,759,5406.9 million
MadagascarAntananarivo587,04028.4 million
MalawiLilongwe118,48019.6 million
MaliBamako1,240,00020 million
MauritaniaNouakchott1,030,7004.7 million
MauritiusPort Louis2,0401.2 million
MoroccoRabat446,55037.3 million
MozambiqueMaputo801,59032.1 million
NamibiaWindhoek825,4182.5 million
NigerNiamey1,267,00025.1 million
NigeriaAbuja923,768211.4 million
Republic of the CongoBrazzaville342,0005.6 million
RwandaKigali26,33813.2 million
Sao Tome and Pri­ncipeSao Tome1,001223,368
SenegalDakar196,19017.1 million
Sierra LeoneFreetown71,7408.1 million
SomaliaMogadishu637,65716.3 million
South AfricaBloemfontein, Cape Town, Pretoria1,219,91260 million
South SudanJuba619,74511.3 million
SudanKhartoum1,861,48444.9 million
TanzaniaDodoma945,08761.4 million
The GambiaBanjul11,3002.4 million
TogoLome56,7858.4 million
TunisiaTunis163,61011.9 million
UgandaKampala236,04047.1 million
ZambiaLusaka752,61418.9 million
ZimbabweHarare390,58015 million

Still on the world’s continents and oceans maps, let’s talk about Europe.

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Europe Continent And Oceans Map

Europe is the second-smallest of the seven world’s continents.

It is bordered on the north by the Arctic Ocean, on the west by the Atlantic Ocean, and on the south (west to east) by the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea, the Kuma-Manych Depression, and the Caspian Sea. 

European Continent and Oceans map

The eastern boundary of the continent runs along the Ural Mountains, then roughly southwest along the Emba (Zhem) River, terminating at the northern Caspian coast. The western boundary of the continent runs along the Caspian Sea.

Europe is endowed with a significant and long-exploited resource base of soil, forest, seas, and minerals (particularly coal), but its people are increasingly becoming its most valuable resource.

How Many Countries Are There In Europe?

There are currently 46 countries in Europe:

Countries In EuropeCapitalAreaPopulation (2021)
AlbaniaTirana28,748 km²2.8 million
AndorraAndorra la Vella468 km²77,335
AustriaVienna83,858 km²9 million
BelarusMinsk207,560 km²9.4 million
BelgiumBrussels30,528 km²11.6 million
Bosnia and HerzegovinaSarajevo51,129 km²3.2 million
BulgariaSofia110,910 km²6.8 million
CroatiaZagreb56,542 km²4 million
CyprusNicosia9,251 km²1.2 million
Czech RepublicPrague78,866 km²10.7 million
DenmarkCopenhagen43,094 km²5.8 million
EstoniaTallinn45,226 km²1.3 million
FinlandHelsinki338,455 km²5.5 million
FranceParis547,030 km²65.4 million
GermanyBerlin357,168 km²83.9 million
GreeceAthens131,957 km²10.3 million
HungaryBudapest93,030 km²9.6 million
IcelandReykjavik103,000 km²343,353
IrelandDublin70,280 km²4.9 million
ItalyRome301,338 km²60.3 million
KosovoPrishtina10,887 km²1.9 million
LatviaRiga64,589 km²1.8 million
LiechtensteinVaduz160 km²38.25
LithuaniaVilnius65,300 km²2.6 million
LuxembourgLuxembourg2,586 km²634.814
MaltaValletta316 km²442.784
MoldovaChisinau33,846 km²4 million
MonacoMonaco2.020 km²39.511
MontenegroPodgorica13,812 km²628.053
NetherlandsAmsterdam41,543 km²17.1 million
North MacedoniaSkopje25,713 km²2 million
NorwayOslo385,203 km²5.4 million
PolandWarsaw312,685 km²37.7 million
PortugalLisbon92,212 km²10.1 million
RomaniaBucharest238,397 km²19.1 million
RussiaMoscow3,969,100 km²145.9 million
San MarinoSan Marino61.2 km²34.017
SerbiaBelgrade88,361 km²8.6 million
SlovakiaBratislava49,035 km²5.4 million
SloveniaLjubljana20,273 km²2 million
SpainMadrid505,990 km²46.7 million
SwedenStockholm450,295 km²10.1 million
SwitzerlandBern41,285 km²8.7 million
UkraineKyiv603,628 km²43.4 million
United KingdomLondon244,820 km²68.2 million
Vatican CityVatican City0.44 km²800

Transcontinental Countries in Europe

The following countries are geographically found in two continents: Europe and Asia:

CountryCapitalAreaPopulation (2021)
ArmeniaYerevan29,743 km²2.9 million
AzerbaijanBaku86,600 km²10.2 million
GeorgiaTbilisi69,700 km²10.7 million
KazakhstanNur-Sultan148,000 km²19 million
TurkeyAnkara23,764 km²85.4 million

Still on the world’s continents and oceans maps, let’s talk about Australia/Oceania.

Australia Continent And Oceans Map

map of australia and oceania map

Countries In Australia

CountryCapitalArea km²Population (2021)
AustraliaCanberra7,686,85025.7 million
Federated States of MicronesiaPalikir702112,640
KiribatiSouth Tarawa811115,847
Marshall IslandsMajuro18159,610
New ZealandWellington268,6804.8 million
Papua New GuineaPort Moresby462,8409.1 million
Solomon IslandsHoniara28,450703,996
VanuatuPort Vila12,200314,464

We’ve got more info about the world continents and oceans map, and next is North America.

North America Continent With Ocean Maps

North America is the third-largest continent on the planet by land area. It has coastlines on both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, and it shares a land border with South America.

World continents and oceans - North America

In addition to the United States of America and all its states in alphabetical order, Canada and Mexico all the way down to Panama, as well as the Caribbean islands, make up the continent.

Natural wonders such as the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Park can be found in North America. These two tourist attractions are one of the 25 best vacation spots in the United States.

Greenland, the world’s largest island, is also located in North America, despite the fact that it is a part of the European nation of Denmark.

The Panama Canal, which was built by humans, separates the continents of North and South America. Moose, raccoons, and bears are among the animals that can be found in North American forests.

Countries In North America

There are 23 countries in North America.

United States of AmericaWashington9,629,091 km2327 million people
MexicoMexico City1,964,375 km2126 million people
CanadaOttawa9,984,670 km237 million people
GuatemalaGuatemala City108,889 km217 million people
CubaHavana109,886 km211 million people
HaitiPort au Prince27,750 km211 million people
Dominican RepublicSanto Domingo48,671 km210 million people
HondurasTegucigalpa112,492 km29 million people
NicaraguaManagua130,373 km26 million people
El SalvadorSan Salvador21,041 km26 million people
Costa RicaSan José51,100 km24 million people
PanamaPanama City75,417 km24 million people
JamaicaKingston10,991 km22 million people
Trinidad and TobagoPort of Spain5,130 km21 million people
BelizeBelmopan22,966 km2383,056 people
BahamasNassau13,943 km2385,629 people
BarbadosBridgetown430 km2286,640 people
Saint LuciaCastries539 km2181,887 people
GrenadaSt. George’s344 km2111,453 people
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesKingstown389 km2110,210 people
Antigua and BarbudaSt. John’s442 km296, 284 people
DominicaRoseau751 km271,625 people
Saint Kitts and NevisBasseterre261 km252, 440 people

The United States is the most populous country on the North American continent, while Canada is the most geographically expansive, with 9.9 million km2 of land area. Saint Kitts and Nevis is the smallest country in the continent both in terms of population and land area.

Because of its geographic location, Greenland is also considered to be a part of North America. However, because it is a part of Denmark, it does not have the status of a sovereign state.

Is the Caribbean considered to be a part of North America?

Yes, the Caribbean is considered to be a part of the continent of North America.

It is made up of a number of islands and archipelagos (there are over 700 islands in total), which are spread across the Caribbean sea. The Caribbean is also known as West Indies.

The next region in this resource about the seven continents and oceans map, is South America

South America Continent And Oceans Map

South America is a continent that stretches from just above the equator all the way down to the Antarctic. It has a land connection to North America, as well.

Continents and Oceans Map - South America

The Amazon River, which flows through South America and is surrounded by the world’s largest rainforest, is the world’s longest river.

The continent is home to rain forests, deserts such as the Atacama Desert, which is the world’s driest desert, and mountain ranges such as the Andes, which is the world’s longest mountain range.

Glaciers can be found in the southern hemisphere. South America is comprised of 12 countries, each with its own language. Brazil is the largest country in the continent.

Potatoes, along with other foods such as chocolate, pineapple, and peanuts, are native to South America.

Countries of South America

There are twelve countries in South America.

CountryCapitalArea (km²)Population (2021)
ArgentinaBuenos Aires2,766,89045,605,826
BoliviaLa Paz, Sucre1,098,58011,832,940

Still on the continents and oceans map of the world, next is Antarctica.

Antarctica Continent And Oceans Map

Antarctica’s name translates as “opposite of the Arctic,” and the continent is almost completely centered on the South Pole.

Continents and Oceans Map - Antarctica

Antarctica, often referred to as “the continent of superlatives,” is not only the world’s southernmost continent, but it is also the world’s driest, windiest, coldest, and iciest continent, among other characteristics.

With an estimated 7 million cubic miles (about 29 million cubic kilometers) of ice, the continental ice sheet contains roughly 90% of the world’s ice and 80% of its fresh water.

How Big is the Antarctica Continent?

Antarctica has a total area size of about 5.5 million square miles (14.2 million square kilometers), with thick ice covering approximately 98 percent of the land surface.

The continent is divided into two parts: East Antarctica (which is primarily composed of a high ice-covered plateau) and West Antarctica (which is largely an ice sheet covering an archipelago of mountainous islands).

World Map With Continents And Countries

World map with continents and countries

There are 195 countries in the world. In this post about the seven continents and oceans map, the following is are key notes to remember:

  • ASIA consists of 50 countries and is the most populous continent on the planet, with 60 percent of the world’s total population residing on its shores.
  • AFRICA is made up of 54 different countries. It is the hottest continent on the planet, and it is also home to the world’s largest desert, the Sahara, which covers 25 percent of the continent’s total land area.
  • NORTH AMERICA is comprised of 23 countries, with the United States of America serving as the world’s largest economy.
  • SOUTH AMERICA is made up of twelve countries. The Amazon rainforest, the world’s largest forest, occupies 30 percent of South America’s total land area.
  • THE ANTARCTICA CONTINENT is the coldest continent on the planet, and it is completely covered in ice. There are no permanent residents in Antarctica, with the exception of scientists who work at research stations there.
  • EUROPE is made up of 51 countries. It is the most economically developed continent in the world, and it is home to the European Union, which is the world’s largest economic and political union.
  • AUSTRALIA is made up of 14 different countries. It is the second least populated continent in the world after Antarctica, with only 0.2 percent of the world’s population residing here.

What did you think so far, of the information we’ve presented about the continents and oceans maps?

Which Continent Does Russia Belong to?

Russia is a part of both Europe and Asian continents. In fact, in the seven-continent model, it is not always clear where Russia should be placed.

Russia is divided into two parts (European Russia and the “Asian part” of the Russian Federation) along the line of the Ural Mountains, from the source of the Ural River down to the Greater Caucasus, which stretches from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea.

However, because we had to place Russia on one of the continents or the other in the list of continents, we chose to place it in Europe in accordance with the United Nations classification system.

Approximately 75% of Russia’s population resides on the European continent, according to official figures. On the other hand, Asia accounts for 75% of Russia’s total land area.

Is Hawaii a part of any particular continent?

None. Despite the fact that Hawaii is politically a part of North America, it is not geographically a part of any continent.

Continents and Oceans Map Summary

Have you learned a lot from this article about the world’s continents and oceans map?

As a reminder, there are officially 7 continents and 5 oceans. No one can argue the fact that planet earth is just unique and filled with intriguing features and phenomenon as dictated by characteristics of each continent.

What part of the world are you from? Let’s have your comments in the box provided below. Also, don’t forget to like, and share this post.

Jami Gertz Net Worth 2022: Age, Assets, And Biography

Jami Gertz net worth and biography

What is Jami Gertz net worth today?

Jami Gertz Net Worth:$3 Billion
Name:Jami Gertz
Date of Birth:October 28, 1965
Height:1.65 M. (5′ 4″)
Profession:American Actress

Jami Gertz’s net worth is estimated to be $3 billion as of 2022, according to estimates by Celebrity Net Worth and other sources.

Her early roles in films such as ‘Crossroads,’ ‘The Lost Boys,’ ‘Less Than Zero,’ and ‘Quicksilver,’ as well as the 1980s television series ‘Square Pegs,’ and the 1996 film ‘Twister’, are among her most well-known accomplishments. 

She is also well-known for her roles as Judy Miller in the CBS sitcom ‘Still Standing,’ and as Debbie Weaver in the ABC sitcom ‘The Neighbors’.

Jami Gertz is one of the top 20 richest actors in USA and she has done great to even become an NBA team owner.

In this article, we’ll share with you more details about Jami Gertz net worth, her assets, income, salaries, and more about her biography and career.

Jami Gertz net worth

Jami Gertz Net Worth Today

  • Net Worth: $3 billion

She is a part-owner of the Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association, along with her husband, Tony Ressler. You should check out the list of the top 20 richest NBA players right now.

Jami Gertz Net Worth In the Past 5 years

Net Worth in 2022$3 Billion
Net Worth in 2021$2.75 Billion
Net Worth in 2020$2.45 Billion
Net Worth in 2019$2 Billion
Net Worth in 2018$1.7 Billion
Net Worth in 2017$1.5 Billion

Jami Gertz Biography and Early Life

Jami Gertz is an American actress who hails from the state of Illinois, the thirteenth state of all the fifty US states alphabetically.

Jami Gertz was born on the South Side of Chicago, but she would soon find herself in the heart of Los Angeles, where her professional life would take off.

Her parents are Sharyn and Walter Gertz, who worked as a builder and contractors. She has two brothers, Michael and Scott.

Gertz, who is Jewish, was brought up in a conservative Jewish environment. Maine East High School is where she received her diploma.

Jami Gertz Career

Jami Gertz net worth and career

Jami Gertz film debut was in the 1981 film Endless Love, which launched her professional career. The Lost Boys was the film in which the world first became aware of her.

Following that, she continued to find work in television and film. She has appeared in a number of classic television shows, including Seinfeld and Ally McBeal. Little by little, Jami Gertz net worth started go grow.

People have praised her for her work, but there have also been films in which she has been nominated for a Razzie Award for Worst Actress. Twister was the name of the film in question.

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Jami Career Highlights

In 2000, Gertz landed a recurring role as Kimmy Bishop, the love interest of John Cage on the Fox hit ‘Ally McBeal.’ 

Gertz was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series, for which she received a nomination. She appeared in one more episode as a guest star during the show’s final season in 2002.

A producer’s credit was given to her on the Academy Award-nominated film ‘A Better Life,’ which was released in limited release throughout the month of June and the first few weeks of July before being released on DVD in October 2011.

She appeared in the ABC sitcom “The Neighbors” from 2012 to 2014, in which she played the mother of a human family who moves into a neighborhood that is home to residents from another planet.

Jami Gertz net worth is estimated to be $3 billion by the year 2022. Here are some of the most memorable moments in Jami Gertz’s professional life:

  • The Lost Boys (Movie, 1987) 
  • Twister (Movie, 1996) 
  • A Better Life (Movie, 2011) 
  • Part-time Owner of the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA

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Jami Gertz Assets

Jami and Tony’s primary residences are in Malibu and Beverly Hills.

In addition to being located at the top of a mountain with 360-degree views of Los Angeles, their Beverly Hills home is also located within the most exclusive gated community in Beverly Hills.

Denzel Washington, Sylvester Stallone, Eddie Murphy, and Mark Wahlberg were among the celebrities who shared a street with her.

According to tax records, their home is worth a minimum of $30 million, but on the open market, it could fetch as much as $50 million or even more.

Their Malibu home is located above Broad Beach, which is considered to be one of the most desirable places in the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Jami Gertz?

Jami Gertz net worth is around $3 Billion.

What is the age of Jami Gertz?

Currently Jami Gertz is 56 Years old (28 October 1965).

What is the Salary of Jami Gertz?

Jami Gertz earns an estimated salary of $250 Million Per Year.

What is the Height of Jami Gertz?

The Height of Jami Gertz is 1.65 M. (5′ 4″).

What is the name of Jami Gertz’s Husband?

Jami Gertz’s Husband name is Antony Ressler (m. 1989).

Summary of Jami Gertz Net Worth

Jami and her husband are the parents of three children between them.

Jami and Tony are extremely active philanthropists outside of their ownership of professional sports team.

They have consistently been ranked among the most generous celebrities in the world, and have at times been the most generous celebrity in the world in terms of charitable contributions.

They are founding members of Painted Turtle Camp, an organization that provides camping trips for children suffering from chronic and terminal illnesses at no cost to them.

What did you think of Jami Gertz net worth? Let’s have your comments in the box provided below.

Even More Topics:

List of All Countries In the World [195 Countries Names]

List of all countries in the world alphabetically - countries names

We bring to you the alphabetical list of all countries in the world. Yes, 195 countries names, their population, land area, and more.

If you have ever asked the questions; “how many questions are in the world?”, then you’re not only the cute angel curious about the names of all the countries.

No worries though, you’ve landed on the right page, and on this blog, you’ll also find the world map with the nations represented by their flags.

You may also be curious about the United States as well, so we’ve written about all the 50 US states in alphabetical order and their capitals.

What exactly is a country?

Before giving the list of all countries in the world, how about a quick definition of what a country really is?

There are several variety of definitions of what constitutes a “country” or a “state.” Certainly, when we talk about a country being independent and autonomous, we are referring to its political and economic status. However, this is not a definition that is universally applicable. 

According to Wikipedia: in political geography, a country is a geographical region that has been identified as a distinct entity.

As a sovereign state or as a component of a larger state, a country may exist as a non-sovereign or formerly sovereign political division, or as a geographical region containing groups of previously independent or differently associated people with distinct political characteristics.

It is therefore necessary to first develop a regulatory framework that defines these “territories” and categorizes them in a manner that is independent of political or international interests.

Even the United Nations does not recognize or reject a state on a unanimous basis. However, each member state has the authority to make this decision for itself.

On Worlddata.info, a country is defined as follows in order to prevent subjective political decisions from being made: Basically, anything with an ISO 3166-1 country code is considered to be a “country” in this context.

map showing list of all countries in the world

How Many Countries Are There In the World List?

Since the independence of South Sudan on 9 July 2011, there are now 195 independent countries or sovereign nations in the world (excluding the disputed but de facto independent Taiwan), as well as approximately 60 dependent areas and several disputed territories, such as Kosovo.

The United Nations is comprised of 193 sovereign states, each of which has an equal number of representatives in the UN General Assembly.

The Holy See and the State of Palestine are the only non-member countries that have permanent observer status at the United Nations.

Where are these countries located in the 7 continents around the world? You should check out the 7 world continents and oceans map for more details.

On this list of all countries in the world, the countries are:

  • 54 countries are in Africa
  • 48 in Asia
  • 44 in Europe
  • 33 in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • 14 in Oceania
  • 2 in Northern America

Alphabetical List of All Countries In the World

In the following table, the list of all countries in the world are ranked by population, with current population, and land area shown for each of the countries:

#Country (A-Z)Population
Land Area
6Antigua and Barbuda97,929440
22Bosnia and Herzegovina3,280,81951,000
27Burkina Faso20,903,273273,600
29Côte d’Ivoire26,378,274318,000
30Cabo Verde555,9874,030
34Central African Republic4,829,767622,980
40Congo (Congo-Brazzaville)5,518,087341,500
41Costa Rica5,094,11851,060
45Czechia (Czech Republic)10,708,98177,240
46Democratic Republic of the Congo89,561,4032,267,050
50Dominican Republic10,847,91048,320
53El Salvador6,486,20520,720
54Equatorial Guinea1,402,98528,050
57Eswatini (fmr. “Swaziland”)1,160,16417,200
74Holy See8010
108Marshall Islands59,190180
119Myanmar (formerly Burma)54,409,800653,290
124New Zealand4,822,233263,310
128North Korea25,778,816120,410
129North Macedonia2,083,37425,220
134Palestine State5,101,4146,020
136Papua New Guinea8,947,024452,860
146Saint Kitts and Nevis53,199260
147Saint Lucia183,627610
148Saint Vincent and the Grenadines110,940390
150San Marino33,93160
151Sao Tome and Principe219,159960
152Saudi Arabia34,813,8712,149,690
156Sierra Leone7,976,98372,180
160Solomon Islands686,88427,990
162South Africa59,308,6901,213,090
163South Korea51,269,18597,230
164South Sudan11,193,725610,952
166Sri Lanka21,413,24962,710
178Trinidad and Tobago1,399,4885,130
185United Arab Emirates9,890,40283,600
186United Kingdom67,886,011241,930
187United States of America331,002,6519,147,420

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Which Regions Didn’t Make The List?

Not included on list of all countries in the world with a total count of 195 are:

  • Taiwan – the United Nations considers it represented by the People’s Republic of China
  • The Cook Islands and Niue, both states in free association with New Zealand which are members of several UN specialized agencies and have been recognized “full treaty-making capacity”, but are neither member states nor non-member observer states.
  • Dependencies (or dependent territories, dependent areas, dependencies) and Areas of Special Sovereignty (autonomous territories)
  • Other countries are recognized by the United Nations as not being self-governing

Countries In Asia and Their Capitals

List of All Countries in the World - Asian Countries

There are fifty-one (51) countries in Asia, and they make up the total list of all countries in the world:

BruneiBandar Seri Begawan
CambodiaPhnom Penh
China (PRC)Beijing
East TimorDili
Hong KongCity of Victoria
IndiaNew Delhi
IsraelJerusalem (disputed)
KuwaitKuwait City
MalaysiaKuala Lumpur
North KoreaPyongyang
Saudi ArabiaRiyadh
South KoreaSeoul
Sri LankaSri Jayawardenepura Kotte
The PhilippinesManila
United Arab EmiratesAbu Dhabi

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Countries In Europe And Their Capitals

List of All Countries in the World - European countries

There are currently 46 countries in Europe. The 46 countries are included on the list of all countries in the world.

AndorraAndorra la Vella
Bosnia and HerzegovinaSarajevo
Czech RepublicPrague
North MacedoniaSkopje
San MarinoSan Marino
United KingdomLondon
Vatican CityVatican City

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Countries In North America And Their Capitals

List of Countries In the World - North American Countries

There are 23 countries in North America:

United States of AmericaWashington
MexicoMexico City
GuatemalaGuatemala City
HaitiPort au Prince
Dominican RepublicSanto Domingo
El SalvadorSan Salvador
Costa RicaSan José
PanamaPanama City
Trinidad and TobagoPort of Spain
Saint LuciaCastries
GrenadaSt. George’s
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesKingstown
Antigua and BarbudaSt. John’s
Saint Kitts and NevisBasseterre

Countries In South America And Their Capitals

All Countries Names - South America

There are 12 independent countries located in South America.

ArgentinaBuenos Aires
BoliviaLa Paz, Sucre

In South America, only Brazil makes the list of the top 10 most populated countries in the world.

Countries In Oceania

There are 14 sovereign countries in Oceania as listed below:

Federated States of MicronesiaPalikir
KiribatiSouth Tarawa
Marshall IslandsMajuro
New ZealandWellington
Papua New GuineaPort Moresby
Solomon IslandsHoniara
VanuatuPort Vila

Is Kosovo a Country or Not?

Since Kosovo’s declaration of independence from Serbia on February 17, 2008, the international community has acknowledged the country.

The international community, on the other hand, is divided on the subject. As of September 2020, 98 out of 193 member states of the United Nations (UN), 22 out of 27 member states of the European Union (EU), 26 out of 30 member states of NATO, and 33 out of 57 member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) had recognized Kosovo as a sovereign state.

What Is the United Nations?

The United Nations is an intergovernmental organization with the mission of maintaining international peace and security, fostering friendly relations among nations, achieving international cooperation, and serving as a focal point for harmonizing the actions of countries around the world.

More information can be found at United Nations website.

Is France considered a country?

France, which is located in Western Europe, is one of the world’s oldest countries, and its influence can be felt all over the world through science, politics, economics, and, perhaps most importantly, culture.

Since its founding in the Middle Ages, France has progressed from kingdom to empire to republic and finally back to a republic.

Which country has the highest level of education?

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) data, Canada is the most educated country in the world, with 56.71 percent of adults meeting the OECD criteria.

Japan has the second-highest percentage of 51.44 percent, followed by Israel, which has 50.92 percent of the population.

List of All Countries In the World (Summary)

There you have it, all the countries in the world. So, what did you think? Let’s have your comments in the section provided below.

Top 20 Richest Actors In USA 2022 [Latest!]

Top 20 Richest Actors In USA Hollywood and their Net worth

Check out the latest of the top 20 Richest Actors In USA 2022 And Their Net Worth

Most of us envy the lives of the world’s most famous actors and actresses. They are talented, charismatic, beautiful, and last but not least, filthy rich.

But just how rich are our favorite on-screen heroes and heroines when it comes to overall net worth? Are these movie stars necessarily from the richest states in USA? You need to find out.

We provide a comprehensive run down of the richest actors and actresses in the USA in 2022 and their net worth.

Top 20 Richest Actors In USA 2022 and Their Net Worth

RankRichest Musicians In The WorldEstimated Net Worth
#1Jami Gertz$3 billion
#2Tyler Perry$1 billion
#3Jerry Sinfield$950 million
#4Tom Cruise$600 million
#5George Clooney$510 million
#6Robert De Niro$500 million
#7Mel Gibson$425 million
#8Adam Sandler$420 million
#9Jack Nicholson$400 million
#10Bill Cosby$400 million
#11Sylvester Stallone$400 million
#12Arnold Schwarzenegger$400 million
#13The Olsen Twins$400 million
#14Tom Hanks$400 million
#15Jennifer Lopez$400 million
#16Reese Witherspoon$400 million
#17Clint Eastwood$375 million
#18Will Smith$350 million
#19Michael Douglas$350 million
#20Jennifer Anniston$300 million

20. Jennifer Anniston – $300 million

Jennifer Anniston rose to fame starring as one fifth of the most famous friend group in the hit TV show, Friends. She is our first mention on this list of the top 20 richest actors in USA.

After that, the 52-year old actress went on to star in countless romantic comedies earning her a hefty paycheck and the well deserved title of America’s sweetheart.

Her total net worth is valued at $300 million.

19. Michael Douglas – $350 million

Richest Actors In USA - Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas got his big break during the 1984 film Romancing The Stone. He is from New Jersey, the 30th state on the list of US States alphabetically.

Since then, the 77-year old has enjoyed an incredibly fruitful acting career, receiving numerous high-profile accolades during his career including multiple Academy Awards and Golden Globes. His net worth is valued at $350 million.

18. Will Smith – $350 million

Oscar controversy A-list actor Will Smith rose to fame with his beloved performance in the 90’s sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Belair.

The 53-year old is no doubt one of the richest actors in USA. The rapper and producer is one half of one of Hollywood’s most famous power couples, along with wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

Earning around $40 million per year from various creative and business ventures, Will Smith’s total net worth is valued at $350 million.

17. Clint Eastwood – $375 million

With a Hollywood career spanning almost 5 decades, Clint Eastwood is inarguably one of the most influential actors out there.

He has both starred and directed several high-profile, critically acclaimed films including Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby.

The 91-year old retired actor has a net worth valued at $375 million, earned from both his acting career and lucrative real estate portfolio.

16. Reese Witherspoon – $400 million

Next on the list of the top 20 richest actors in USA is Reese Witherspoon. Reese Witherspoon debuted her acting career as a teenager, shortly after she won the hearts of Americans playing Elle Woods in the 2001 classic comedy Legally Blonde.

She has consistently been ranked as one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. In addition, she has pursued several non-acting ventures including founding retail fashion and home decor brand Draper James and accepting a lucrative endorsement with Avon.

Her total net worth is valued at $400 million, and she has been considered as the richest actress by Forbes.

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15. Jennifer Lopez – $400 million

Jennifer Lopez is an actress and singer who hails from a humble background in the Bronx New York, as she describes in her top-charter, Jenny From The Block.

With a wildly successful acting and singing career, and a number of prosperous business ventures including her J.LO clothing and fragrance brands, Jennifer Lopez’s current net worth is anything but humble (valued at $400 million).

14. Tom Hanks – $400 million

Richest Actors In USA - Tom Hanks

Next is Tom Hanks on the list of the richest actors in USA. Tom Hanks’ acting career is difficult to characterize due to his extraordinary versatility.

He has starred in several classic films such as Forrest Gump and Catch Me If You Can, playing both comedic and serious roles flawlessly.

Hanks is ranked as one of the highest all-time grossing stars in the USA, with a total gross of over $4.9 billion. His personal net worth is valued at around $400 million.

13. The Olsen Twins- $400 million

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, also known as the Olsen Twins, have been dominating the entertainment industry virtually all their lives.

They began their acting career when they were just nine months old, winning a role on the hit TV show Full House, a role that would last for 8 whole years.

Following their success with Full House, they built their personal brand and media empire catering to the twin and teen demographic. Their combined net worth is currently valued around $400 million.

12. Arnold Schwarzenegger- $400 million

Talks about the richest actors in USA won’t come up without a mention of this legend.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a man of many talents; a body builder, an actor, and most recently the governor of the state of California.

Audiences around the world rallied behind him as he starred in some of Hollywood’s most memorable action films, including The Terminator series. Today, his net worth is valued at $400 million.

11. Sylvester Stallone – $400 million

75-year old Sylvester Stalone is known for his smug look and sharp delivery of unforgettable one-liners.

Catapulted to fame by the 1976 film Rocky, which he both wrote and starred in, Sylvester Stalone established himself to Hollywood royalty.

After a three year hiatus in 2003, Stalone returned to Hollywood, writing and directing major blockbuster films including The Expendables and the boxing series Creed. Overall, Sylvester Stalone’s impressive net worth is valued at $400 million.

With the most popular actors and actresses making anywhere between $10 million to $75 million per film, this list continues.

10. Bill Cosby – $400 million

Richest Actors In USA - Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby was the star of The Bill Cosby Show, and the first black person to star in their own eponymous comedy series. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, one of the largest cities in the United States.

Recently, the 84-year olds legacy was severely damaged after he was publicly accused of more than 60 cases of rape and sexual assault, and found guilty of three counts of aggravated assault in 2018, although the trial ended in a mistrial.

Nonetheless, Bill Cosby remains one of the richest actors in the USA, with a net worth valued over $400 million.

9. Jack Nicholson – $400 million

Jack Nicholson is one of the most influential and richest actors in USA Hollywood. His iconic films span multiple genres, from horror chart-topper’s like The Shining to superhero blockbusters like Batman.

By the end of his 50 year long career, Jack Nicholson was the most nominated male actor in the history of the Academy Awards.

While his acting career contributed greatly to his wealth, Jack Nicholson also earned $100 million of his fortune from real estate investment and another $150 million from collecting high-end art.

Overall, the 84-year old Jack Nicholson net worth is valued at $400 million.

8. Adam Sandler- $420 million

Adam Sandler is a comedian, actor, and writer from Brooklyn, New York.

The 55-year old has starred in a long list of A-list movies alongside Hollywood royalty like Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Aniston bringing in more than $10 billion in the box office.

He is one of the most bankable actors in the industry, earning over $60 million for a single film. Overall, Adam Sandler’s net worth is valued at $420 million.

7. Mel Gibson- $425 million

Next on the list of the richest actors in USA is an Australian born, American raised actor, producer, writer, and director, Mel Gibson, who earned his first $1 million working on his debut film series Mad Max in 1985.

During his controversial career, Mel Gibson has contributed millions of his own fortune to help fund his passion projects.

One such example was Gibson’s infamous gothic flick, The Passion of the Christ, for which he used $45 million of his own funds.

The film was a major commercial success, earning Gibson $300 million in sole revenue. His total net worth is estimated at $425 million.

6. Robert De Niro- $500 million

78-year old Robert De Niro, has had one of the longest lasting and most well respected careers in the movie industry.

He is perhaps most famous for his masterful performances of often chillingly violent and harsh characters in a collection of nine critically acclaimed films directed and written by Martin Corsese.

Many of Robert De Niro’s films are revered by audiences around the world, considered to be the best films of all time.

In addition to acting, the Hollywood legacy co-founded the highly successful film production company TriBeCa Productions.

He is also a co-owner of Nobu, a trendy chain of high-end hotels and restaurants. Today, his net worth is valued at $500 million.

5. George Clooney- $510 million

Richest Actors In USA - George Clooney

Geroge Clooney is an actor and producer, known for starring in numerous critically acclaimed films, earning himself a British Academy Film Award, four Golden Globe Awards, and two Academy Awards to date.

At the height of his career, he earned a salary of more than $239 million. The 60 year old actor has had a few non-acting endeavors including co-founding Casamigos, a tequila company that was sold in 2017 to British liquor empire Diageo for $700 million.

Today, George Clooney’s net worth is valued at $510 million, and he is one of the richest actors in USA.

4. Tom Cruise – $600 million

From Top Gun to Mission Impossible, Tom Cruise has had one roller coaster of an acting career and as the fourth richest actor in the United States, and he has the net worth to prove it.

After his memorable breakout performance as a Lieutenant in Top Gun, Tom Cruise rose to the ranks of highest paid actor in the USA and stayed there.

For his major blockbuster films like Mission Impossible 6 or War of the Worlds, he earned a gigantan salary of around $100 million. Today, his net worth is valued at $600 million, and the 4th richest actor in USA.

3. Jerry Seinfield – $950 million

The third on the list of the richest actors in USA is Jerry Seinfield, also known as the King of Comedy. He is best known for his timeless and iconic hit sitcom, Seinfeld.

The highly-acclaimed comedy show ran for almost 10 years, and continues to make money until this day via on-demand streaming services and other features.

His total net worth is valued at $950 million.

2. Tyler Perry – $1 Billion

Most of us know Tyler Perry because at one point or another he has had us laughing to the brink of tears during one of his numerous A-list packed comedies.

Unlike his movies, Tyler Perry’s net worth will not have you laughing, it will have your jaw dropping to the floor. Tyler Perry earns a whopping $93 million each year, racking up a net worth of over $1 billion.

While many may naively think Tyler Perry earned his $1 billion fortune by dressing up as his trademark comedic character, the elderly grandma Madea, in reality, Tyler Perry built his fortune by being the ultimate jack of all trades.

Tyler Perry runs a highly successful media and entertainment studio called Tyler Perry Studios; he writes and acts in almost all his films and TV shows which are filmed and produced exclusively at his studio.

As if that isn’t business savvy enough, Tyler Perry also has stakes in the black culture and media entertainment giant, BET.

1. Jami Gertz – $3 Billion

The Richest Actor In USA - Jami Gertz

Jami Gertz is an American actress and businesswoman who rose to prominence in the 1980s with roles in films such as Twister, Crossroads, Less Than Zero, The Lost Boys, and Quicksilver.

Despite the fact that she has not achieved the levels of fame and fortune that many of the other actors on this list have, Gertz is a part-owner of the NBA team, the Atlanta Hawks, along with her husband, Tony Ressler, and their children.

As a result, her net worth has risen to an extremely high level. Hence, she’s first on this list of the richest actors in the United States.

Richest Actors In USA (Summary)

There you have it, the list of the wealthiest actors in the United States. Of course there are more prominent figures like Oprah Winfrey, a TV host, entrepreneur, and actress who is worth an estimated $2.6 billion according to Forbes.

One thing is certain, these actors and actresses didn’t just rise to fame by mere chance, they did paid the price for success.

So, what did you think? Is your favorite actor on this list of the richest actors in USA? Let’s have your comment. But before that, here’s a recap:

Richest USA actors:

  1. Jami Gertz
  2. Tyler Perry
  3. Jerry Seinfeld
  4. Top Cruise
  5. George Clooney
  6. Robert De Niro
  7. Mel Gibson
  8. Adam Sandler
  9. Jack Nicholson
  10. Bill Cosby
  11. Sylvester Stallone
  12. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  13. The Olsen Twins
  14. Tom Hanks
  15. Jennifer Lopez
  16. Reese Witherspoon
  17. Clint Eastwood
  18. Will Smith
  19. Michael Douglas
  20. Jennifer Anniston

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Top 10 Richest States In USA 2022 [Wealthiest States!]

Top 10 Richest States In USA - Wealthiest States In America

Hey, ever wanted to see the full list of the richest states in USA? We bring to you the top 10 richest U.S states as of 2022.

With a whopping GDP of $22,790 billion and a GDP per capita of $62,200, the United States consistently ranks as one of the wealthiest economies on the globe.

That being said, the USA is also one of the most politically, geographically, and economically diverse nations on the planet.

The great country, composed of 50 states list — each with its own distinct economy, from the agriculture and livestock rearing economies of the lower midwest, to the oil and gas dominated economies of the South — wealth is anything but equally distributed among states.

If you are on a mission to achieve the American Dream, knowing the richest states in USA is essential.

Richest states in USA

Here, we provide a rundown of the 10 richest states in America 2022. We used average annual income figures from the World Population Review to compile our list.

Top 10 Richest States In USA 2022

RankRichest States In USA 2022
#1New Jersey
#7New York
#9New Hampshire

10. Washington

Washington State (not to be confused with Washington D.C) is one of the richest states in USA. It is the northernmost state on the west coast of the USA, bordering Canada.

Washington is not only the tenth richest state in the USA in 2022, it is the home and playground of some of the world’s most famous billionaires.

While Washington is perhaps best known for headquartering some of the nation’s top software and engineering giants, including Microsoft, Amazon, and aviation manufacturer Boeing, it is also the greenest state in the USA, making it one of the top lumber producers in the USA.

With both a rich tech and natural resource industry, Washington is a magnet for young and innovative talent. The state has an average annual income of around $98,983 according to the World Population Review.

Washington ranks even higher for state GDP, amassing a whopping $632,013 million per year. Economic well-being in Washington is relatively high, with only 6% living in extreme poverty and a mere 0.1% of jobs being low-wage.

The Washington suburbs, like the sleepy suburb of Medina, house the 100 million dollar homes of several of the world’s 1% including the homes of Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Amazon founder Jeff Besos. Overall, the state has a very low home foreclosure rate of only 0.45%.

9. New Hampshire

New Hampshire is the fifth smallest state in the country. But what this quaint New England state lacks in size, it certainly makes up for in wealth, as the ninth on the list of the richest states in USA in 2022

This is a one-off achievement for New Hampshire. Surprisingly, this small and assuming state has been ranked rather consistently as one of the wealthiest states in the USA.

The average annual income in New Hampshire is $99,165, and due to the state’s controversial tax laws which include little to no income tax, residents get to enjoy every last penny of the fruit of their labors.

The state also has one of the lowest poverty rates in the country, with only 5% of the population living in extreme poverty and a home foreclosure rate of only 5.7%.

That being said, the state’s overall GDP of 86,319 million is quite small compared to other rich states, and around 18.3% of jobs are low-wage.

Nonetheless, the abundance of scenic lakes and serene woodlands in New Hampshire has made the state a popular ‘bedroom community” and “recluse” for the wealthy who work in nearby cities like Boston, many of whom have homes in New Hampshire.

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8. Virginia

The next one on the list of the top 10 richest states in USA in 2022 is Virginia. It has historically been wealthy. Before the Civil War, it was one of the wealthiest states in the South.

Virginia’s modern-day economy is driven by a growing number of technology companies, a large ship manufacturing industry, and a long-standing tobacco farming industry, just to name a few.

The state GDP is $557,986 million, and only 6% of the population live below the extreme poverty line.

Virginia’s close proximity to Washington, D.C., contributes significantly to its affluence.

Government and federal agencies provide a large number of higher-end jobs, while the average annual income is $101,746.

On top of that, the government attracts a diverse mix of talent from lobbyists and government contractors to politicians and nonprofit founders, all of whom play a key role in driving Virginia’s prosperous economy.

7. New York

New York state is famous for a lot of things, but perhaps most notoriously for harboring New York City, one of the most expensive cities in the world where many a dreamer has gone into debt.

The state of New York, however, is also one of the richest states in USA in 2022, with a state GDP of $1,705,127 million, the third-largest in the country, and New York City is also where young bankers can make it big on Wall Street.

In addition to being a global center for finance, New York is also a mega-hub for technology, real estate, health care, and insurance. The average annual income in New York state is $101,945.

Even more, New York City attracts some of the wealthiest investors, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs in the USA, who go there to take advantage of the unique opportunities to invest in New York City’s lucrative culture, food, entertainment, and arts scene.

It has the second-highest number of billionaire residents in America, with a whopping 114 billionaires.

That being said, wealth disparities are large in New York. 8% of the population lives in extreme poverty, 12% of jobs are low-wage, and at 2.43%, the home foreclosure rate is a little higher than some of the other rich states in USA.

6. Hawaii

Hawaii, known for its breathtaking beaches and rich island culture, is the sixth state on the list of the top 10 richest states in USA. Yes, Hawaii has some of the best vacation spots in the United States.

Hawaii’s unparalleled natural beauty and impeccable tourist infrastructure have earned it a spot on every avid traveler’s bucket list.

The islands have emerged as a top high-end real estate destination, with some of the world’s wealthiest people scrambling for private beach properties.

The average annual income in Hawaii is $103,780. The economy in the exotic state is dominated by the tourism industry, which contributes to an overall state GDP of over $89,866 million.

Although Hawaii is known to have some economic disparity, only 6% of the population lives in extreme poverty.

richest states in the USA

5. California

The fifth state in the ranking of the top 10 richest states in USA in 2022 is the sunshine state, California State. Like Washington and Virginia, California has an extremely affluent tech industry.

Areas like Silicon Valley are hot spots for advanced technology and innovation, home to iconic tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Apple.

California is essentially the land of the billionaires, with over 189 billionaire residents and counting.

Affluent areas like Hollywood, Orange County, and the Pacific Palisades harbor the homes of several of the world’s celebrities and tech moguls, driving the state’s multi-billion dollar real estate industry and inspiring glamorous reality TV shows like Netflix’s Selling Sunset or The Real Housewives of Orange County.

The average annual income in California is $106,916, with only 6% of the population living in extreme poverty.

The overall state GDP is $3,120,386 million, the highest in the country and exceeding that of the entire United Kingdom.

In addition to the lucrative real estate, tech, government, and insurance industries, California’s GDP is also supported by a thriving agricultural sector, including fruit, vegetables, dairy, and wine production.

4. Maryland

Maryland is the fourth richest state in the USA in 2022. Historically, Maryland, like Virginia, has maintained a spot as one of the richest states in USA due to its close distance to Washington, D.C, and an abundance of highly affluent governmental agencies like the National Institute of Health and corporate headquarters for major companies like Marriott.

While the overall state GDP is only $427,616 million, the average annual income is comfortably in the six-figure range at $111,417 per year, and less than 6% of the population lives in extreme poverty.

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3. Massachusetts

While Massachusetts is not rich in natural resources, but it has one of the highest concentrations of educated people in the country.

The small state has over 90 universities including the prestigious and famous Harvard University, and about 45% of adults over the age of 25 have at least a four year college degree.

The extraordinary smarts of the Massachusetts population translates into riches. The state has an average annual income of $111,498. This makes it the third richest state in the USA.

Unsurprisingly, most jobs in Massachusetts are on the higher end of white-collar, with a large percentage of the population employed in biotechnology and IT, maritime trade, engineering, information technology, finance, and higher education. Only 4.8% of jobs in Massachusetts qualify as low-wage.

2. Connecticut

The second richest state in USA is Connecticut State. The actual state GDP is only $283,601 million.

What makes Connecticut so rich is not its productive power, it’s the remarkable extent at which it has lured in America’s wealthiest families.

Due to its stunning natural beauty, and relatively lower income tax compared to its neighbors, wealthy people from New York city and other nearby locations often establish their residency in Connecticut.

Many Connecticut cities are enclaves for some of the USA’s wealthiest. The ‘Gold Coast’, comprising the cities of Bridgeport, Stamford and Norwalk, is consistently ranked as one of the richest areas in the entire country.

While the average annual income in Connecticut is $113,031, the average annual income in Connecticut Gold Coast can be up to $740,130.

1. New Jersey

New Jersey is currently the richest state in USA. This may come as a surprise to some, as New Jersey isn’t commonly the first state that comes to mind when thinking of the wealthiest states in the USA.

However, like Connecticut, New Jersey’s wealth is greatly influenced by its close proximity to the massive metropolitan cities of New York city and Philadelphia.

Rich tycoons from these cities prefer the calm and spaciousness that New Jersey has to offer compared to the exhausting bustle of the city.

Over 9% of all New Jersey households are millionaire households, and New Jersey counties like Monmouth County harbor some of America’s richest cities.

The state GDP is $625,659 million with industries such as pharmaceuticals, financial services, manufacturing, transportation, IT, and logistics driving economic growth.

The average annual income in New Jersey is the highest in the country at $114,691. That being said, many of New Jersey’s most affluent individuals work outside the state, and more than 14% of in-state jobs qualify as low wage.

Top 10 Richest States In USA (summary)

This concludes the list of the top 10 richest states in USA.

As demonstrated, several complex factors can influence the affluence of a state. Some states earned their wealth through organic economic growth, others by attracting the richest people in the country to reside within their borders.

It is always best to take a comprehensive approach when evaluating wealth.

What did you think? Let’s have your opinion in the comment section.

Even More Topics:

List of All 50 US States In Alphabetical Order

List of all 50 US States In Alphabetical Order

Have you ever asked how many states are there in the United States? Here’s a comprehensive list of all the 50 US states in alphabetical order.

A state is a political entity made up of people who make up its constituents. In the United States, there are currently 50 states.

Each state is responsible for its own geographic territory, but they also share sovereignty with the federal government.

alphabetical list of us states.

Like the stars on the American flag, on the same flag, but shining separately. The red, white, and blue star flag is a national symbol and is also widely used on any occasion, including churches, schools, picnics, parades, picnics, etc. It can also be made into enamel pins and placed on clothes, hats, and bags as decoration.

In this quick article, we share with you some intriguing facts and history of America’s fifty different states in alphabetical order.

Although not everyone can memorize the 50 states, we presented the states in ABC order, and with each state’s abbreviation.

We’ve recently published an article about the list of all presidents of USA in chronological order. You should check it out.

The United States of America is abbreviated for short U.S. or U.S.A. and is a North American country that consists of several states and capitals.

The Declaration of Independence, which established the United States of America, was signed on July 4, 1776. By land area, America is the world’s fourth-largest country.

With a total area of 9.834 million km², the USA has a population of 328.2 million and a gross domestic product of 21.43 trillion USD according to World Banks’ 2019 report.

So, check out the alphabetical list of US states and their capitals, their abbreviations, and fun quick facts.

US state map

List of U.S States In Alphabetical Order With Abbreviations

Check out our alphabetical list of all 50 US states in alphabetical order a to z below.

USA StatesCapital
ArkansasLittle Rock
IowaDes Moines
LouisianaBaton Rouge
MinnesotaSaint Paul
MissouriJefferson City
NevadaCarson City
New HampshireConcord
New JerseyTrenton
New MexicoSanta Fe
New YorkAlbany
North CarolinaRaleigh
North DakotaBismarck
OklahomaOklahoma City
Rhode IslandProvidence
South CarolinaColumbia
South DakotaPierre
UtahSalt Lake City
West VirginiaCharleston

1. Alabama (Al)

  • Capital: Montgomery
  • Date created: 14th December 1819
  • State Bird: Yellowhammer
  • State Flower: Camellia
  • Population: 5,030,053 (2020 estimate)

So, if you’ve asked What state comes first alphabetically? Alabama is the first on the list of US states in alphabetical order.

The state of Alabama is located in the southeastern United States. It is bordered by Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Florida.

With a land area of about 52,000 square miles, it is roughly the same size as the United Kingdom (about 125,000 square kilometers). It became a state on December 14, 1819.

  • Fun Fact: Alabama designed the first rocket that transported a man to the moon.
  • Alabama was the birthplace of the American Civil War.
  • In 1836 Alabama became the first state in the United States to declare Christmas a legal holiday.
  • Famous Celebrities: Louise Fletcher, Octavia Spencer, Channing Tatum, Lionel Richie, and Candi Staton.

2. Alaska (AK)

  • Capital: Juneau
  • Date of statehood: 3rd Jan 1959
  • State Bird: Willow Ptarmigan
  • Population: 736,081 (2020 estimate)

Second on the list of US states in alphabetical order is Alaska state. Juneau is the capital of Alaska.

Alaska is located on the United States West Coast’s northwest corner, directly over the Bering Strait from Asia. On January 3rd, 1959, it became a state.

  • Fun Fact: Alaska is home to North America’s highest peak, Denali (formerly known as Mount McKinley), at 20,320 feet.
  • Juneau is also the largest city in the United States, covering 3,108 square miles.
  • Nearly one-third of Alaska lies within the Arctic Circle.
  • Famous Celebrities: Michelle Johnson, Annie Parisse, and Darby Stanchfield.

3. Arizona (AZ)

  • Capital: Phoenix
  • Date of statehood: 14th Feb 1912
  • State Bird: Cactus Wren
  • State Flower: Saguaro Cactus Blossom
  • Population: 7,158,923 (2020 estimate)
alphabetical list of the states

On February 14th, 1912 Arizona was admitted as a state. It was the 48th state and the last of the 48 contiguous states to be admitted.

Manufacturing has risen to the top of Arizona’s economic priorities. Electrical, telecommunication, and aviation components are among the state’s main products.

  • Fun Fact: Arizona is the largest copper-producing state in the Unites States, accounting for 60% of all copper production in the country.
  • Arizona is one of the states that form the Four Corners, the only location in the United States where four states intersect at one point. The other three states are Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah.
  • In Arizona, it is illegal for donkeys to sleep in bathtubs.

Famous Celebrities: Stevie Nicks, Linda Ronstadt, Joey Lauren Adams, Wes Bentley

4. Arkansas (AR)

  • Capital: Little Rock
  • Date of statehood: 15th Jun 1836
  • State Bird: Mockingbird
  • State Flower: Apple Blossom
  • Population: 3,013,756 (2020 estimate)

Arkansas is next on our list of US states in alphabetical order. It became a separate territory in 1819 and achieved statehood in 1836.

Its neighbors are Missouri to the north, Tennessee and Mississippi to the east, Louisiana to the south.

  • Fun Fact: Arkansas contains over 600,000 acres of lakes and 9,700 miles of streams and rivers. On July 2, 1962, Sam Walton founded opened the first Wal-Mart store in Rogers, Arkansas. 47 hot springs flow from the southwestern slope of Hot Springs Mountain. About 1,000,000 gallons of 143°F flow from the springs every day.
  • The largest diamonds ever found in the United States came from this state
  • Pine Bluff is known as the world center of archery bow production.
  • Famous Celebrities: Former president, Bill Clinton, Lynda Carter, Ne-Yo, Johnny Cash, Mary Steenburgen.

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5. California (CA)

  • Capital: Sacramento
  • Date of statehood: 9th Sep 1850
  • State Bird: California Valley Quail
  • State Flower: California Poppy
  • Population: 39,576,757 (2020 estimate)

The State Capital of California is Sacramento. This state leads the United States in agricultural production, with millions of acres of farmland.

California became the 31st state in 1850 and is now the third-largest state in the United States, behind Alaska and Texas. California had the ninth-largest economy in the world in 2012.

Hollywood, Disneyland, Yosemite National Park, and Alcides National Park are just some of the state’s prominent cultural institutions and national parks.

  • Fun Fact: California has more national parks than any other state in USA. Of the 59 national parks in USA, California has 9 national parks.
  • William Todd designed the original California flag. He was the nephew of Mary Todd Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln’s wife.
  • California was the name given to a mythical island in the popular early 16th century Spanish novel Las Sergas de Esplandián. When the Spanish started exploring the Pacific coast, they applied this name to the Baja California Peninsula. That name stuck.
  • Famous Celebrities: Helen Hunt, Dwayne Johnson, Angelina Jolie, Diane Keaton, Brie Larson, Ben Affleck, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston, Jeff Bridges, Nicolas Cage, Jessica Chastain, Snoop Dogg, Ella Fitzgerald, John Fogerty, Josh Groban, Etta James.

6. Colorado (CO)

  • Capital: Denver
  • Date of statehood: 1st Aug 1876
  • State Bird: Lark Bunting
  • State Flower: White and Lavender Columbine
  • Population: 5,782,171 (2020 estimate)

Colorado is next on the list of US states in alphabetical order.

Native Americans were the first people to live in the area that is now Colorado. Colorado was accepted as a state on August 1, 1876, with its territorial boundaries intact.

  • Fun Fact: In 2012, Colorado (along with Washington) became the first to legalize marijuana (weed) for recreational use.
  • The 13th step of the state capital building in Denver is exactly 1 mile high above sea level
  • The world’s first rodeo was held on July 4th, 1869 in Deer Trail.

Famous Celebrities: Tim Allen, Anna Sophia Robb, Kristen Schaal.

7. Connecticut (CT)

  • Capital: Hartford
  • Date of statehood: 9th Jan 1788
  • State Bird: Robin
  • State Flower: Mountain Laurel
  • Population: 3,608,298 (2020 estimate)

With its 250-mile Long Island Sound shoreline and numerous inland lakes, Connecticut is a popular vacation destination. Yale University’s Gallery of Fine Arts and the Peabody Museum are two major attractions.

Fun Fact: The first telephone book was published in New Haven on February 21, 1878. It consisted of a single piece of cardboard and included 50 names.

Mary Dixon Kies of South Killingly was the first woman to receive a U.S. patent. She did so on May 5th, 1809, for a method of weaving straw with silk and thread to make hats.

The Hartford Courant, based in Connecticut, is the oldest U.S. newspaper still being published. It started published as a weekly on October 29, 1764.

  • Famous Celebrities: Ernest Borgnine, Katharine Hepburn, Michael Bolton, Karen Carpenter

8. Delaware (DE)

  • Capital: Dover
  • Date of statehood: 29th Jan 1861
  • State Bird: Blue Hen
  • State Flower: Peach Blossom
  • Population: 990,837 (2020 estimate)
us states and their capitals

Delaware is next on the list of US states in Alphabetical order.

Delaware sits on an east coast peninsula called the Delmarva. It’s bordered by Pennsylvania in the north; the Delaware River, the Delaware Bay, New Jersey, and the Atlantic Ocean in the east; and Maryland in the south and west.

The bay and river were named after Virginia’s governor, Lord De La Warr, by explorer Samuel Argall in 1610—Delaware!

The state of Delaware was the first to ratify, or sign, the United States Constitution. As a result, it is known as the First State.

  • Fun Fact: On December 21, 1776, Delaware became the first state with a State Constitution.
  • Delaware is one of the five states in the United States that do not impose a state sales tax.
  • Delaware has the smallest number of counties of any state in the Unites States, with only three: New Castle, Kent, and Sussex.
  • With an average elevation of only 60 feet, Delaware is the lowest state in the Unites States.
  • Famous People: Aubrey Plaza, Teri Polo, Elisabeth Shue

9. Florida (FL)

  • Capital: Tallahassee
  • Date of statehood: 3rd March 1845
  • State Bird: Mockingbird
  • State Flower: Orange Blossom
  • Population: 21,570,527 (2020 estimate)

Florida is the 27th US state when listed alphabetically.

With the Atlantic on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other, Florida is the southernmost state in the United States.

There are hundreds of kilometers of beach on the island. Miami is noted for its Latin-American cultural influences, as well as its notable arts scene and nightlife, particularly in upmarket South Beach.

  • Fun Fact: The name Florida was given by Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon when he discovered the land in 1513. He originally called it Pascua Florida, which means “Flowery Easter.”
  • Saint Augustine is the oldest European settlement in North America. It was established in 1565.
  • Florida has the longest coastline in the contiguous United States (1,350 miles or 2,170 km), and is the only state in the United States that borders both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Florida is the only state in the nation whose Constitution is reviewed every 20 years.
  • Gatorade was named for the University of Florida Gators where the drink was first developed
  • Key Largo is known as the Diving Capital of the World.
  • Famous People: William H. Macy, Sidney Poitier, Debbie Harry, Jim Morrison, Tom Petty

10. Georgia (GA)

  • Capital: Atlanta
  • Date of statehood: 02 Jan 1788
  • State Bird: Brown Thrasher
  • State Flower: Cherokee Rose
  • Population: 10,725,274 (2020 estimate)

Georgia is a southeastern United States state with a diverse landscape that includes coastal beaches, agriculture, and mountains.

The Georgia Aquarium and the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, both in Atlanta, are dedicated to the African-American leader’s life and times.

  • Fun Fact: Georgia was named for King George II of England.
  • Georgia was founded in 1732 by British Member of Parliament James Oglethorpe. Oglethorpe’s original intention was to use the colony as a place for debt-ridden people to get a fresh start.
  • Georgia is the largest state east of the Mississippi River.
  • Famous People: Jennifer Paige, Otis Redding, Kanye West, Holly Hunter, Julia Roberts

11. Hawaii (HI)

  • Capital: Honolulu
  • Date of statehood: 21st Aug 1959
  • State Bird: Nene
  • State Flower: Hibiscus
  • Population: 1,460,137 (2020 estimate)

Hawaii is the 11th state on the list of US states in alphabetical order.

The United States received authorization to build a naval facility in Hawaii at Pearl Harbor in 1887.

Later, American sugar interests pushed for the King’s overthrow, and Hawaii became a republic in 1893. Hawaii was admitted to the union as the 50th state on August 21, 1959.

  • Fun Fact: Hawaii is one of the two states in the United States that do not observe Daylight Savings Time (Arizona is the other).
  • In Hawaii you will be fined for riding in the back of a passenger car without a seatbelt, however you can ride in the bed of a pickup truck with no safety equipment
  • By law, no building on Kauai is allowed to be built taller than a palm tree.
  • Famous People: Jason Momoa, Yvonne Elliman, Anuhea Jenkins, Bruno Mars

12. Idaho (ID)

  • Capital: Boise
  • Date of statehood: 03rd July 1890
  • State Bird: Mountain Bluebird
  • State Flower: Syringa
  • Population: 1,841,377 (2020 estimate)

Idaho is next on this list of US states in alphabetical order. Idaho is a mountainous state in the northwest United States with large tracts of protected wilderness and outdoor recreation zones.

Boise, Idaho’s capital, is nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and is divided by the Boise River, which is known for rafting and fishing.

Julia Davis Park, on the city’s riverside, is a downtown green space with a rose garden, museums, and a zoo.

  • Fun Fact: Hell’s Canyon is the deepest gorge in America at 7,993 feet.
  • Idaho is called the “Gem State” because nearly every known type of gemstone has been found in the state of Idaho. More than 72 different precious and semi-precious gemstones are mined from Idaho.
  • Idaho is the only state in the United States with an official State Raptor, peregrine falcon.
  • Famous People: Nobel Prize Winners James Rainwater (Physics, 1975)

13. Illinois (IL)

  • Capital: Springfield
  • Date of statehood: 3rd Dec 1818
  • State Bird: Cardinal
  • State Flower: Purple Violet
  • Population: 12,822,739 (2020 estimate)

Illinois was discovered in 1673, established in 1720, and became a part of the United States on December 3, 1818. Springfield is the state capital of Illinois. It is the thirteenth state on the list of US states in alphabetical order.

The state is known as “the Prairie State” because of its farms, woods, rolling hills, and marshes. Chicago, one of the largest cities in the United States, is located on the shores of Lake Michigan in the northeast.

  • Fun Fact: The name “Illinois” comes from a Native American word meaning “tribe of superior men.”
  • The world’s first skyscraper, the ten-story Home Insurance Building, was built in Chicago in 1885.
  • The IATA airport code “ORD” for Chicago’s O’Hare Airport comes from its original name, Orchard Field. O’Hare Airport was named in honor of Lieutenant Commander Edward H. “Butch” O’Hare.
  • Famous People: Ronald Reagan (40th President), Amitabh Bachchan, Harrison Ford, Charlton Heston, eetc.

14. Indiana (IN)

  • Capital: Indianapolis
  • Date of statehood: 11th Dec 1816
  • State Bird: Cardinal
  • State Flower: Peony
  • Population: 6,790,280 (2020 estimate)

The state name is derived from the Iowa Native American people who once inhabited the With a name that is generally thought to mean “land of the Indians,” Indiana was admitted on Dec. 11, 1816, as the 19th state of the union. Its capital has been at Indianapolis since 1825.

  • Fun Fact: The first professional baseball game was played in Fort Wayne on May 4, 1871. Fort Wayne Kekiongas beat Cleveland Forest Cities, 2-0.
  • Indiana is the first state to have a chapel inside the state capitol, built in memory of former first lady Beth Bowen.
  • Wabash, Indiana was the first electrically lighted city in the world.
  • Santa Claus, Indiana, receives hundreds of thousands of letters addressed to the Christmas legend every year—each of which is responded to individually.
  • Famous People: Embeth Davidtz, Jenna Fischer, Shelley Long, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson

15. Iowa (IA)

  • Capital: Des Moines
  • Date of statehood: 28th Dec 1846
  • State Bird: Eastern Goldfinch
  • State Flower: Wild Prairie Rose
  • Population: 3,192,406 (2020 estimate)

IOWA is the 15th on the list of US States in alphabetical order.

The name of the state comes from the Iowa Native Americans who originally lived in the area. On December 28, 1846, Iowa became the 29th state to join the union.

  • Fun Fact: Iowa is the only state in the United States that has two vowels as the first two letters of its name and has two vowels as its state abbreviation (IA).
  • Iowa is called “The Hawkeye State” to honor Indian Chief Black Hawk.
  • Iowan Arabella Mansfield the first female lawyer in the United States. She was admitted to the Iowa bar in 1869.
  • Iowa is the largest producer of ethanol among all the states in the United States. Not surprisingly, Iowa is also the largest producer of corn among all U.S. states.
  • Famous People: Cloris Leachman, Michelle Monaghan, John Wayne, Herbert Hoover (31st President)

16. Kansas (KS)

  • Capital: Topeka
  • Date of statehood: 29th Jan1861
  • State Bird: Western Meadowlark
  • State Flower: Sunflower
  • Population: 2,940,865 (2020 estimate)

Kansas is next on the list of US states in alphabetical order. Situated on the American Great Plains, became the 34th state on January 29, 1861. Kansas is the leading producer of wheat in the United States.

  • Fun Fact: The state of Kansas was named after Kansa, an Indian tribe that lived in the region about 12,000 years ago. The Kansa people were called Kansas and that became the name of the state.
  • The geographic center of the 48 contiguous United States is located about 2.6 miles northwest of the center of Lebanon, Kansas.
  • Because of its importance in the aircraft industry, Wichita is known as “the Air Capital of the World.”
  • In 1958, the first Pizza Hut restaurant was opened in Wichita, Kansas.
  • Famous People: Kirstie Alley, Dennis Hopper, Kari Wahlgren, Martina McBride, Jerrod Niemann, James Wesley

17. Kentucky (KY)

  • Capital: Frankfort
  • Date of statehood: 1st June 1792
  • State Bird: Cardinal
  • State Flower: Goldenrod
  • Population: 4,509,342  (2020 estimate)

Kentucky is the 26th most populous and 37th largest of the 50 states that make up the United States.

us state capitals

It is located in the United States’ east south-central region. Kentucky became the 15th state to join the union when it was granted statehood on June 1, 1792.

It shares a border with seven neighboring countries (Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Ohio.). Frankfort is the state capital.

  • Fun Fact: Kentucky’s officeholders and judges must swear an oath before taking office that they have neither fought a duel with deadly weapons nor aided or assisted any person fighting one.
  • Kentucky is the only U.S. state to have a continuous border of rivers running along three of its sides—the Mississippi River to the west, the Ohio River to the north, and the Big Sandy River and Tug Fork to the east.
  • On January 30, 1900, Kentucky Governor William Goebel was assassinated in downtown Frankfort. Goebel is the only governor of a U.S. state to have been assassinated while in office.
  • Famous People: Abraham Lincoln (16th President), George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Jennifer Lawrence

18. Louisiana (LA)

  • Capital: Baton Rouge
  • Date of statehood: 30th April 1812
  • State Bird: Eastern Brown Pelican
  • State Flower: Magnolia
  • Population: 4,661,468 (2020 estimate)

In 1812, Louisiana became a state and joined the union. It is next on this list of US states in alphabetical order.

Louisiana is located at the mouth of the Mississippi River, above the Gulf of Mexico, and is bordered on the north by Arkansas, on the east by Mississippi, and on the west by Texas.

  • Fun Fact: The first opera performed in America was on May 22, 1796, in New Orleans.
  • Louisiana is the only state in the United States that follows the legal system established by Napoleon. The other 49 states follow English common law.
  • In Louisiana, staging a “fake” wrestling or boxing match is prohibited. The penalty is loss of license.
  • In 2007, Louisiana became the last state to ban cockfighting.
  • Famous People: Willard Brown, Bob Pettit, Harry Connick Jr., Lil Wayne, Hank Williams Jr.

19. Maine (ME)

  • Capital: Augusta
  • Date of statehood: 15th March 1820
  • State Bird: Chickadee
  • State Flower: White Pine Cone and Tassel
  • Population: 1,363,582 (2020 estimate)

Next on the list of US states alphabetically is Maine.

At one time, Maine was a part of Massachusetts. Although its northern borders were not established until 1842, it became its own state in 1820, becoming the 23rd state admitted to the United States of America.

  • Fun Fact: Maine is the biggest harvester of lobsters in the United States.
  • In 1641, York became America’s first chartered city.
  • The nation’s first sawmill was established near York in 1623.
  • You can be charged a fine in Maine for leaving your Christmas decorations up after January 14.
  • Maine is one of two states with an official State Herb, wintergreen.
  • Famous People: Patrick Dempsey, Anna Kendrick, Rachel Nichols

20. Maryland (MD)

  • Capital: Annapolis
  • Date of statehood: 28th April 1788
  • State Bird: Baltimore Oriole
  • State Flower: Black-Eyed Susan
  • Population: 6,185,278 (2020 estimate)

Maryland, one of the original 13 colonies, is located in the heart of the Eastern Seaboard, between Maine and Virginia, in the midst of a vast trade and population complex. On April 28, 1788, it became a state.

  • Fun Fact: Maryland gave up some of its land to form Washington D.C.
  • Maryland is commonly referred to as “America in Miniature” and sometimes “Little America” because it’s home to just about any type of nature feature, other than a desert.
  • Maryland was the first state to enact Workmen’s Compensation laws in 1902.
  • The national anthem of the United States, The Star-Spangled Banner, was written by Francis Scott Key on September 13, 1814, after he witnessed the bombardment of Fort McHenry by the British during the Battle of Fort McHenry in the War of 1812.
  • Maryland is the only state in the United States with an official State Exercise: walking.
  • Famous People: Julie Bowen, Anna Faris, David Hasselhoff, Toni Braxton, Julienne Irwin, Scott Weinrich

21. Massachusetts (MA)

  • Capital: Boston
  • Date of statehood: 06 Feb 1788
  • State Bird: Chickadee
  • State Flower: Mayflower
  • Population: 7,033,469 (2020 estimate)

Next on the list of US states in alphabetical order is Massachusetts.

Massachusetts is the most populated state in the United States’ New England area. It is bordered on the east by the Atlantic Ocean, on the southwest by Connecticut and Rhode Island, on the southeast by New Hampshire, on the northeast by Vermont, and on the west by New York.

Boston, Massachusetts’ capitol and the most populated city in New England, is the state’s capital.

  • Fun Fact: Boston Latin School, founded in 1635, is the first public school in the United States. It is also the oldest existing school in the United States.
  • In 2003, Massachusetts became the first stage to legalize same-sex marriage.
  • In Massachusetts, it is illegal to give alcoholic beverages to a hospital patient, unless directed by a physician.
  • Famous People: John Adams (2nd President), John Quincy Adams (6th President), John F. Kennedy (35th President), George Bush (41st President), Chris Evans, Jack Lemmon, Amy Poehler, Donna Summer, James Taylor

22. Michigan (MI)

  • Capital: Lansing
  • Date of statehood: 26th Jan 1837
  • State Bird: Robin
  • State Flower: Apple Blossom
  • Population: 10,084,442 (2020 estimate)

Michigan, nestled in the heart of the Great Lakes, became a part of the United States in 1837. It is next on this list of US states in alphabetical order.

The Upper and Lower Peninsulas are the two landmasses that make up Michigan. Detroit, the state’s largest city, is the cradle of Motown Records and the American car industry.

  • Fun Fact: The Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, a highway tunnel that connects Detroit, Michigan with Windsor, Ontario, Canada, is the first tunnel in the world that connects two countries.
  • The Kalamazoo Mall is the first outdoor pedestrian shopping mall in the United States.
  • Michigan has about 150 lighthouses, more than any other state in the United States.
  • Battle Creek is called the Cereal Capital of the World. It is home to Kellogg’s.
  • Famous People: Mike Modano, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, Diana Ross, Jackie Wilson, Ellen Burstyn, Tom Selleck, J.K Simmons, David Spade, Stevie Wonder

23. Minnesota (MN)

  • Capital: Saint Paul
  • Date of Statehood: 11th May 1858
  • State Bird: Common Loon
  • State Flower: Pink and White Lady Slipper
  • Population: 5,709,752 (2020 estimate)

Minnesota was admitted to the union as the 32nd state on May 11, 1858. On the list of US states in alphabetical order comes Minnesota.

The Mall of America, which has over 400 stores and receives about 40 million visitors each year, is located in Minnesota.

  • Fun Fact: Though Minnesota is called “The Land of 10,000 Lakes,” it actually has 11,842 lakes that are at least 10 acres or more in area.
  • Gates Mansion, the first home to have air conditioning in the United States, was built in Minneapolis in 1914. The unit in the Minneapolis mansion of Charles Gates was approximately 7 feet high, 6 feet wide, and 20 feet long.
  • The first Target store opened in Roseville on May 1, 1962.
  • Famous People: Peter Agre, Dave Casper, John Madden, Chief Bender, Paul Molitor, Jessica Biel, Lea Thompson, Judy Garland

24. Mississippi (MS)

  • Capital: Jackson
  • Date of statehood: 10th Dec 1817
  • State Bird: Mockingbird
  • State Flower: Magnolia
  • Population: 2,963,914 (2015 20 estimate)

Mississippi became the 20th state to join the Union in 1817, and it takes its name from the Mississippi River, which runs along its western border.

Mississippi was the main cotton producer in the United States throughout the first part of the nineteenth century, and large plantation owners relied on the work of African slaves.

  • Fun Fact: The state of Mississippi was named for the Mississippi River, whose name comes from the Ojibwa (Chippewa) Indian word “misi-ziibi,” meaning “great river.”
  • On April 25, 1866, women in Columbus decorated the graves of both the Confederate and Union soldiers in Friendship Cemetery. This gesture became known as Decoration Day, the beginning of what we observe today as Memorial Day.
  • The Mississippi city of Greenwood is commonly called the Cotton Capital of the World.
  • The Mississippi city of Vardaman is called the Sweet Potato Capital of the World.
  • Famous People: Walter Payton, Jackie Smith, Brett Favre, Lacey Chabert, Eric Roberts, Britney Spears, Faith Hill, Jimmy Buffett, Sam Cooke.

25. Missouri (MO)

  • Capital: Jefferson City
  • Date of statehood: 10th Aug 1821
  • State Bird: Bluebird
  • State Flower: White Hawthorn Blossom
  • Population: 6,160,281 (2020 estimate)

Missouri is a state in the United States’ Midwestern area. It is the country’s 19th most populous state, with about six million citizens. St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, and Columbia are the major cities, while Jefferson City is the capitol.

The state is the 21st largest in terms of area.

  • Fun Fact: Eight different states border Missouri, making it the state with the highest number of neighboring states. Tennessee also has eight bordering states.
  • Missouri has more than 6000 known caves.
  • In University City, Missouri, it is illegal for a person to have a yard sale on the front yard.
  • Missouri is one of two states with an official State Grape. Missouri’s State Grape is Norton/Cynthiana grape.
  • Richland, Missouri, is the only city in the U.S. with a cave restaurant.
  • Famous People: Jim Finks, Zack Wheat, Yogi Berra, Ed Macauley, Wallace Beery, Geraldine Page, Ginger Roger, Helen Cornelius, Eminem

26. Montana (MT)

  • Capital: Helena
  • State Bird: Western Meadowlark
  • Date of statehood: 8th Nov 1889
  • State Flower: Bitterroot
  • Population: 1,085,407 (2020 estimate)

Next on the list of US states in alphabetical order is Montana.

Montana was established as a United States territory (Montana Territory) on May 26, 1864, and as the 41st state on November 8, 1889, following the finding of gold in the region.

Montana is a desirable destination for those seeking peace and quiet as well as a variety of outdoor activities.

It has also hosted a number of celebrities, including musicians, award-winning actors, and astronauts.

  • Fun Fact: Montana’s name is derived from the Spanish word “montaña” meaning “mountainous.”
  • Montana is the only state in the United States to share land border with three Canadian provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.
  • Montana is home to the hydrological apex of North America on Triple Divide Peak. From this spot, water flows to three oceans: Hudson Bay (Arctic), Gulf of Mexico (Atlantic), and the Pacific Ocean.
  • Jeannette Rankin of Missoula, Montana, was the first woman elected to the United States Congress. On November 9, 1969, she was elected to the House of Representatives.
  • Famous People: Gary Cooper, Patrick Duffy, David Lynch, Jerry Kramer

27. Nebraska (NE)

  • Capital: Lincoln
  • Date of statehood: 1st March 1867
  • State Bird: Western Meadowlark
  • State Flower: Goldenrod
  • Population: 1,963,333 (2020 estimate)

On March 1, 1867, Nebraska became the 37th state to join the union.

Nebraska is bordered on the north by South Dakota, on the south by Kansas and Colorado, on the west by Wyoming, and on the east by Iowa and Missouri.

  • Fun Fact: Nebraska’s name comes from the Otoe Indian words nebrathka, meaning “flat waterť.” The words refer to the Platte River that flows through the state
  • Nebraska is the only state in the United States with a unicameral legislature (meaning a single legislative chamber). All other states have bicameral legislature (house and senate).
  • The Lied Jungle in Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is the largest indoor rainforest in the United States.
  • The National Museum of Roller Skating is located in Lincoln, Nebraska
  • On Saturdays when the University of Nebraska football team plays at home, the stadium itself becomes the third-largest city in Nebraska. The stadium capacity is 87,000, and the third-largest city, Bellevue, had a population of 50,137 in 2010.
  • Famous People: Gerald R. Ford (38th President), Warren Buffett, William R. Layman, Guy Chamberlin, Henry Fonda, Hilary Swank.

28. Nevada (NV)

  • Capital: Carson City
  • Date of statehood: 31st Oct 1864
  • State Bird: Mountain Bluebird
  • State Flower: Sagebrush
  • Population: 3,108,462 (2020 estimate)

Nevada is one of the 50 US states in alphabetical order.

It is bordered on the northwest by Oregon, on the northeast by Idaho, on the west by California, on the southeast by Arizona, and on the east by Utah.

Nevada is the 7th largest, 32nd most populous, and 9th least densely populated state in the United States. On October 31, 1864, Nevada became the 36th state.

  • Nevada Fun Fact: The name Nevada comes from Sierra Nevada, a Spanish term meaning snow-covered mountain range.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada has more hotel rooms than any other city on earth. As of 2016, 10 out of the top 15 biggest hotels in the world are in Las Vegas.
  • Lake Tahoe, located along the border between California and Nevada, is the largest alpine lake in North America. It is the second deepest lake in the United States.
  • Nevada has more hot springs than any other state in the country, with more than 300 occurring naturally.
  • Nevada is the largest gold-producing state in the United States.
  • The longest Morse Code telegram ever sent was the Nevada state constitution. Sent from Carson City to Washington D.C. in 1864, it was sent over two days and cost $4,303.27.
  • Famous People: Thomas Dekker, Matthew Gray, Gubler Jena Malone

29. New Hampshire (NH)

  • Capital: Concord
  • Date of statehood: 21st June 1788
  • State Bird: Purple Finch
  • State Flower: Purple Lilac
  • Population: 1,379,089 (2020 estimate)

New Hampshire, one of the original 13 colonies, was the first state to have its own state constitution. New Hampshire was the 9th state to ratify the U.S. Constitution. It was admitted state on 21st 1788

  • New Hampshire Fun Fact: New Hampshire was named by Captain John Mason after the southern English county of Hampshire.
  • The first free public library supported by taxation in the United States was founded on April 9, 1833 in Peterborough, New Hampshire.
  • The record for the highest wind speed over land in the United States was recorded on Mount Washington April 12, 1934. The wind gust clocked in at 231 miles per hour. This is also the second highest wind speed over land recorded in the world.
  • New Hampshire was the first state to offer lottery in the twentieth century United States in 1964.
  • New Hampshire has the shortest ocean coastline of any U.S. coastal state, with a length of 13 miles.
  • Famous People: Franklin Pierce (14th President), Wilson Bethel, Mandy Moore, Sarah Silverman, Charlie Clouser, Ronnie James Dio

30. New Jersey (NJ)

  • Capital: Trenton
  • Date of statehood: 18th Dec 1787
  • State Bird: Eastern Goldfinch
  • State Flower: Violet
  • Population: 9,294,493 (2020 estimate)

Next on the list of US states in alphabetical order is New Jersey. It is bordered on the north and northeast by New York, on the east and south by the Atlantic Ocean, and on the west by Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Jersey, an English Channel island, inspired the state’s name. On the 18th of December 1787, it was admitted to the state. Trenton is the state capital.

  • Fun Fact: New Jersey was named after the Isle of Jersey, an island in the English Channel. 
  • The first officially recorded, organized baseball game was played in Hoboken, New Jersey, on June 19, 1846.
  • The Union Watersphere, also known as the Union Water Tower, is the tallest water tower in the world. It is located in Union, New Jersey.
  • The world’s largest statue of a tooth (15 feet tall) is located in Trenton, New Jersey.
  • Morristown National Historical Park, established in March, 1933, was the first national historic park in the United States.
  • Famous People: Michael Douglas, Bebe Neuwirth, Paul Rudd, Kevin Spacey, Whitney Houston, Jon Bon, Jovi Paul Simon, Johnson Roosma.

31. New Mexico (NM)

  • Capital: Santa Fe
  • Date of statehood: 06th Jan 1912
  • State Bird: Roadrunner
  • State Flower: Yucca Flower
  • Population: 2,120,220 (2020 estimate)

New Mexico is the 31st state on the list of 50 US states in alphabetical order.

Because it was so distant and thinly inhabited when it was admitted to the United States as the 47th state on January 6, 1912, New Mexico became the hub for the development of the atomic bomb during World War II.

  • Fun Fact: New Mexico was named by the Spanish for lands north of the Rio Grande (Nuevo Mexico). The word Mexico is named after Mexitli, an Aztec war god. Mexico means ‘place where Mexitli lives.”
  • The world’s first detonation of a nuclear weapon took place on July 16, 1945, in the Jornada del Muerto desert about 35 miles southeast of Socorro, New Mexico. 
  • New Mexico is one of the states that form the Four Corners, the only location in the United States where four states intersect at one point. The other three states are Arizona, Colorado, and Utah.
  • Famous People: Tommy McDonald, Anna Gunn ,Neil Patrick Harris, Demi Moore, John Denver, Al Hurricane, Demi Lovato

32. New York (NY)

  • Capital: Albany
  • Date of statehood: 26th Jul 1788
  • State Bird: Bluebird
  • State Flower: Rose
  • Population: 20,215,751  (2020 estimate)

New York is a state in the northeastern part of the United States. New York was one of the thirteen founding colonies of the United States.

the states in abc order
Statue of Liberty, New York

It was added to the union in 1788 and is the fourth most populated state. The state is sometimes referred to as New York State to distinguish it from New York City, the state’s largest city.

With 122 billionaires claiming residency in New York, the city is home to several of the world’s largest enterprises.

  • Fun Fact: The New York City Subway has 422 stations, making it the subway system with the most number of stations in the world.
  • The borough of Brooklyn would be the fourth largest city in the United States. Queens would also be the fourth largest nationally.
  • Through 2015, 64 Nobel Prize winners were born in the state of New York, the most among all states. New York City alone has produced 45 Nobel Prize winners.
  • The first documented American chess tournament was held in New York in 1843.
  • The New York City Subway has the largest annual ridership of all subway systems in the United States. It is also the longest subway system in the United States.
  • Famous People: Billy Burch, Armand Assante, Anne Bancroft, Humphrey Bogart, Shirley Booth, Adrien Brody, Ben Stiller, Barbra Streisand, Jon Voight, Denzel Washington, Kristen Wiig.

33. North Carolina (NC)

  • Capital: Raleigh
  • Date of statehood: 21st Nov 1789
  • State Bird: Cardinal
  • State Flower: Dogwood
  • Population: 10,453,948 (2020 estimate)

It is bordered by Virginia to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Georgia and South Carolina to the south, and Tennessee to the west. It was admitted as a state on 21st Nov 1789.

  • Fun Fact: The Carolina colony was established by British and it was split in 1729 into North and South Carolina as it was deemed too big to govern effectively. Carolina is named after King Charles I of England. Carolus is Latin for Charles.
  • The Wright brothers completed the first successful flight of a mechanically propelled airplane at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina on December 17, 1903.
  • Pepsi was developed in 1893 by Caleb Bradham and introduced as “Brad’s Drink” in New Bern, North Carolina. It was renamed Pepsi in 1898, named after the digestive enzyme pepsin and kola nuts used in the recipe.
  • The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in Buxton, North Carolina, is the tallest lighthouse in the United States at 193 feet.
  • Famous People: James K. Polk (11th President), Andrew Johnson (17th President), Tori Amos, Alicia Bridges, Nina Simone, Randy Travis, Andy Griffith, Julianne Moore, Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

34. North Dakota (ND)

  • Capital: Bismarck
  • Date of statehood: 2nd Nov1889
  • State Bird: Western Meadowlark
  • State Flower: Wild Prairie Rose
  • Population: 779,702 (2020 estimated)

Next on the list of US states in alphabetical order is North Dakota.

North Dakota is a state in the United States that is located in the Midwest and Northern areas.

It is the 19th largest state in terms of land, the fourth smallest in terms of population, and the fourth least densely inhabited among the 50 states.

North Dakota and its adjacent state, South Dakota, were admitted to the Union on November 2, 1889.

  • Fun Fact: Dakota is the Sioux word for “friend” or “ally.” The Dakota Territory was divided into North Dakota and South Dakota on November 2, 1889.
  • The geographical center of North America is in Rugby, North Dakota.
  • North Dakota holds the Guinness World Record for the most snow angels made simultaneously in one place. On February 17, 2007, 8,962 people made snow angels at the state capitol grounds.
  • In North Dakota, it is legal to shoot an Indian on horseback, provided you are in a covered
  • Famous People: Leslie Bibb, Angie Dickinson, Josh Duhamel.

35. Ohio (OH)

  • Capital: Columbus
  • Date of statehood: 1st Jun 1796
  • State Bird: Cardinal
  • State Flower: Scarlet Carnation
  • Population: 11,808,848 (2020 estimate)

On the list of all 50 US states in alphabetical order, Ohio sits on the 35th position.

The Ohio River, from which the “Ohio Country” got its name, and which the Iroquois called O-y-o, “big river,” was first visited by French explorers from Canada in the late 17th century.

Ohio became the 17th state to join the union in 1796.

  • Fun Fact: The state of Ohio was named after the river ‘Ohio’. The Ohio river was named for the Iroquois word ohi-yo’, meaning “great river.”
  • Ohio is nicknamed the Buckeye State because of the buckeye trees commonly found throughout the Ohio River Valley.
  • Ohio’s swallowtail flag is the only non-rectangular U.S. state flag.
  • Founded in 1869, Cincinnati Red Stockings was the first professional baseball team. In its tour it went 57-0, and won the first game 45-9.
  • Famous People: Neil Armstrong (Astronaut), Thomas Edison (Inventor), John Glenn (Astronaut), Jim Lovell (Astronaut), Anita Baker, Tracy Chapman, Chrissie Hynde, James Ingram, Warner Baxter, Halle Berry

36. Oklahoma (OK)

  • Capital: Oklahoma City
  • Date of statehood: 16th Nov 1907
  • State Bird: Birdsor-Tailed Flycatcher
  • State Flower: Mistletoe
  • Population: 3,963,516 (2020 estimate)

Oklahoma became the 46th state in 1907, following several acts that incorporated more and more Indian tribal land into U.S. territory.

  • Fun Fact: Oklahoma is the main producer of iodine in the United States.
  • Shopping cart was invented in Oklahoma. Sylvan Goldman, owner of the Hympty Dumpty supermarket chain in Oklahoma City, introduced the “folding basket carriers” on June 4, 1937.
  • The world’s first parking meter, known as Park-O-Meter No. 1, is installed on the southeast corner of what was then First Street and Robinson Avenue in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on July 16, 1935.
  • Oklahoma is one of only two states whose capital city’s name includes the state name. The other is Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Famous People: Jennifer Jones, Olivia Munn, Brad Pitt, Garth Brooks, Jeremy Castle, Vince Gill, Toby Keith, Reba McEntire.

37. Oregon (OR)

  • Capital: Salem
  • Date of statehood:14th Feb 1859
  • State Bird: Western Meadowlark
  • State Flower: Oregon Grape
  • Population: 4,241,500 (2020 estimate)

Next on the list of all fifty US states in alphabetical order is Oregon.

As Oregon continued to grow it eventually broke off from the other regions in the territory and, on February 14, 1859, Oregon was admitted into the Union as the 33rd state.

  • Fun Fact: Oregon’s state flag is the only state flag in the United States to have different designs on each side.
  • The passing of Ballot Measure 60 in 1998 made Oregon the first state in the United States to conduct all elections by mail.
  • In 1994, Oregon became the first state in the United States to legalize physician-assisted suicide.
  • At 7,993 feet deep, Hells Canyon in Oregon is the deepest river gorge in North America.
  • In Oregon, drivers must yield to pedestrians who are standing on the sidewalk.
  • Famous People: Ty Burrell, Kaitlin Olson, Sally Struthers, Lauren Gale.

38. Pennsylvania (PA)

  • Capital: Harrisburg
  • Date of statehood: 12th Dec 1787
  • State Bird: Ruffed Grouse
  • State Flower: Mountain Laurel
  • Population: 13,011,844 (2020 estimate)

The first and second Continental Congresses were held in Philadelphia in 1774 and 1775, with the latter producing the Declaration of Independence, which sparked the American Revolution. In the year 1787, it was admitted as a state.

  • Fun Fact: Of the original Thirteen Colonies, Pennsylvania is the only state that does not border the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Gulf Refining Co. opened America’s first gas station on Baum Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on December 1, 1913.
  • Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, is the Mushroom Capital of the World as mushroom farming in the region produces over a million pounds of mushrooms a week.
  • ENIAC, the world’s first all-purpose computer, was built in the University of Pennsylvania and launched on February 15, 1946.
  • Famous People: Janet Gaynor, Grace Kelly, Will Smith, Jimmy Stewart, Sharon Stone, Daryl Hall, Billie Holiday, Joan Jett, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, Taylor Swift

39. Rhode Island (RI)

  • Capital: Providence
  • Date of statehood:  29th May 1790
  • State Bird: Rhode Island Red
  • State Flower: Violet
  • Population: 1,098,163 (2020 estimate)

Rhode Island is the 39th on the list of US States in alphabetical order. Rhod Island was the last of the original 13 colonies to ratify the Constitution on May 29, 1790.

Aquidneck Island, a large island in Narragansett Bay that was officially designated Rhode Island in 1644, and Providence, the state’s initial town, inspired the official name. Rhode Island is home to a plethora of talented actors, authors, musicians, and more.

  • Fun Fact: The Tennis Hall of Fame is located in Newport, Rhode Island.  
  • Even though Rhode Island has five counties, there is no county government. Local governance is provided by the eight cities and 31 towns.
  • The start of the Industrial Revolution is often attributed to the development and construction in 1790 of Samuel Slater’s water-powered cotton mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
  • Nine Men’s Misery monument in Cumberland, Rhode Island, is the oldest known monument to veterans in the United States.
  • Famous People: Nicholas Colasanto, Jason Marsden, Mena Suvari

40. South Carolina (SC)

  • Capital: Columbia
  • Date of statehood: 23rd May 1788
  • State Bird: Great Carolina Wren
  • State Flower: Yellow Jessamine
  • Population: 5,124,712(2020 estimate)

In 1788, Carolina became the eighth state to ratify the United States Constitution.

Its early economy was predominantly agricultural, with plantation farmers relying on the slave trade for cheap labor to maximize their profits.

The state of South Carolina is recognized for its beaches, golf courses, and historic areas.

  • Fun Fact: Morgan Island in South Carolina houses the only colony of free-ranging rhesus monkeys in the United States. Morgan Island is also known as Monkey Island. There are about 3,500 monkeys in the colony.
  • The Charleston Museum in Charleston, South Carolina, is the first museum in America. It was founded in 1773 and opened to the public in 1824.
  • Johnston, South Carolina, is known as the Peach Capital of the World.
  • The largest Gingko farm in the world is located in Sumter, South Carolina
  • Famous People: Andrew Jackson (7th President), Thomas Gibson, Chris Rock, Jessica Stroup, Lee Brice, James Brown, Darius Rucker.

More US States and Their Capital

You’ve got 40 of the 50 US states in alphabetical order, now let’s have others.

41. South Dakota (SD)

  • Capital: Pierre
  • Date of statehood: 2nd Nov 1889
  • State Bird: Ring-Necked Pheasant
  • State Flower: Pasque Flower
  • Population: 887,770 (2020 estimated)

South Dakota was a part of the Dakota Territory until 1889.

The territory was divided in two on November 2, 1889, and North and South Dakota were admitted as the 39th and 40th states, respectively. Before 1800, South Dakota was home to millions of American bison.

  • Fun Fact: The largest and best-preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil in the world was discovered by Sue Hendrickson near Faith, South Dakota, in 1990. The fossil was named Sue in Sue Hendrickson’s honor.
  • The geographical center of the United States is approximately 20 miles north of Belle Fourche, South Dakota.
  • Mitchell, South Dakota, is the home of the world’s only Corn Palace.
  • Famous People: January Jones, Nicky Katt, Cheryl Ladd

42. Tennessee

  • Capital: Nashville
  • Date of statehood: June 1st,1796
  • State Bird: Mockingbird
  • State Flower: Iris
  • Population: 6,916,897 (2020 estimate)

On June 1, 1796, Tennessee became the 16th state to join the Union. At the commencement of the American Civil War in 1861, Tennessee was the final state to quit the Union and join the Confederacy.

It was the first state to be readmitted to the Union after the war, having been occupied by Union soldiers since 1862.

  • Fun Fact: The state of Tennessee was named after a Cherokee town named “Tanasi,” which is in present-day Monroe County, Tennessee. The true meaning of Tanasi cannot be ascertained, though it’s been said to mean “meeting place,” “wind river,” or “river of the great bend.”
  • Tennessee borders with eight other states. This makes Tennessee, along with Missouri, the state with the most neighboring states.
  • The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee, is the longest continuously running live radio program in the world. It has been live since November 28, 1925.
  • Vanderbilt University, along with its affiliated hospitals, is the largest employer in Tennessee.
  • Famous People: Oscar Robertson, Kathy Bates, Megan Fox, Morgan Freeman, Miley Cyrus, Aretha Franklin, Dolly Parton, Justin Timberlake, Tina Turner.

43. Texas (TX)

  • Capital: Austin
  • Date of statehood:29th Dec 1845
  • State Bird: Mockingbird
  • State Flower: Bluebonnet
  • Population: 29,183,290 (2020 estimate)

Next on the list of US states in alphabetical order, is Texas. Spanish missionaries were the first European settlers in Texas, Texas admitted one of the states on 29th Dec 1845.

  • Fun Fact: The name Texas came from the Caddo Indian word tejas, meaning “friends” or “allies.”
  • Texas has highest highway speed limit in the United States. A stretch of toll road between Austin and San Antonio permits drivers to go 85 miles per hour.
  • Texas produces more crude oil and natural gas than any other state in the United States.
  • Bracken Cave in Comal County, Texas, is the summer home to the largest colony of bats in the world. An estimated 20 million Mexican free-tailed bats roost in the cave from March to October every year.
  • Dr. Pepper was invented in Waco, Texas, by Charles Alderton in 1885.
  • Famous People: Dwight D. Eisenhower (34th President), Lyndon B. Johnson (36th President), Nolan Rya, Andy Cooper, Joan Crawford, Jamie Foxx, Woody Harrelson, Willie Nelson, Roy Orbison, Kenny Rogers, Jessica Simpson.

44. Utah (UT)

  • Capital: Salt Lake City
  • Date of statehood: 04 Jan 1896
  • State Bird: California Seagull
  • State Flower: Sego Lily
  • Population: 3,275,252 (2020 estimate)

Utah became the 45th member of the union on Jan. 4, 1896, with Salt Lake City as its capital.

Utah is known for having some of the best skiing in the country, and the mountains near Salt Lake City receive an average of 500 inches of snow per year.

  • Fun Fact: In 1912, policeman Lester Wire invented the first red-green electric traffic lights in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • In Utah, individuals may not supply beer to the public in containers larger than two liters unless they are licensed to do so.
  • Utah is the only state with an official State Cooking Pot: Dutch oven.
  • Famous People: Roseanne Barr, James Woods, Loretta Young, Jewel Kilcher, Donny Osmond, Marie Osmond

45. Vermont (VE)

  • Capital: Montpelier
  • Date of statehood: 4th March  1791
  • State Bird: Hermit Thrush
  • State Flower: Red Clover
  • Population: 643,503 (2020 estimate)

Vermont is next on the list of US states in alphabetical order.

Vermont is in the northeastern part of the United States, and its capital is Montpelier.

Its nickname is the Green Mountain State. It was admitted to the Union on March 4th, 1791.

  • Fun Fact: Vermont’s name is derived from two French words–vert (“green”) and mont (“mountain”). French explorer Samuel de Champlain first gave the name “Verd Mont” to Vermont’s Green Mountains on his 1647 map.
  • Vermont is the largest producer of maple syrup in the United States. 
  • Until 1996, Vermont was the only state without a Walmart. 
  • Montpelier is the only state capital without a McDonald’s. 
  • Vermont does not have any skyscraper. Vermont is the only state that does not have any buildings taller than 124 feet.
  • Famous People: Chester A. Arthur (21st President), Calvin Coolidge (30th President), Orson Bean, Zosia Mamet, Gabriel Mann.

46. Virginia (VI)

  • Capital: Richmond
  • Date of statehood: 25th July 1788
  • State Bird: Cardinal
  • State Flower: Dogwood
  • Population: 8,654,542 (2020 estimate)
list of American states in alphabetical order

The English constructed Jamestown on the banks of the James River in 1607, making Virginia the first permanent settlement in the country. On June 25, 1788, it became a state.

  • Fun Fact: Virginia was named for England’s “Virgin Queen,” Elizabeth I.
  • Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in the American Continent. It was also the first capital of Virginia.
  • The Pentagon building in Arlington, Virginia is the largest office building in the world.
  • The first theater in America was built at Williamsburg, Virginia in 1716.
  • Famous People: George Washington (1st President), Thomas Jefferson (3rd President), James Madison (4th President), James Monroe (5th President), William Henry Harrison (9th President), John Tyler (10th President), Zachary Taylor (12th President), Woodrow Wilson (28th President), Chris Brown, Missy Elliott, Sandra Bullock, Shirley MacLaine.

47. Washington (WA)

  • Capital: Olympia
  • Date of statehood: 11th Nov 1889
  • State Bird: Willow Goldfinch
  • State Flower: Pink Rhododendron
  • Population: 7,715,946 (2020 estimate)

Washinton is next on our list of US states in alphabetical order.

It became a state in 1889 and was named after George Washington; it is the only state in the United States named after a president.

Aircraft and missiles, shipbuilding and other transportation equipment, food processing, metals and metal products, chemicals, and machinery are among the manufacturing industries of Washington.

  • Fun Fact: The state of Washington was named after the first president of the United States, George Washington. It is the only state to be named after a president.
  • Washington state is the largest producer of apples in the United States.
  • Boeing’s Everett factory is the world’s largest building by volume, covering 4.3 million square feet and encompassing 472 million cubic feet of space.
  • Harbor Island, located in the mouth of Seattle’s Duwamish Waterway, is the largest man-made island in the United States.
  • The world’s largest coffeehouse chain, Starbucks, was founded in Seattle, Washington, in 1971.
  • Famous People: Erika Christensen, Bing Crosby, Rainn Wilson, Kenny G, Jimi Hendrix, Kenny Loggins, Layne Staley.

48. West Virginia (WV)

  • Capital: Charleston
  • Date of statehood: 21st June 1863
  • State Bird: Cardinal
  • State Flower: Rhododendron
  • Population: 1,795,045 (2020 estimate)

It was admitted into the Union as the 35th U.S. state, or the 24th state if the secession of the 11 Southern states were taken into account.

In April 1863, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the admission of West Virginia into the Union effective June 20, 1863.

It is a place filled with a rich and unique history and, since becoming a state, has evolved into an important hub for natural energy resources and a popular outdoor recreation destination.

  • Fun Fact: The first state sales tax established in the United States went into effect on July 1, 1921, in West Virginia.
  • Weirton is the only city in the U.S. that extends from one state border to another. The eastern portion of the city borders Pennsylvania, and the western portion of the city borders on Ohio.
  • The first official Mother’s Day celebration took in 1908 at a Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia, and was organized by Anna Jarvis.
  • Famous People: John Corbett, Elizabeth McLaughlin, Ashlie Rhey, Wilma Lee Cooper, Red Sovine, Bill Withers, George Preston Marshall

49. Wisconsin

  • Capital: Madison (WI)
  • Date of statehood: 29th May 1848
  • State Bird: Robin
  • State Flower: Wood Violet
  • Population: 5,897,473 (2020 estimate)

The next state on the list of all US states in alphabetical order is Wisconsin.

Following the American Revolution, Wisconsin became a US territory and began attracting settlers searching for work in the mining, lumber, and dairy industries. In 1848, it became the 30th state to join the union.

  • Fun Fact: The Ringling Brothers (Albert, Otto, Charles and John) gave their first circus show performance in Baraboo, Wisconsin, in 1884.
  • Noah’s Ark Family Park is the largest water park in the United States. It features 51 water slides, among other attractions. The park is located in the city of Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.
  • The first hydroelectric plant in the United States began operation on the Fox River in Appleton, Wisconsin, on September 30, 1882.
  • Seymour, Wisconsin, is home to the Hamburger Hall of Fame.
  • Famous People: Fredric March, Mark Ruffalo, Tony Shalhoub, Spencer Tracy, Greg Graffin, Skylar Grey, Al Jarreau

50. Wyoming (WY)

  • Capital: Cheyenne
  • Date of statehood: 10th July 1890
  • State Bird: Western Meadowlark
  • State Flower: Indian Paintbrush
  • Population: 577,719 (2020 estimate)

Last on the list of US states in alphabetical order is Wyoming.

Wyoming joined the union as the 44th state in 1890. Wyoming was the first state in the United States to allow women to vote, marking one of the early victories in the American women’s suffrage movement.

  • Fun Fact: The ten largest coal mines in the United States are all located in Wyoming.
  • White Hall, on the University of Wyoming’s campus in Laramie, is the tallest building in the state. The 12-story dormitory is 200 feet high.
  • Established in 1886, the Laramie County Library System is the oldest continually operating county library system in the country.
  • Wyoming is one of two states with an official State Shrub: Wyoming big sagebrush.
  • Famous People: Jim Beaver, Jim J. Bullock, Darren Dalton.

Capitals of US States Alphabetically

  • Albany – New York
  • Annapolis – Maryland
  • Atlanta – Georgia
  • Augusta – Maine
  • Austin – Texas
  • Baton Rouge – Louisiana
  • Bismarck – North Dakota
  • Boise – Idaho
  • Boston – Massachusetts
  • Carson City – Nevada
  • Charleston – West Virginia
  • Cheyenne – Wyoming
  • Columbia – South Carolina
  • Columbus – Ohio
  • Concord – New Hampshire
  • Denver – Colorado
  • Des Moines – Iowa
  • Dover – Delaware
  • Frankfort – Kentucky
  • Harrisburg – Pennsylvania
  • Hartford – Connecticut
  • Helena – Montana
  • Honolulu – Hawaii
  • Indianapolis – Indiana
  • Jackson – Mississippi
  • Jefferson City – Missouri
  • Juneau – Alaska
  • Lansing – Michigan
  • Lincoln – Nebraska
  • Little Rock – Arkansas
  • Madison – Wisconsin
  • Montgomery – Alabama
  • Montpelier – Vermont
  • Nashville – Tennessee
  • Oklahoma City – Oklahoma
  • Olympia – Washington
  • Phoenix – Arizona
  • Pierre – South Dakota
  • Providence – Rhode Island
  • Raleigh – North Carolina
  • Richmond – Virginia
  • Sacramento – California
  • Salem – Oregon
  • Salt Lake City – Utah
  • Santa Fe – New Mexico
  • Springfield – Illinois
  • St. Paul – Minnesota
  • Tallahassee – Florida
  • Topeka – Kansas
  • Trenton – New Jersey

Us States In Order of Statehood

SerialStateDate (admitted or ratified)
1.DelawareDecember 7, 1787
2.PennsylvaniaDecember 12, 1787
3.New JerseyDecember 18, 1787
4.GeorgiaJanuary 2, 1788
5.ConnecticutJanuary 9, 1788
6.MassachusettsFebruary 6, 1788
7.MarylandApril 28, 1788
8.South CarolinaMay 23, 1788
9.New HampshireJune 21, 1788
10.VirginiaJune 25, 1788
11.New YorkJuly 26, 1788
12.North CarolinaNovember 21, 1789
13.Rhode IslandMay 29, 1790
14.VermontMarch 4, 1791
15.KentuckyJune 1, 1792
16.TennesseeJune 1, 1796
17.OhioMarch 1, 1803
18.LouisianaApril 30, 1812
19.IndianaDecember 11, 1816
20.MississippiDecember 10, 1817
21.IllinoisDecember 3, 1818
22.AlabamaDecember 14, 1819
23.MaineMarch 15, 1820
24.MissouriAugust 10, 1821
25.ArkansasJune 15, 1836
26.MichiganJanuary 26, 1837
27.FloridaMarch 3, 1845
28.TexasDecember 29, 1845
29.IowaDecember 28, 1846
30.WisconsinMay 29, 1848
31.CaliforniaSeptember 9, 1850
32.MinnesotaMay 11, 1858
33.OregonFebruary 14, 1859
34.KansasJanuary 29, 1861
35.West VirginiaJune 20, 1863
36.NevadaOctober 31, 1864
37.NebraskaMarch 1, 1867
38.ColoradoAugust 1, 1876
39.North DakotaNovember 2, 1889
40.South DakotaNovember 2, 1889
41.MontanaNovember 8, 1889
42.WashingtonNovember 11, 1889
43.IdahoJuly 3, 1890
44.WyomingJuly 10, 1890
45.UtahJanuary 4, 1896
46.OklahomaNovember 16, 1907
47.New MexicoJanuary 6, 1912
48.ArizonaFebruary 14, 1912
49.AlaskaJanuary 3, 1959
50.HawaiiAugust 21, 1959

Summary of Us States In Alphabetical Order

You can use this list of united states in alphabetical order to create geography flashcards, board games, or practice spelling skills.

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Top 10 Apps to Turn Pictures Into Cartoons 2022

Top 10 Apps to Turn Pictures Into Cartoons

Check out the latest list of the top 10 apps to turn pictures into cartoons as of 2022!

Cartoons and drawings have always been popular types of visual art, it has always been a popular form of entertainment, from comic strips in newspapers to animated movies on television. But what if you had the ability to turn your photographs into cartoons with an app?

You might not be aware of it, but there are a plethora of apps available that will allow you to accomplish exactly that!

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A selection of the top apps to turn pictures into cartoons will be discussed in detail in this blog post. The functionality of these mobile applications, as well as where to obtain them, will also be covered.

Have you ever considered altering the appearance of your smartphone’s gallery photos to make them appear as if they were sketches? Or perhaps you’ve had the inspiration to turn your photos into cartoons or classic paintings of famous people?

If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered with this list, which includes all of the greatest applications for cartooning yourself and all of your favorite photos using a variety of filters and effects, available both for Android and iOS.

If you want to turn your images into something whimsical or maybe just plain goofy, there are numerous programs available.

Some apps are provided below that make the process of converting photos into cartoons and sketches incredibly simple.

Make excellent use of these suggestions and experiment with different types of images to share on your social media platforms, such as Instagram.

Top 10 Apps to Turn Pictures Into Cartoons

ListBest Apps to Turn Photos Into Cartoons
1.MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers
2.Paint Lab Photos & Cartoon Maker
4.Photo Lab Picture Editor
5.Cartoon Yourself And Caricature
6.Cartoon Pictures
7.Clip2Cartoon & Caricature Maker
9.Cartoon Yourself

1. MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

Apps to turn pictures into cartons - Momentcam caricature

We’ve included MomentCam on our list because it’s one of the best apps to turn pictures into cartoons, and we think it deserves to be there.

Any photograph may be transformed into something that looks like it came straight out of a cartoon or a sketchbook with the help of the app’s stunning effects and varied stickers.

The app’s UI is really straightforward and straightforward to use. Additionally, it goes beyond simply using images from your device’s gallery, and can also use images from your Facebook albums.

The app is completely free to use, and it has been downloaded more than 50 million times throughout the world. The app has a file size of 77 M.B. and is available for both Android and iOS devices.

  • Make PERSONALIZED cartoons and animated emoticons for your friends and family.
  • ADD a personal touch to your desktop with our newest MojiWorld feature.
  • Participate in events for a chance to win prizes by displaying your creations to the MomentCam audience.

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2. Paint Lab Photo – Cartoon Maker

Paint Lab – Photo is next on our list of the best apps to turn pictures into cartoons. The app includes a fantastic filter that allows you to turn your favorite photos into sketchy drawings with ease.

You can use this app to transform practically any image or photograph into a sketch.

There are a variety of different effects and tools available, such as those for the correction of defects and the enhancement of one’s appearance, among others.

Its UI is exceedingly simple to use, resulting in exceptionally quick results for anyone who uses it. It is the perfect tool for individuals who wish to get into caricature drawing but have little or no experience in the field.

Paint Lab also allows you to share everything you make immediately to any social networking platform of your choice with the Share button. Visit the Google Play store to download the app.

3. Prisma

Prisma is without a doubt one of the greatest and most well-known options among the top apps to turn pictures into cartoons. It is also has some fantastic capabilities for turning photos into cartoons quickly and effortlessly!

The application has a large number of filters, styles, and other tools, with hundreds of them already in its library.

Prisma is one of the most highly rated apps available, receiving more than 4.5 stars on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Become one of the more than 110 million users who have already signed up for the app and test out its capabilities by downloading it for free for Android and iOS devices!

4. Photo Lab Picture Editor

Apps to turn pictures into cartons - Photo Lab Picture Editor

In addition to editing your images however you want, Photo Lab includes capabilities that allow you to make your photos into cartoons.

Photo Lab is another one of the top apps to turn pictures into cartoons, a photo editing apps for you to use to edit all of your photos however you want.

It also provides access to over 800 distinct special effects, as well as a variety of other beauty options, such as filters, stickers, and text, among other things.

To make the nicest and most professional-looking photographs to post on social media, use the cartoon and drawing filters.

Although the program is free to use, it does have a Pro edition that includes additional features and tools. It is only available for Android devices through the Google Play Store.

5. Cartoon Yourself and Caricature

By utilizing Cartoon yourself & caricature, you will be able to easily transform any of your favorite photographs and videos into cartoons and caricatures without any effort!

The capabilities of this app include the ability to change and model your facial characteristics in addition to applying filters.

For example, you will be able to enhance the size of your eyes, make your nose appear smaller, modify the color of your hair, and a whole lot more using its simple and straightforward interface.

This is an app that is only available for Apple devices, so if you want to get it, go over to the app Store!

6. Cartoon Pictures

Next on the list of the free apps to turn pictures in to cartoons is Cartoon Pictures. To convert photographs into arts and sketches, a cartoon picture is the ideal type of picture to use as a starting point.

It is not possible to directly transform your images into cartoons using this app; instead, you must modify the photos you upload using this mobile app.

The UI of this software is clear and straightforward, and the application is extremely easy to use. 
To use the tool, you just upload a photo, choose from a variety of filters that have already been made, and apply them to your shot.

You may use your images to create pencil art filters, sketches, and a variety of other effects.

The app is only 13 M.B in size and is available for download for free on both Android and iOS devices. You may start using it right now by downloading it and installing it.

The Cartoon Picture Converter App has the following features: 

  • Photo Editor app with a powerful selfie camera.  
  • Color pencil sketch effect, drawing and cartoon art filters are all available in this cartoon photo creator.
  • Photo art filters that are very amazing, as well as stunning cartoon effects
  • Picture painting, photo editing, cartoon animation filters, and cartoon photo effects are some of the techniques used.
  • Selfie camera with incredible effects and real-time photo editing capabilities.
  • Smooth pencil sketch art and hard pencils sketch art are examples of art filters’ work in the sketch and pencil categories.
  • Transform my photograph into a comic drawing

7. Clip2Cartoon & Caricature Maker

Apps to turn pictures into cartons - Clip2Cartoon & Caricature Maker

In the App Store of Apple, Clip2Comic has received more than 1.5 million downloads. It is no doubt one of the best apps to turn pictures into cartoons.

A variety of various filters are available for you to use in order to simply turn your images and videos into cartoons and caricatures.

The program also provides its users with a variety of editing options for the caricatures that are generated by its filters.

Additionally, users can edit and publish photographs straight to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and a variety of other sites.

However, while Clip2Comic is a free to use alternative, there are several in-app purchases available for you to make, one of which being the ability to pay to have all watermarks created by the software removed completely. Follow this link to get it for your iOS device!

8. Toonme

Toonme is a new and one of the very popular apps to turn pictures into cartoons. It is free to use. The interface of this app, is extremely simple and straightforward to use. 
The interface of this app, is extremely simple and straightforward to use.  Using the free built-in editing tools, you can take a photo with your camera or import an existing photo and turn it into a cartoon.

Only 16 MB in size, the app is available for download from both the Google and Apple app stores at no cost to the user. You can get it right now and start turning your images into drawings.

App features include:

  • Full body cartoon maker
  • Templates for vector portraits;
  • Many simple layouts as well as sophisticated designs.

9. Cartoon Yourself

Cartoon Yourself is one of the most simple and direct apps on our list of apps to turn pictures into cartoons, and it accomplishes what it sets out to do with relative ease. 

The program will simply convert your photos into cartoons, and then it will allow you to add stickers from a large selection, including glasses, moustaches, and a variety of other items, to achieve the funniest possible result!

A cropper, a rotation, and even mirroring are some of the additional features that have been incorporated.

Cartoon Yourself app is completely free to download Cartoon Yourself from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store if you’re looking for something really simple and lightweight.

10. Painnt

Apps to turn photos into cartoons - Painnt

Last on this list of apps to turn pictures into cartoons is Paint. With Painnt, you can transform your photos into masterpieces inspired by Van Gogh or Picasso by utilizing artificial intelligence technology to improve any piece of art you create!

It provides you with over 2000 HD artistic filters that are fully customizable, including classical, cartoon, oil painting, and even comic book filters!

Despite the fact that it is an extremely comprehensive app that allows you to fine-tune its settings in order to achieve the desired result, its main features are restricted to those who subscribe on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

Interested parties can simply download the app for iOS or Android devices!

Apps to Turn Pictures Into Cartoons (Summary)

Did you like our list of the best apps to turn photos into cartoons? Let’s have your comments in the little box provided just below. Also, don’t forget to like and share this post.

50 Fun Facts About Georgia You Should Know

Interesting Fun Facts About Georgia State USA

We bring to you 50 interesting and fun facts about Georgia State.

Georgia is one of the 50 states of the United States and is located on the southeastern coast of the continental United States.

This state should not be confused with Georgia, which is a country in southwestern Asia that was historically a part of the Soviet Union before becoming independent.

Geographically, Georgia is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in its southeast corner, and it shares state lines with Tennessee and North Carolina to its north.

Located in the southwest corner of the state, the Chattahoochee River defines a piece of Georgia’s boundary with Alabama as well as a brief stretch of its border with Florida. In the east, the Savannah River forms a natural boundary with South Carolina, which is separated by the Savannah River.

One of the fun facts about Georgia State is that it is renowned as the “Peach State,” and it is also referred to as the “Yankee-land of the South” because of its large population of Yankee immigrants.

It was one of the original thirteen states and was founded as an English colony in 1732 and named after King George II of Great Britain.

It was one of the original thirteen colonies. It has been a state since the 2nd of January, 1788, and was the fourth of the original 13 states to become a member of the Union.

Georgia is the leader in the manufacture of paper and board, tufted textile products, and processed chicken in the United States of America.

Transportation equipment, food products, clothes, and chemicals are some of the other major manufactured goods produced.

Corn, cotton, tobacco, soybeans, eggs, and peaches are among the most important agricultural products.

Another one of the fun facts about Georgia is that it produces twice as many peanuts as the next highest-producing state, which is Louisiana.

fun facts about Georgia state

50 Interesting and Fun Facts About Georgia State

1. Its canals, moss-draped cypress trees, and lily pad prairies cover nearly 400,000 acres, offering a haven for hundreds of species of birds and fauna, including numerous endangered species, and serving as a vital watershed for the Mississippi River.

2. A portion of the Cumberland Island National Seashore is home to the ruins of Dungeness, which was originally a grand Carnegie house. In addition, wild horses graze on the dunes, which have been battered by the wind.

3. On their route to their wedding on Cumberland Island, the late John F. Kennedy, Jr. and his future wife stopped at Kingsland for a brief visit. – Fun facts about Georgia

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4. Saint Marys is a historic town. Georgia is the state with the second-oldest city in the country.

5. The City of Savanna was the first steamer to cross the Atlantic, making history in the process.
It set sail from the Georgian coast.

6. On May 1, 1941, Ways Station was renamed Richmond Hill, after the summer residence of automaker Henry Ford, which had been built nearby.

7. On Blackbeard Island, the pirate Edward “Blackbeard” Teach established a base of operations.

8. The Blackbeard Island Wilderness Area was established by the United States Congress in 1975, and it now encompasses a total area of 3,000 acres. – Fun facts about Georgia

9. Georgia formally joined the Confederacy on January 19, 1861.

10. The largemouth bass is recognized as the official state fish.

11. It is against the law to eat chicken with a fork in Gainesville, which is known as the “Chicken Capital of the World.”

12. Georgia was given its name in honor of King George II of England.

13. Stone Mountain, located near Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the world’s largest exposed granite mountains and is one of the most photographed places on the planet.

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14. Peaches, peanuts, and peanut butter are the three Ps of Georgia agriculture, and the state is the nation’s leading producer of all three. – Fun facts about Georgia

15. Hawkinsville Civitan Club’s Annual Shoot the Bull Barbecue Championship attracts individuals from all over Georgia and nearby states who come to this small southern Georgia town to compete in this world-famous cook-off with their delectable barbecue recipes. The cash earned through this event will be used to support the Civitan International Research Center’s efforts to find a cure for Down’s syndrome and other developmental impairments, which is currently underway.

16. Every year, the International Poultry Trade Show, the world’s largest poultry convention, is held in Georgia, which acts as the host city.

17. The Historic Railroad Shops in Savannah is home to the oldest portable steam engine in the United States, which is on display.

18. The Vidalia onion, often regarded as the world’s sweetest onion, can only be cultivated in the fields surrounding Vidalia and Glennville, Georgia.

19. Georgia is the largest state east of the Mississippi River and the most populous state in the Southeast. – Fun facts about Georgia

20. Georgia had a population of approximately 40,000 people in 1776.

21. According to local legend, Cordele is the world’s watermelon capital.

22. The Masters Golf Tournament is held at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, every year during the first week of April.

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23. Known variously as the Empire State of the South, the Peach State, and the Cracker State, Georgia is a southern state in the United States.

24. The first gold rush in America took place in 1828 near the town of Auraria, which is now known as Dahlongea.

25. Dr. John S. Pemberton invented Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia, in May of 1886, and it is still in production today. Frank Robinson, the bookkeeper for Dr. Pemberton, came up with the idea for the name “Coca-Cola.” He created the Coca-Cola name in the renowned flowing script that is still used today. Willis Venable began selling Coca-Cola in a soda fountain in Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1886. – Fun facts about Georgia

26. Berry Collegiate, located near Rome, has the distinction of being the world’s largest college campus.

27. The Little White House in Warm Springs served as Franklin D. Roosevelt’s recuperation retreat during World War II.

28. In 1942, the state of Georgia purchased Jekyll Island from its private owners, a group of millionaires, for a sum of $1 million.

29. Providence Canyon State Park, located near Lumpkin, is referred to as the “Little Grand Canyon of Georgia” because of its size and beauty.

30. While the Cherokee rose serves as the official state flower, the live oak serves as its official tree, and the brown thrasher is the official bird of the state of North Carolina.

31. The Martha Berry Highway, which traverses the length of Georgia and is named after a pioneer educator, is a section of United States Highway 27 that runs the length of the state. – Fun facts about Georgia

32. Marshall Forest, located within the municipal limits of Rome, is the only natural forest located within city limits in the United States.

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33. Six Flags Over Georgia, a renowned amusement park in Georgia, was named after the six flags that flew over the state during the Civil War. England, Spain, Liberty, Georgia, the Confederate States of America, and the United States are among the countries represented.

34. The Big Shanty Museum in Kennesaw is home to the locomotive engine known as The General, which is a major tourist attraction. When the Andrews Railroad Raid took place in 1862, the locomotive was stolen and later featured in the iconic movie The Great Locomotive Chase.

35. The Okefenokee Swamp, a well-known swamp in south Georgia, gets its name from an Indian word that means “trembling ground.” – Fun facts about Georgia

36. Brasstown Bald Mountain is the highest point in Georgia and is located in the state of Georgia. Its elevation is 4,784 feet above sea level. This three-dimensional panorama of the Battle of Atlanta is located in Grant Park in the city of Atlanta and represents the famous battle of 1864.

37. Thomasville is referred to as the “City of Roses” because of the abundance of roses in the area. Located in what is now Chickamuga National Park, the location of what is considered to be the deadliest battle in American history.

38. Plains is the hometown of Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the United States.

39. On the grounds of Fort Benning is the largest infantry training center in the world.

40. Forest Park is home to the largest Farmer’s Market of its sort in the world. – Fun facts about Georgia

41. Ralph Bunch, a diplomat for the United States, was the first Georgian to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

42. Callaway Gardens is a world-famous family resort in North Carolina that is best known for its azaleas.

43. Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, was the world’s first college to give degrees to women when it was founded in 1836. – Fun facts about Georgia

44. Known for its lovely antebellum homes that were spared throughout Sherman’s bloody march to the sea, Madison is a popular tourist destination.

45. Chehaw Wild Animal Park, located in Albany, is well-known for its exotic animals.

46. The Ocmulgee National Monument in Macon is the greatest archeological development east of the Mississippi River and is the site of the largest archaeological development in the United States.

47. Athens is the site of the first university to be chartered and sponsored by public finances, which was established in 1798. – Fun facts about Georgia

48. The sculpture, which includes the figures of Stonewall Jackson, Jefferson Davis, and Robert E. Lee, is the largest in the world. This structure can be seen on the north face of Stone Mountain. In addition, Robert E. Lee’s horse, Traveler, is etched in the same location as the monument.

49. General James Edward Oglethorpe, the founder of Georgia, landed at Savannah on his way to the state’s capital.

Summary of Facts About Georgia

More than half of the world’s resins and turpentine, as well as 74.4 percent of the United States supply, originate from the state’s huge pine forests.

Georgia is a world-class producer of marble, kaolin, barite, and bauxite, among other minerals. Are you from Georgia? What did you think about these Georgia facts? Let’s have your comments in the section below.

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Tim Duncan Net Worth, Age, Earnings & Biography

Tim Duncan net worth and biography

What is Tim Duncan net worth today?

Tim Duncan Net Worth:$130 million
Celebrated Name:Tim Duncan
Real Name/Full Name:Timothy Theodore Duncan
Birth Date:25 April 1976
Birth Place:Saint Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
Height:2.11 m
Weight:113 kg

Tim Duncan is a former professional basketball player and current basketball coach from the United States who has a net worth of $130 million.

Tim was undoubtedly one of the highest-paid basketball players in the NBA at the time of his peak, earning upwards of $20 million per season.

During his professional career, he earned more than $200 million only on the court. From endorsements, he earned tens of millions of dollars more. Check out our list of the top 20 richest NBA players to see if Duncan made it to the list.

Perhaps you are familiar with the name Tim Dunсаn, but do you know how old and how tаll he is, and how much his net worth is in 2022?

The following article contains information about Tim Duncan net worth, short biography, career, professional life, personal life, age, height, weight, and other relevant facts.

What is Tim Duncan net worth

Tim Duncan Net Worth

As of 2022, Tim Duncan net worth is estimated to be $130 million according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Tim Duncan Biography and Early Life

Timothy Theodor Duncan, better known by his stage name Tim Duncan, was born on April 25, 1976, on the island of Saint Croix in the United States Virgin Islands.

He was also born and raised on the island of Saint Croix. His mother, Ione, works as a professional midwife, and his father, William Duncan, is a mason. He has two siblings. He is the youngest of four children, with two older sisters and one older brother. He is the youngest of four children.

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Duncan was initially inspired to pursue a swimming career at the Olympic level by his sisters. After starring as a teenager and training to qualify for the 1992 Olympic Games, he was forced to relocate after Hurricane Hugo destroyed the only Olympic-sized swimming pool on the island in 1989.

The fact that Duncan was unable to swim in the open ocean due to his fear of sharks caused him to lose some of his enthusiasm for the sport. His mother passed away from breast cancer one day before his 14th birthday, which was a second blow to his family.

His brother-in-law encouraged him to try out for the basketball team instead, and he ended up becoming a standout performer for the team at St. Dunstan’s Episcopal High School in the process.

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Tim Duncan Career

Duncan was recruited by Wake Forest University basketball coach Dave Odom and chose to play for the Demon Deacons over scholarship offers from the University of Hartford, the University of Delaware, and Providence College in order to play for Dave Odom.

Duncan was hailed as one of the best NBA prospects during his sophomore year of college (the 1994-95 NCAA season), but he was adamant about finishing his college education in order to honor his mother’s wishes and complete his degree.

In his college basketball career, he has received numerous honors, including being named ACC Player of the Year twice and NABC Defensive Player of the Year three times.

Immediately following graduation from college, Duncan entered the 1997 NBA draft. The San Antonio Spurs, one of the richest NBA teams selected him with the first overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft.

Beginning with his rookie season, Duncan established himself as a high-caliber player; he and David Robinson became known as one half of the defensive duo known as the “Twin Towers.”

Robinson was selected to the NBA All-Star Game in 1998, demonstrating that he lived up to the lofty expectations placed on him as the first overall pick in the draft. During his rookie season, he appeared in 82 regular-season games and averaged 21.1 points, 11.9 rebounds, 2.7 assists, and 2.5 blocks per game while making his NBA debut with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Tim Duncan net earnings and career

While playing for the Spurs in his sophomore season, Duncan averaged 21.7 points, 11.4 rebounds, 2.4 assists, and 2.5 blocks per game, earning him spots on the All-NBA and All-Defense First Teams.

The following season, Duncan also assisted the Spurs in reaching the Finals of the 1999 NBA Playoffs, where they were victorious over the New York Knicks.

Following a meniscus injury in his third and fourth seasons with the Spurs, Duncan rebounded and turned around his season, earning the league’s Most Valuable Player award in the process.

Duncan took over for Robinson after the latter retired prior to the 2003-04 season, and the Spurs went on to reach the Western Conference Semifinals under his guidance. Duncan was also a member of the United States Basketball Team in 2003, which finished with a record of 10 wins and qualified for the Olympics.

After suffering from plantar fasciitis and chronic knee tendinosis in the past, he has maintained his high level of play despite some setbacks and stumbles. From 2007 to 2013, the Spurs were consistently eliminated from the playoffs at the end of every season.

Conversely, during the 2013-14 season, Duncan was instrumental in the Spurs’ victory over the Miami Heat, earning him his fifth championship of his professional career.

He, along with John Salley, is one of the few players in history to have won a championship in three different decades. He informed the public of his retirement.

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How Duncan Spends His Money

Duncan’s other ventures include the Tim Duncan Foundation, which he founded in 2001.

It provides funding for programs in San Antonio, Winston-Salem, and the United States Virgin Islands that promote health awareness, education, and youth sports among children and adolescents.

Over the course of two years in 2001 and 2002, the Foundation assisted in the raising of more than $350,000 in funds for breast and prostate cancer research.

Duncan founded a vehicle customization business, in San Antonio, Texas, in 2013 to serve the local community. It is in close proximity to the practice facility of the San Antonio Spurs.


Duncan filed a lawsuit against his former investment advisor in 2015, claiming he had lost more than $20 million as a result of the advisor’s actions.

A federal grand jury indicted the advisor on two counts of wire fraud in connection with Duncan’s case in September 2016, and the advisor pled guilty to wire fraud in April 2017. In June 2018, they reached a settlement, with Duncan receiving $7.5 million in compensation.

Tim Duncan Net Worth (Summary)

Duncan has five championships to his credit and has been named to the All-Star team 15 times, making him one of the highest-paid players in the NBA during his career.

Following his retirement from playing, the former NBA star took on the role of coach for the San Antonio Spurs for a brief period of time.

His other business ventures, in addition to the NBA, all contribute to the net worth he has amassed over the years.

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