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Top 10 Free NBA Streaming Sites 2021/2022

We bring to you a quick list of the best free NBA streaming sites in 2021 and 2022.

Streaming live NBA games can be quite a daunting task today.

Most broadcasters usually charge a fee for the streaming services they offer, one which might be too expensive for many.

While we may acknowledge that the days where we all sit around the TV screen to watch a full game are over, due to the need of people to watch favorite games from wherever they are, subscriptions to stream online is a major turn-off.

This is why many seek out free NBA Streaming sites. We’ve written about the top 15 best free online movie streaming sites. You should check it out.

If you are one of the individuals looking for the perfect, free NBA Streaming site, you are just at the right place.

Here, we will provide an overview of the top 10 platforms where you can stream NBA games without paying a dime. Let’s get right into it.

Top 10 FREE NBA Streaming Sites 2021/2022

RankFree NBA Streaming Sites
#1NBA League Pass
#3Red Bull TV
#7Fubo TV
#9Readstream Sports

1. NBA League Pass

This is a fan favorite among basketball lovers across the States.

Through this site, users can get seamless access to basketball content from official league sources.

Free nba streaming sites - NBA League Pass

Here, you can watch the latest games through a smooth interface and high-definition images that let you enjoy every bit part of the game.

Streaming these games comes at no cost or stress because once you are on the platform, you are just a few clicks away from watching or joining a live game.

While the NBA League Pass platform is majorly for streaming live games across the league, you can also find archived videos of past events.

This is usually helpful for fans who missed the live game, but wants to catch up on every action of the game.

It is also great for those in need of entertainment during their leisure. Each of the games is available in different quality, where you can adjust to the one that best suits your data reserve. You can stream HD quality, 360p, 720p, 1020p, and so on.

Visit the official website: NBA League Pass

2. Atdhe.us

Atdhe is a unique sports streaming platform which many Americans use to stream basketball games.

As a sports streaming site, you will not only have access to basketball, but also a variety of other top sport in the United States and across the world.

Other sports you will find on Atdhe includes football, soccer, tennis, volleyball, and so much more. You can stream live events here for free.

Being such a great service that comes free of charge, the site registers a monthly user base of over 1 million, which is a huge number, considering the presence of other streaming platforms in the US.

Without a doubt, it is the quality of service that sets Atdhe apart from the rest. Using this platform, you can stream NBA games through numerous devices like PC, mobile devices, Android, or Apple.

Visit the official website: Atdhe.us

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3. Red Bull TV

Next on the list of the best free NBA streaming sites is Red Bull TV.

Red Bull TV is a top free NBA Streaming site that is bringing basketball content to viewers in a unique way.

Though contents offered to users here come free of charge, the platform is so good that it would even be worth to pay a little fee for the services they offer. It is just incredible how NBA Streaming is free on such an exciting site.

Despite not having as much content available on it as it is the case in ESPN, it is understandable due to the free nature of the platform.

Contents on the Red bull TV comes at no cost, however, they are sponsored by the popular energy drink.

This is where the TV derives its name from. Other ways through which the platform earns is through the ads which are displayed every now and then, when users are streaming their favorite NBA games.

Visit the official website: Red Bull TV

4. Sportlemon

Sportlemon is a much different platform to Red bull TV in the sense that it is among free NBA Streaming sites that is without ads.

Even as it showcases live NBA games, it contains several links which allow you access to stream other sport events for free.

It’s Adless policies makes it more fun and seamless, as your streaming is not interrupted by any ads.

Other exciting sport events which you can stream through Sportlemon includes soccer, NHL, cricket, tennis, and so much more.

On reaching the homepage of the website, you will find different sports displayed on the screen and the different games which you will be able to stream live.

It also features a smooth user interface that ensures maximum entertainment with less interruption.

Visit the official website: Sportlemon

5. Hulu

Hulu is one of the best free NBA streaming sites when it comes to providing up-to-date live events.

Best NBA streaming websites - Hulu

Hulu is a great entertainment website to help you have fun with favorite sports streaming for free.

To access Hulu, it is important to consider installing the application on a computer system.

This way, users have complete access to all channels available on the platform.

While for the most part, Hulu focuses on NBA, it recently featured the African basketball league which is still quite unpopular around the world.

However, it is believed to have a huge potential in the future. As such, Hulu is not just restricted to the NBA, but could also explore the sport in other regions across the world.

Its live TV feature also allows users access to local and national TV sports free of charge.

Visit the official website: Hulu

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6. VipBoxTV.se

Vipbox is among free NBA Streaming sites that bring a unique experience to users. The platform is available for both mobile devices and personal computers.

This feature allow users stream basketball games for free from anywhere they may be, either at home, work, or anywhere comfortable.

You can also catch up on games you missed which may have already been concluded.

Note that the Vipbox is not a one-dimensional platform focused on just basketball, as it offers streaming services for football lovers as well.

Here, you can stream international matches, the English premier leagues, and other top football leagues around the world.

The best thing about this website is that users have the option to reduce the quality of their streaming, say from 1020p to 720p.

This especially is a great feature for those streaming with a slower internet connection.

Visit official website: VipBoxtv.se

7. Fubo TV

Unlike other free NBA streaming sites which allow access to other kinds of sports, Fubo is a one-way platform that is exclusively set up for basketball.

This is a great feature, in the sense that all the services of the streaming platform are maximized due to complete focus on NBA.

So more than ever, Fubo TV is one of the best free NBA Streaming sites across the USA.

Aside live NBA games you will have access to, you can also watch highlights and key moments in a past game.

You get a chance to see the superstars of the game and how well they performed in a particular match day.

One issue with this platform is that it is bound by region, which means if you are not streaming from the allowed region, it will be impossible to stream games.

Visit the official website: Fubo TV

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8. LIVETV.sx

LiveTV is free NBA Streaming site that is perfect for all kinds of devices including PC, Android, Apple and so many others.

It is a platform built to accommodate a lot of devices and allow easy streaming of games. Another important thing to note here is that there is no requirement to sign up on the platform.

All that is required is access to the website, a fast internet connection, and you are good to go.

Visit the official website: LiveTV.sx

9. Redstream Sports

Free NBA streaming sites - Redstream sports

Redstream sport is a totally different website when compared to other free NBA Streaming sites in the USA.

This is an independent OTT platform where users also have a chance to provide content, rather than just the company providing content for its users.

As such, users can upload content of their own making, which is usually sport-related.

It could include highlights of previous NBA games, or videos showing the best of a particular player.

The user experience here is also a great feature that keeps most visitors on this page glued.

Visit the official website: RedStream Sports

10. BossCast

Booscast is one of the widely used free NBA Streaming sites in the United States.

This platform provides more than a whopping 150 streaming channels that cover not just all NBA games, but also football, tennis, and other interesting sports around the world.

On getting to the homepage of the site, you will find the numerous schedules of a particular game under different sports categories.

All NBA games are found under the NBA category, tagging the kick-off time, venues, and all other interesting details. Boss cast will give you the optimal experience in everything sport.

Visit the official website: BossCast.net

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Free NBA Streaming Sites (summary)

Finding excellent, free NBA streaming sites has always been a huge task for many.

Users now have their work cut out through this liberating list of the platforms where you can access Live NBA games at Zero cost.

What better way is there to enjoy your favorite sport at no cost? None.

Users can now use the opportunity to choose from any of the listed platforms to stream their favorite sport from the comfort of your mobile devices, PC, and any other internet-enabled smartphone.

You will definitely enjoy a great time, and sporting experience like never before.

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