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15 Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites 2022

We bring to you a quick list of the top 15 best free online movie streaming sites for everyone. Yes, online websites for movies free of charge.

It is easy to admit that sources of entertainment such as movies today have become so expensive for many people.

Asides the expenses attached to streaming or downloading movies, many are already bored with available movies sources which usually offer a limited number of movies on their platform.

This has led so many movie lovers to go in search of new, free online movie streaming sites which can offer a different experience as opposed to what they are used to.

The same is true for basketball fans looking for the best free NBA streaming sites.

We all want variety in almost everything we do, even in movies. This is why most movie lovers love sites where they can watch full movies online for free with genres such as action, comedy, drama, documentary, sport, and so many others.

Different genres give us different tastes and experiences. When some provide entertainment in the form of a thriller, others are enjoyed due to the laughter and fun feeling they give us.

Television streaming video concept

Through this article, we will have a look at a carefully selected list of top free online movie streaming sites to watch free full movies.

These websites have consistently delivered content that is unmatched anywhere else in terms of quality and delivery.

Each site is like a free movies cinema that will definitely keep you glued to your screen, from the latest movies to old ones.

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Top 15 Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites 2022

RankSites to Watch Free Online Movies
#1Bounce TV
#3Red Bull TV
#7Fubo TV
#9Readstream Sports

1. Bounce TV

Bounce is first on this list of free online movie streaming sites. It is a free online movie streaming website that offer top drawer experience when it comes to the latest, grossing movies.

Over the last decade, this site packs a punch, as your mind will simply be blown when you go through the collection of movies available on it.

What genre of movie are you looking for? Just visit the platform and you are just one click away from having one of the best movie experiences, for free.

As the pioneer Afro-American broadcast network, Bounce offers its services through the local TV, cable stations, and online platform which can be assessed all over the 50 states of the USA.

Bounce is not limited to one-off movies, as they also have original television series available.

So, you can watch your favorite movies or series using their platform which is available through the Google play store for Android users, and the Apples app store for Apple users.

Visit the official website: Bouncetv

2. Crackle

Crackle was created just for movie lovers, and all the content you will get here is strictly movies.

Using this platform, users get the best in video quality, visibility, subtitles, and some other features that make the streaming experience delightful.

Movies available for streaming on crackle can be viewed in different qualities, especially for users streaming using mobile data. You can easily switch from 1020p, 720p, to 360p, and so on.

One great feature of the free online movie streaming sites is that you can easily connect bigger devices such as a TV or a PC to have a detailed view of each scene.

Though the service through Crackle is free, it should be noted that ads are the only way through which the platform earns, so do not be disturbed if you run into a few ads while you stream.

Visit the official website: Crackle

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3. Fawesome.tv

Like it’s name implies, no viewer logs into this platform without having an awesome feeling about the quality of movie experience they will enjoy.

Featuring over ten thousand movies and more than thirty genres, it is impossible to not find the movie choice that suits you.

Covering such a wide range of genres means there is something for everyone, regardless of age, or preferences.

As one of the free online movie streaming sites, it is quite a great alternative to many paid movie streaming services which offer way less fun and variety as Fawesome does.

One downside to this platform, however, is the inability of users to stream the website, as this is only possible through the official windows 10 app which can be acquired through the Microsoft store.

Once you have your app, and WiFi, you are definitely good to go.

Visit the official website: Fawesome.tv

4. IMDb TV

This is one of the most popular websites known to movies lovers in not just the United States, but also across the world.

Imdb TV is popular for its top reviews on movies which many find to be accurate, as well as details of the movie.

This usually serves as a guide for movie enthusiasts who want to know what critics think about a movie before going ahead to download it.

What most people fail to know, however, is the fact that Imdb TV is one of the top free online movie streaming sites in the US.

Here, users can stream movies, series, documentaries and so on through a range of devices such as the website, Amazon FireTV devices, LG devices, Roku devices, Xbox One and Series S/X, PlayStation 4, Android TV, Amazon Prime Video, and on almost any mobile device.

Ads are also a means for the platform to earn in order to offer free streaming services, so expect to watch just a few ads while you enjoy peak entertainment on the platform.

Visit the official website: IMDbTV

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5. Peacock TV

As shocking as this may come to most people, Peacock TV is a free streaming platform.

Though it’s got some premium paid category on its website, Peacock TV also offers a free section that houses a huge collection of movies.

Watch new movie release on this platform, as they are one of the first platforms to release movies after its official release at the box office.

Visit the official website: Peacocktv.com

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6. Popcornflix

Owned by a parent company that has a big share in Motion pictures as a shareholder, Popcornflix has explicit access to countless movies of different genres, categories, and so on.

As a subsidiary of Screen Media Ventures, LLC, Popcornflix offer streaming services on Popcornflix for free. It is deserving to be on this list of free online movie streaming websites.

Movie lovers from over 70 countries around the world can enjoy top-quality movies with excellent reviews from critics and experts in different genres.

Alternative platforms which you can use to stream include Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, iOS, and Google Play.

Visit the official website: Popcornflix

7. Redbox

On reaching the homepage of Redbox, it is easy to get a bit let down or feel like you’ve come to the wrong place for movies due to the user interface and design that may not be appealing to most.

However, Redbox has proven to be one of the best free online movie streaming sites for those who don’t judge the book by its cover.

What’s more? Movies on this platform can also be streamed on TV, mobile devices, PC, etc.

Visit the official website: Redbox

8. The Roku Channel

The Roku channel is the go-to place for countless movies which most users find impossible to completely explore.

As one of the oldest streaming sites, The Roku channel features some great movies which are talk of the moment, as well as the old ones.

The platform incorporates different channels that provide a unique experience in terms of the content available. Simply put, there is no kind of movie that you find around here that you will not get.

With the Roku channel, users with subscriptions to other streaming sites like the HBO, Cinemax, or Showtime can as well connect their accounts to the channel and access them all in one place.

Despite being initially set up to function only on Roku devices, innovation meant that it is available for mobile devices, smart TVs, and so on.

Visit the official website: Roku Channel

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9. Sling TV

This is the first platform on this list of free online movie streaming sites that offer both free and paid services.

As obvious as it may seem, its paid service offer so much more in terms of content, inclusion, offers, and other goodies that makes it too good to pass on, the free section offers quality movie streaming service that cannot be overlooked.

You can set up a free account today to start enjoying vast number of movies that improve the quality of your leisure time.

Visit the official website: Sling.com

10. Tubi

Another movie streaming platform owned by a major movie corporation, Tubi is a streaming service that is well known across America.

Supported with ads, streaming movies online has never been better with High definition and in-demand movies that do not fail to catch the eye.

As a subsidiary under the Fox corporation, Tubi has got access to over 20,000 movies in its almighty collection.

It does not end there, as it also offer access to series from other top movie corporations like Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM, and many more.

Tubi is more than just a movie streaming platform, especially for registered users, but a base for entertainment. It is deserving to be on this list of the best free online movie streaming sites.

Visit the official website: Tubi

More Websites to Watch Free Movies Online

Want even more? We’ve got you 3 more movie streaming sites.

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11. Xumo

Xumo comes with over 200 channels, which are all classified according to the genre.

Users can easily get engaged for long hours streaming old Westerns, sci-fi flicks, documentaries and so much more.

You have the choice to stream channels live or browse on-demand content without creating an account or signing in.

Easily use the search bar to find the movie of your choice, if you already have one in mind. Without any movie in mind, you can be sure to find plenty of options, each of which will fill up your day with fun.

Visit the official website: Xumo.tv

12. Yidio

Yidio is next on this list of free online movie streaming sites. It brings a different feel to movie streaming entirely. It provides a different way of finding preferred movies as requested by users.

Using Yidio, users can make a search of favorite movies using the search icon. As an aggregator, Yidio offers more than 200 sources where you can stream your preferred movies on whatever device you are assessing it through.

The platform can also recommend movies for you depending on the genres of movies that you have searched in the past.

Visit the official website: Yidio

13. YouTube

YouTube is the holy grail of content providers in terms of video and movies.

There’s really not much need to describe this platform, as it is a place everyone is familiar with.

Many have used the platform to learn a new skill through tutorials, entertainment through skits and short videos, movie trailers, gaming videos, and so on.

What most people don’t know about YouTube is the availability of top-grossing movies for free. Though it is rare to get any new release on YouTube, you will definitely find something for you in the mammoth collection waiting for you.

You can just get around and explore your numerous options on the platform.

Visit the official website: Youtube

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Free Online Movie Streaming Sites (Summary)

Finding the ideal, free online movie streaming sites for most has been a cumbersome task that has proven difficult to get over.

This list of sites provides an easy way out for most who have been stuck looking for the right platform to access top-quality movies for free.

Each of the sites presented in this article has been carefully selected to provide depth in content, genre, rating, and other important information that matters to movie lovers.

Why not go ahead and check any of these platforms for your free movie streaming today.

Did you find this helpful? Let’s have your comments and don’t forget to like and share this post.

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