Main Reasons to Travel as a Student

What are the important reasons to travel as a student? Five years ago, I’d never been to North America, and the idea of traveling around to the other side of the world was just an idea. Today, I’ve traveled the world to more than 40 countries (across six continents), and I’d love to share the reasons.

Have you decided what you’d like to accomplish throughout your life? Are you fully ready for what’s coming following your university education? Are you confident that you’re likely to pick the career path that leads to a satisfying life?

If you’re unable to say “Yes” to these questions, then you’re probably in the same situation as I was in five years ago. I can remember going into my final year at university and being nervous about what was going to be the next step after my graduation. I did well in my studies, but I didn’t have any actual experience in the real world. I wasn’t really interested in the subject I was studying, and I was terrified of having to make the wrong choice in my career.

I was in the middle of somewhat of a quarter-life crisis, and in some way, I believed travel was the answer. Now, looking back, I am so thankful that I had the confidence to take the risk to explore my world.

The year I spent in college transformed my life enough that now I’m motivated by the opportunity to write about what I consider the best five advantages of student travel and why I believe all students should consider going to a foreign country.

Clarity is gained throughout all areas of your life

Travel offers us the chance to take a step back, slow down an unintentional step back and reflect on the truth of the events in our life.

It helps us release the pressures that have been placed on us (by society, our parents, and so on) and allows us to determine what’s significant to us as well as what we really would like to do.

When I first traveled abroad, I realized I didn’t really want to study in order to be an accountant. However, I was doing it because I’d heard from people in my life who said it was a “good” job. Traveling helped me understand that I had to quit living for others and live my life for myself.

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Personal Growth

You’ll learn a lot more about living abroad than you will from any textbook. You’ll acquire real-world abilities through experiences. Traveling will require you to step outside of your limits and challenge your thinking on a daily-by-day basis.

You’ll have to interact with new people and face unexpected circumstances. As time goes on, you’ll grow more confident, independent, open-minded, and accepting. Prior to traveling, I was apathetic, unsure, and lacking confidence in myself and was completely lacking in social abilities.

I was even named the shyest student in the high school yearbook for the graduate. After a year in Europe, I returned home and set up my own business, which has been successful.

Gain different perspectives

Traveling gives us the opportunity to encounter new people, learn about different cultures, and gain a global perspective. It lets us better comprehend how the seemingly minor decisions we make in our own homes can affect others around the world. Travel also helps us appreciate the things we might not realize we take for granted every day.

Traveling abroad has completely changed the perception I have of the world in transition and the people who live there. I’ve learned that regardless of the place we were born, we all have the same desires. We seek happiness. We are looking for connections. We are looking for love.

It’s stunning on the resume

In today’s globalized society, corporations would rather employ employees with an international background. Following the link to studycrumb, it is clear that students who choose to study abroad or work abroad can stand out from the rest of the applicants.

After graduating from university, I was selected to open a franchise through one of the best entrepreneurs’ development courses in North America, and I was not selected simply because of my degree or my academic performance. The reason I was selected was the extra adventures that I’d had, which included international travel and the opportunity to study abroad for a semester.

Enjoy the best, most amazing time of your life

It is important to remember that traveling can be a lot of enjoyment. You are bound to encounter some amazing people and maybe even create lifelong friendships.

You’ll get to see some of the stunning things the world offers, and you’ll create memories that will stay forever for the rest of your lives. The time is limited, and tomorrow will never be guaranteed. So, make the most of your life now.

Just do it

When I was in college, I had many reasons not to take a trip abroad. The time spent abroad could make it harder for me to graduate.

My parents weren’t the most accommodating. I was unemployed and didn’t have enough money. In truth, the thought of traveling by myself in the developing world terrified me.

But, I was worried that by missing out on this opportunity, I might be stuck in a job and never be able to get another opportunity ever again.

That’s why I took it. I borrowed my first loan for a student and put off my graduation for a whole year for the chance to explore the world. It was among the best decisions that I’ve ever made.

If you’re curious about traveling, I would strongly suggest that you consider taking the plunge, as I did years ago. One of the biggest regrets that I hear from friends has to do with the fact that they would prefer they had been able to travel abroad while in their university years. Don’t be one person.

You’ll either be looking at ten years ago and saying, “I wish I had,” or recalling the amazing memories you’ve created, saying, “I’m glad I did.” It’s your choice.

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