Top 16 Countries You Can’t Travel to With a DUI

If you’ve been scouring the net looking for countries you can’t travel to with a DUI, then you’re in the right place.

You know, when it comes to international travel, there is more to think about than just packing your belongings and booking a trip. 

Though a lot of people dream of traveling from one country to another to experience different cultures and breathtaking landscapes, individuals with a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) conviction, on the other hand, may find crossing borders to be complex and challenging. 

If you have a DUI conviction and are contemplating where you can’t travel, then keep reading because we’ve got you covered. We will be going over the top 16 countries you can’t travel to with a DUI so you can make an informed decision, but before that, let’s quickly look at why some countries restrict entry due to DUI.

Countries You Can't Travel to With a DUI

Why Some Countries Restrict Entry Due to DUI

Countries put entry restrictions on people with DUI convictions for a variety of reasons, which vary based on the country’s legal, cultural, and societal factors. 

Some common reasons why some countries limit immigration due to DUI are:

  • Public Safety
  • Legal Compliance 
  • Cultural and Religious Values
  • Maintaining Order 
  • Protecting Reputation
  • Reciprocity
  • Legal Liability
  • Preventing Repeat Offenses

Now that you know why some countries restrict entry due to DUI, let’s take a look at these countries in detail.

The Top 16 Countries You Can’t Travel to With a DUI

DUI convictions can have major repercussions, one of which is a restriction on your ability to travel freely. So it’s important that you know some of the countries that may refuse your entry if you have a DUI conviction. 

Now, here are some of the countries you can’t travel to if you have a DUI conviction:

1. Mexico

Mexico, one of the most populated countries in the world, is known for its rich cultural heritage and magnificent natural beauty. It has a strict zero-tolerance policy for DUI violations. 

Even a single DUI conviction can lead to denied entry. Attempting to enter Mexico when you have a DUI record can result in deportation, large fines, or possibly imprisonment. 

The commitment of Mexico to implementing these rules emphasizes the necessity of recognizing and honoring local legislation.

In addition to legal implications, if you have a DUI record, you may have difficulties obtaining travel insurance. You may wonder why. This is because some insurance companies may be hesitant to cover people with DUI convictions, complicating vacation plans even more.

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2. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The UAE, one of the Middle Eastern treasures, rigorously adheres to Islamic principles, which restrict the use of alcohol.

As a result, the UAE has some of the strictest DUI regulations in the world. DUI convictions are normally refused entry, and immigration agents have the authority to execute these laws, adding an element of unpredictability to the entry procedure.

It’s important for you to note that the UAE’s commitment to implementing its laws includes a zero-tolerance policy for any alcohol-related offenses. This applies to not only drunk driving but also public intoxication.

3. Iran

Even if you don’t have a DUI, entering Iran as a US citizen might be a difficult task. The difficulties are exacerbated for people with a DUI record. 

Iran, one of the hottest countries in the world, employs a thorough “good conduct screening” process for all visitors, making it extremely difficult for people with DUIs to gain access.

Understanding the strict inspection at Iranian borders emphasizes the importance of having a clean criminal record when traveling to this historically and culturally rich country.

4. The People’s Republic of China

The fourth country on our list of countries you can’t travel to with a DUI is China. China takes border security seriously and conducts thorough background checks on all incoming visitors. Attempting to conceal a DUI conviction during the visa application or entry point process can result in major issues.

When dealing with Chinese officials, honesty is not only the best policy; it is also a legal necessity. If you are attempting to enter China, you must disclose your DUI conviction. 

This requires transparency because falsifying your DUI record can lead to denial of entrance, fines, or possibly deportation.

5. Canada

DUI is classified as a felony in Canada, which is one of the farthest countries from Africa. This can present major difficulties for individuals with such convictions who want to travel to the country. 

While there are ways around these restrictions, such as acquiring a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) or applying for criminal rehabilitation, the process is usually difficult and time-consuming.

You will be required to provide significant documentation as well as evidence of your commitment to rehabilitation and appropriate behavior.

6. South Africa

When visiting South Africa, visitors are expected to reveal their criminal records, including DUIs. Failure to give proper information may result in entry refusal and deportation. 

You should be prepared to provide all required documentation and information to demonstrate your commitment to complying with local laws and regulations.

South Africa is a popular tourist destination because of its unique blend of cultures, breathtaking scenery, and bustling cities. In fact, it is one of the African countries with the best food.

If you have a DUI report, it is important for you to be mindful of South Africa’s strict entrance regulations and the repercussions of failure to disclose.

7. Australia

Australia has a character test as part of the electronic visa application procedure. A DUI conviction can result in a failed character test, which can lead to visa denial. Individuals may risk permanent bans from visiting Australia in specific situations.

Understanding Australia’s commitment to maintaining strict immigration criteria is essential for you if you have any DUI records. 

Navigating this process may require substantial documentation and evidence of rehabilitative efforts.

8. New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the top 50 richest countries in the world. It is a popular tourist destination due to its magnificent landscape and outdoor adventures. 

However, it has its own set of entry rules, and a DUI conviction may impair your eligibility. 

Before organizing a vacation to this island nation, it’s important that you conduct thorough research. Also, adherence to its special rules might make for a more pleasant entry experience.

9. Malaysia

Malaysia, with its rich culture and natural beauty, can be difficult to enter. The government conducts extensive background checks on all entering visitors, making it critical for you to reveal a DUI record and follow their processes.

Additionally, if you have DUI records and you’re also eager to travel to Malaysia, it’s important to be honest by revealing your DUI conviction and also follow Malaysia’s immigration laws.

10. Japan

The tenth country on our list of countries you can’t travel to with a DUI is Japan. Japan has strict immigration controls, and a DUI conviction might jeopardize your chances of entry. If you have such records, you should try as much as possible to familiarize yourself with their policies and, if required, seek legal counsel.

Japan’s dedication to tight immigration rules highlights the importance of proper planning and conformity to local regulations. Japan has one of the largest cities in the world.

You should also be aware of the risks of attempting to enter Japan with a DUI record.

11. South Korea

South Korea is well-known for its rich history and vibrant culture. It does, however, retain tight immigration policies, and travelers with DUI convictions may be denied entrance. 

It is critical to research and comply with South Korea’s specific laws and regulations to guarantee smooth travel.

Because South Korea is committed to preserving border security, visitors with a DUI record should exercise caution when arranging their trip. 

It is also important for you to be aware of the potential implications of non-disclosure or misrepresentation.

12. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is another country with a rich history and culture. Saudi Arabia rigorously outlaws the consumption of alcohol and has a zero-tolerance policy toward DUI. 

Travelers with a DUI record may face harsh penalties, including deportation and large fines.

You know, Saudi Arabia is committed to enforcing its laws, and you must follow local regulations and customs, including abstaining from alcohol and complying with their strict DUI policy.

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13. Singapore

Singapore is a thriving city-state recognized for its modernity and efficiency. Singapore is also well-known for its stringent immigration laws. 

If you have any DUI records, you may be denied entry. To minimize issues, it is critical to be truthful and transparent during the visa application process.

Also, Singapore’s dedication to security and tight immigration restrictions emphasize the need for you to adhere to the rules and respect local norms.

14. India

India is an intriguing vacation destination because of its unique landscapes, cultures, and traditions. 

Just like other countries on our list, It also has its own entry rules, and a DUI conviction may impair your eligibility. 

Before you arrange a vacation to this vibrant and culturally rich country, thorough research and adherence to their specific policies are essential.

As a traveler with DUI records who wants to visit India’s various wonderful attractions, you must first understand the country’s entrance criteria and follow local laws and customs.

15. Egypt

Egypt, with its rich history and outstanding buildings, is a popular tourist destination for visitors from all over the world. 

The country also has strict alcohol consumption regulations, and tourists with DUI convictions may find challenges at entry gates.

When visiting this historically significant country, it is critical to be aware of these restrictions and to follow Egypt’s rules. 

Also, respecting local regulations and customs, particularly alcohol regulations, is critical for having a great tourist experience in Egypt.

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16. Qatar

Qatar, a thriving Middle Eastern nation noted for its modernity and quick development, keeps DUI laws strictly enforced. Travelers with a DUI should be aware of the strict regulations in place.

Alcohol use in Qatar is strictly regulated and is only permitted in approved hotels and clubs. Travelers with a DUI record should be aware that alcohol-related offenses are taken seriously by authorities. 

Attempting to enter Qatar with a DUI conviction can result in deportation, fines, and perhaps imprisonment.

Also, to navigate Qatar’s entry procedures, you must first understand the country’s laws and regulations. 

Additionally, if you have a DUI record, it’s important that you respect local customs and follow the rigorous alcohol and DUI rules.


  • Can I go to Europe if I have a DUI?

Yes, you can go to Europe with a DUI; however, each European country may have different entrance restrictions, so do well to investigate and plan accordingly.

  • Can I go to Dubai with a DUI?

Due to tight alcohol rules, entering Dubai with a DUI can be difficult. It is recommended that you investigate the relevant regulations and speak with the authorities.

  • Can I enter the UK with a DUI?

It is possible to enter the UK with a DUI; however, it is dependent on criteria such as the nature of the violation and when it occurred. 

  • Can you travel to Qatar with a DUI?

Qatar has severe drinking restrictions, making going there with a DUI difficult. However, you must check the entry requirements and consult with the appropriate authorities.

Countries You Can’t Travel to With DUI (Conclusion)

Traveling with a DUI conviction takes additional planning and preparation. The restrictions in these 15 countries have a big impact on your ability to travel across the world. 

Being aware of these constraints, respecting local laws, and complying with entrance procedures are crucial for an enjoyable overseas travel experience.

Remember that attempting to enter a nation while under the influence of alcohol can result in harsh repercussions, such as deportation or fines. 

If you have a DUI conviction when arranging for your next overseas excursions, do well to avoid these countries you can’t travel to with a DUI to escape fines and deportation.

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