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Gilbert Arenas is a retired professional basketball player from the United States. He is best known for his time with the ‘Washington Wizards,’ a team that participates in the ‘National Basketball Association (NBA),’ the world’s most prestigious basketball league.

During his career, he was named a three-time ‘NBA All-Star,’ a three-time member of the ‘All-NBA Team,’ and was named the ‘NBA Most Improved Player’ during the 2002-03 season.

Gilbert Arenas net worth today speaks volumes. He began his career as a college basketball player before being picked by the NBA’s Golden State Warriors in the 2001 NBA draft. His admirers gave him the nickname ‘Agent Zero’ on the field.

Here are some of our favorite Gilbert Arenas quotes:

40 Gilbert Arenas Quotes About Basketball and Success

1. “If your heart is bigger than the biggest guy on the team, then you’re the biggest guy on the team.” – Gilbert Arenas

2. “I had my house converted to the Colorado altitude, so I am always above sea level.” – Gilbert Arenas

3. “I want my legacy to say: ‘He played for the people. He gave everybody in the world hope that they can be just like him.’” – Gilbert Arenas quotes

4. “This sport is just crazy. Your worst enemy in college is your teammate and friend when you get to the NBA. Who would have thought it?” – Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas quotes

5. “You don’t want to be too uptight about anything. Especially your job.” – Gilbert Arenas

6. “I’m still trying to be a kid. I really don’t want to feel like an adult.” – Gilbert Arenas


7. “I try not to do the fantasy thing. If I didn’t get hurt, what would I be? Who knows? When I look back on my career, from the hard work I put in, I got everything I deserved.” – Gilbert Arenas

8. “I always have something going on.” – Gilbert Arenas

9. “When you’re in that zone there’s nothing really the defense can do…It doesn’t matter who’s sticking you because everything looks good.” – Gilbert Arenas

10. “When something drastic happens in our life, one person goes and hides and doesn’t want to be seen. That’s what I did. [Others] want to stand up and fight and think they’re tough. Like if someone gets shot, you’re either scared of guns or you think you’re Superman. In my situation, I wanted to hide. I didn’t want to be seen anymore.” – Gilbert Arenas quotes

11. “Everyone is gonna have a bad day, everyone is gonna have a bad game. The questions are: How do you recover? What builds your character? I decided one day early on in high school that I wanted to be great at basketball, not just a good basketball player.” – Gilbert Arenas

12. “It sucks the way the world works. You can do a hundred things for people, but you do one bad mistake and everyone crucifies you and that’s all they want to remember.” – Gilbert Arenas

13. “Why would I endorse the hibachi grill when I am the hibachi grill?” – Gilbert Arenas

14. “As happy as I am off the floor, on the floor, I am the opposite. I don’t take any crap.” – Gilbert Arenas

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15. “I’m a jokester, so when I was joking on Twitter, it kinda rubbed people the wrong way. And I was like, I didn’t make these up. I’m just letting you know they’re there.” – Gilbert Arenas

16. “I hate it when you see talented teams with a lot of scorers and they can’t get along with each other.” – Gilbert Arenas quotes

17. “I like when somebody says something negative about me because I can put it back in their face” – Gilbert Arenas

18. “When I was little, I asked God if I could meet my mom just one more time, and my prayer was answered in 2001. It was weird.” – Gilbert Arenas

19. “Everybody get drunk and make bad decisions.” – Gilbert Arenas

20. “The thing that happened in Washington — it happened. All you can do is just grow from it. That took a toll on me. That was probably — I think if I could’ve bounced mentally out of that situation faster than I did, I would probably still be in the NBA. But since I couldn’t understand why they were trying to treat me like that, I basically gave up. I just didn’t want to be a part of it anymore.” – Gilbert Arenas quotes

21. “When something’s different, you don’t know how to react — but Abe [Pollin] embraced it.” – Gilbert Arenas

22. “I lost all feeling a long time ago. Basketball is basketball. It doesn’t matter what floor I’m on.” – Gilbert Arenas

23. “They gave high fives to all the players who say like the most obvious textbook answers in the world. It’s like after each game, you already know what they’re going to say. If they lost: “Ahh … Tough loss.” It’s like, come on, how do you guys fall for that? And if they something that they really feel, everyone goes crazy. Like “Oohh! He’s spazzing out!” Now he gotta say sorry for saying something he really felt. It’s like, Oh lord.” – Gilbert Arenas

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24. “On the road, I eat hamburgers every day. The team tries to get me to eat differently, but no. Burgers, burgers, burgers. I like burgers. McDonald’s burgers. Wendy’s burgers. Burger King burgers. There’s this one place in Canada – I even look at the schedule to find out when we play there – best burger I’ve ever tasted. Real soft and sweet. I ate twelve of them in one night.” – Gilbert Arenas

25. “You know, that’s all basketball is. If someone loves something, and you take it away, it’s like what does he do now? What does someone do? That’s what happened with me.” – Gilbert Arenas

26. “I want to be the best at whatever I do. I don’t care who gets in the way.” – Gilbert Arenas

27. “I found out this summer how to hook up my Xbox 360 in the hotel and get past security. It took me a while to figure out, but I got it now.” – Gilbert Arenas

28. “When I leave the NBA, I don’t want my legacy to be, He won a championship ring.” – Gilbert Arenas

29. “Most kids would be like, ‘My dad’s never around.’ But I saw it as a positive. He was out there working to provide for me.” – Gilbert Arenas quotes

30. “Everyone is having sex until they fall in love. When you fall in love, then it’s making love.” – Gilbert Arenas

31. “As a player leaving early, you always look back and wonder what could have been. But you have to be happy with your decisions because you ultimately have to live with them.” – Gilbert Arenas

32. “A woman gave my dad $400 so we could get an apartment. We were living in a park. That’s how we got started: Four hundred bucks, and look at me. When I donate a computer to a school, I never know what’s going to come out of it.” – Gilbert Arenas

33. “If you take away the last few years, from my last year in Washington, and you think about my career, there was nothing but hard work. I was in the gym three or four times a day, working on my skills. If we lost a game, and I thought I played bad, I’m staying in the gym to keep shooting. That’s what I did. That’s what I was known for: I was a gym rat.” – Gilbert Arenas

34. “It’s hard to get recognition when your team is losing.” – Gilbert Arenas

35. “The hibachi is coming to a city near you. I’m cooking chicken and shrimp, but if you want to throw a double team my way, filet mignon gets cooked too.” – Gilbert Arenas quotes

36. “When I hear about people murdering, I wonder, What has to go through your brain to say, I don’t want him breathing anymore? What makes you get that angry? How can you take someone’s breath away? That just blows my mind.” – Gilbert Arenas

37. “I have the ability to rebound, so I might as well go and do it to help my team win.” – Gilbert Arenas

38. “You have to do everything to help your team out.” – Gilbert Arenas quotes

39. “Individual honors come with team success.” – Gilbert Arenas

40. “If you think about it, my persona changed around 2005-06, when I got snubbed from the All-Star Game.” – Gilbert Arenas

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