50 Fun Facts About Alaska – Interesting Trivia

Fun facts about Alaska

We bring to you 50 fun facts about Alaska in this quick post. Alaska state has an immense area and a great variety of physical characteristics. The name Alaska is derived from the Aleut alaxsxa or alaxsxix̂, both meaning “mainland” or “great land.” The Alaska Peninsula is the largest peninsula in the Western Hemisphere, and it is located … Read more

The Official Song of the State of Alabama

Alabama state song

The song “Alabama” is the state of Alabama’s official song. Julia Tutwiler, a well-known educator, and humanist, first wrote it as a poem. It was first performed for an Austrian heir, but in 1931, Mrs. Edna Gockel Gussen, an organist and choirmaster from Birmingham, Alabama, was recognized by the National Association of Music Clubs. Julia … Read more