20 Anthony Davis Quotes About Basketball & Life

We bring to you some interesting Anthony Davis quotes about basketball and life.

Anthony Marshon Davis, Jr. is a professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association for the New Orleans Pelicans.

He is a power forward as well as a center. Davis is a three-time NBA All-Star who was drafted first overall by New Orleans in the 2012 NBA draft.

At the 2012 Summer Olympics, he also won a gold medal with Team USA…

Today, Anthony Davis net worth is proof that he is a successful basketball player who has engraved his name in the hearts of his fans.

Anthony Davis Quotes About Basketball & Life

1. “We’re ready to go out and prove everybody wrong” – Anthony Davis

2. “We have to go out, and whatever happens on one play, whether good or bad, we have to go to the next play. We gained valuable experience since the game we played them. We’ve executed better, so I just can’t wait to see us putting it out there.” – Anthony Davis quotes

3. “So I just got to clean stuff like that up.” – Anthony Davis

4. “KeyCorp’s management team has made much progress over the last three years in refocusing the company on profitable revenue growth.” – Anthony Davis

5. “We will see a dilution to shares by 3-to-4 percent this year and next year. We will see about $1.50 in dilution to net asset value per share as soon as this deal closes.” – Anthony Davis quotes

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6. “You just got to be more disciplined. That’s all. I mean, moving and flinching when you’re not supposed to. I’ve been here for a long time. Things like that, you just don’t do. You can’t do things like that and expect to stay in this league. So I’ve just got to clean stuff like that up.” – Anthony Davis

7. “We worked so hard, spent so much time in the weight room and in camps to be where we are today. We wanted to come out and be as good as any team in the state, to prove we could hang with any team at any time.” – Anthony Davis quotes

8. “We had some mental breakdowns and a few lapses. – Anthony Davis

9. “Time and rhythm are the most important elements in music. If both aren’t well conceived, organized, and executed, no amount of notes will make the piece a meaningful artistic experience.” – Anthony Davis

10. “You have your own perceptions as an artist because you’re put on this planet to create mystery, but you’re put here to unravel mysteries too.” – Anthony Davis quotes

11. “You definitely have to learn to start saying no. You’re going to lose a lot of friends. You just have to live with it. – Anthony Davis

12. “If I keep working hard, playing hard and doing what I have to do, making my team win and do what the coaches want me to do, do what the veterans want me to do, I think the sky is the limit. But I have to always stay humble” – Anthony Davis

13. “I just want to win, man. That’s the biggest thing for me. All the All-Star selections and gold medals are fine — I definitely want to win another gold medal. But for my team, I want to win. – Anthony Davis quotes

14. “Me playing well and us losing doesn’t mean anything. I want to win, so I don’t care about having two points, four points, or 30 points. As long as we win, that’s all that really matters.” – Anthony Davis

15. “When people talk about the greatest ever, I want to be in that conversation. I’m nowhere close to it. But it’s where I want to go.” – Anthony Davis

16. “I’m a basketball player, and I’m still going to guard the rim whoever is out there. It doesn’t matter if I’m a power forward or a center. My job doesn’t change. – Anthony Davis

17. “When people talk about the greatest ever, I want to be in that conversation. I’m nowhere close to it. But it’s where I want to go. – Anthony Davis quotes

18. “It has to be like Hawaii. We went in there and it was about basketball, and we took them one at a time.”

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19. “It’s a wonderful opportunity, and I just thank my coaches so much for getting me here and having the faith and trust in me to get it done. I thank my teammates for rallying behind me. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

20. “Determination. The toughness. We’ve heard that we’re not able to go then we’re going to go. The little nicks that we can fight through. That’s just all about being tough and just wanting to get out on the field and give 100 percent.” – Anthony Davis

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